haha.. sorry nv update.. been too tired sleepin at 2am and wakin up at 8am..
i shall talk abt todae first.. went for lunch wif a lot of pple xia. pasta! yeah maN! finally xia! that aaron tan kept trying to take some ugly close-ups of me while i was eating. eVIL- aaron and junwee was late, and we were planning to charge them $15 for every 10 mins that they were late.. haha. school of rock rox man! highly recommended.. although there's not much plot.. it's highly entertaining.. we even stayed to watch the credits after that.
after the movie, the 5 gals went to da basement i guess.. seems that they lyk the basement a lot.. haha.. joking.. then aaron tan etc went to coffee bean.. cheapest 4.40 for a drink.. i don dig coffee so no thanks.. juz watch every1 drink lor..
then too bad no dental le.. haha.. go east coast park to cycle.. my fren learnt supa long still dunno how to cycle, but after 2.5 hours finally can cycle a little liaoz..

had a Christmas bbq xia.. haha.. b4 that had amazing race though.. very lame one.. worse one was the changi airport one xia! had to ask for foreign coins frm tourists man.. also have to ask for flight schedules.. then we were lyk asking some China tourists for coins and they said no coins in China liaoz, lyk real lorrrr.. mainland ones sure gort de..

then sat went for mediacorp radio's one dae tour.. went the body worlds exhibition. nothing special though. lyk quite sianxz actualli.. then larta new water plant.. the visitor centre veri nice.. at nite veri dumb xia. ate some UNIQUE seafood at turf city.. some seafood cooked in ways i nvr seen b4 sia.. and i don lyk seafood at all except fishhhh.. fishy!

sunday finally could stay at home. but no, went grandma's place.. bought the famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak.. nothing special actually.. i could do better if i tried hard.. then sing karaoke.. my cousin super super crap.. anihow sing xia!

mon went SAFRA.. but found out that the dumb pool room can only be used by SAFRA members and guests. how dumb. so had to sit and stone around. xin lin was sick, so I din get to see the concert.. too bad.. take care ah..

tues ahh.. todae lorr! haha.. i said liaoz..

fm933's reception realli sucks man...

happy bday dad and happy new yr's eve!

hmm.. going for the fabled class chalet tml, 2.30 at pasir ris mrt. We shall be making our stay comfortable at pasir ris mrt, eh =X no eh.. aranda.. haha. yah man.. hope it's gonna be a great one!

haha.. had a interestin dae todae wif the corrupted councillor [aaron tan], jw, joseph's "beau" and her fren ja-nice. LOTR was too late for us.. since there was carollin' and trainin'.. haha.. watched Infernal Affairs III instead. I was so bloodie confused by the show sia, probably becoz i never watched the first two parts. hahaha. had a interestin time trickin aaron and getting outwitted. i shall not elaborate, let's hope jw will write it in his blog loR. haha. ^^

that's all folks, very exhausted liao.

merry christmas to one and all!

yesh! my blog works in Mozilla.. yay.. okie. I'm lame.

tired. tired.

sorrie the the super ultra short entry, but i don hav inspiration now. haha.

haha.. todae is of coz thurs.. and i'm here for another round of Blogger inspection.. only to find out a certain someone's blog hasn't been updated since Tuesday.. guess whose izzit? if u can guess it, u are gonna be the second smartest person on Earth, the first being me of coz.. (bhb face) if u cant guess it.. well.. u are gonna be the dumbest person on Earth, the second dumbest being a pig.. oh wellz.. that was just a joke.

aniwae, on Tuesday it was raining. ya. my cousins and my family with the exception of a noble woman at work.. were headed to SAFRA yishun for the battle between the pins and the ball. Of course I finally learnt how to do the spinning ball attack, but still it wasn't TaT effective. We wanted to swim in the dead sea since the alley was lyk oh so near the great ocean, but the rain had to erect a shield between us and the sea. Bad bad rain. Heeeh.

wed went to watch ELF. yarh la.. that greeny elf.. whose ladies are known to be one of the most beautiful in the fantasy universe. aniway, it was about a lame story which shows a human born in the North Pole going back to the Great City Singapore =X oops, i meant New York.. searching for his long lost father... aww.. go watch la.. quite inspiring. if ya want some light-hearted Christmas action, u shld watch it. although it made me cry, I shall be blunt and say that i feel that the plot is shallow. nnoot that deep a plot. especially the morale of the story part. char siew beehoon was not bad.. but u know, i'll prefer pizza with lots of cheeseee cheeese and more cheeesseee.. wah lao.. i envy my fren lor.. she ate pizza for 1 month until she sick of it liao.. *pouts* oh yarh.. the actress starring as Jovie in ELF (Zooey Deschanel).. i find her.. haha.. u shld see her acting..

ahhh.. the homework thhhhing.. die liaaao.. i only did lyk 1 question.. and judging by the days left, well i will have to finish 1 subject per two days.. what's more i hav a class chalet too.. hahh.. i'm dead fish..

oh and i finished the rpg Lunar 1.. it rocks.. okie.. no one plays it except me i guess.. haha.. mebbe except Jerrick.. blahx..

intro u all modplug tracker.. can create music eh.. seems nice.. haha..

that's all folks!

don be too bad.. santa claus is coming to town wor.


next on channel auroralight: a poem mebbe? to display my lousy literary skills, thank you.

oh mann.. todae went ndc for dental.. they put some metal thingy.. hurts sia.. aniwae i was super late thanks to the slow traffic lights in the city area.. -diao-

then later went Fairprice to buy some fresh stocks.. to stew my Chicken cum Vegetable Soup.
It was a success actually, the only thing being that i cooked too much. blearghs.
Aniwae, I couldn't get to enjoy my dinner thanx to the dumbm teeth. *ouch*

bahhhzzz... ice skating with 6K pple on 24 Dec.. yarh tt's Christmas Eve.. oops.. and the thing izzz.. i got class chalet.. dunno how neh? haha..

haiyozzz.. a certain some1 went hong kong sia.. see la.. have to wish him belated bday liao.. i'm so envious.. he gets to eat great food while.. i'm stuck with food of lesser quality! arghzzz..

choir pple who are now in Genting xcept Master Sin Ming Long: hahaz.. gd luck! hope u carry some gold back for cath high.. haha.. and of coz.. since they are also competing with Dunman High.. hehe.. may johnny and hy have a great, private reunion in the hotel room.. hahaz.. don tio suan wor~.. hahaz..

my mum got another free phone again.. though it's the C330.. it's quite oki actually.. mebbe i shall use it for myself >x<

kaoz.. the layout took me quite some time man.. got the idea frm another layout.. hahaz.. the image i had to modify manually.. hiaazz..

If I hadn't met you.

whoops.. i was back on Thurs evening actually. [airport foodfare pales in comparison to good ol kopitiam]

It was a great time at Langkawi, since I could really relax.. although not much to do dere.. hahaz.. but I had a good time eating my favourite oriental cuisine at the various restaurants, and also drove a Nissan Vanette. Haha.. Saw a lot of Caucasians dere man.. Anyway, the beaches there rock man, but are a few grades lousier than Thailand's Coral Island.. then played table tennis and tennis too.. heee.. too bad no beach ball.. otherwise.. haha.. ^^

Then ydae was quite a busy day lor. Mornie had to go for Maths enrichment.. and JW gave out his nice Cath High branded Christmas cards to everybody.. haha.. after that go play bball at RI dere.. super tiring sia.. so we were lyk playin soccer.. i did a cross to aloysius and he kicked the ball high over over to the tennis court, landing right next to the tennis instructor. wahahaz! why nvr land on his head.. he scolded us for playing soccer on a bball court.. and JW commented that there were a whole lot of RI boys playing on the court too.. haha.. bias.. =.=""

after tat went to eat lunch at j8.. shuren and brian had no appetite at all lor.. I finished my laksa and desert lyk half an hour b4 dem.. then we talked crap for almost 1 and a half.. wahahs..

i went to cut my hair.. it looks super sucky.. worse thing..

i was going to the hcjc concert.. ahaha. quite oki, a feast of the eyes too. =X the only qualm i have is that they shouldn't have the orchestra play everytime ma..

[sorry zy, etc la.. i dunno abt the weiyi's house thingy.. so chose to go concert instead.. kudasai.. ]

"love knows no boundaries." "hate is a stupid boundary?"

"the best things come when you least expect them, whether they be good or bad."

hahaz.. fri went gym then go jer's house plae mahjong.. his sister so lame sia.. then we were lyk arguing what songs to play.. and for the last time, i'm tired of SHE songs!! =pP heee.. then jw was gonna go for training.. so plae a last round with him b4 jelena took over.. ahhh.. then he ah.. za hu.. took 1 less tile.. so hahaz.. bad ending.. what's more.. he missed training.. whoops =X

hmmmzzz.. been wanting to do some testimonials.. esp for jw etc.. after come back frm malaysia then write ba.. heeezz..
haizz.. i'm flying off tml.. (not me but the plane) will miss everyone man.. esp the East Coast Park trip on Thurs.. oh man.. aniwae.. bubaizz peeepsss... but i will be backx! =pP muahahahaz.. ^^

ahhhh.. todae was damn tiring sia.

morning: went ntuc to buy some jelly. (yes, JELLY!)

afternoon: went dental. my teeth hurts >.<. my dentist quite chio but too bad got all the masks on and everything =X

nite: went library to return books then walk around to shop. the thing was when I got to jubilee itself, i suddenly heard a call. it's a bird, it's two planes, no it's Camillus and Edwin! Edwin tried to tempt me with his fried chicken, but too bad I ate at home already. He was pestering both of us for a day to play badminton. Well, of course I was "anything". hahaz.

then went guardian see see. omgx. the area has lyk four Guardians lorz.. quite close somemore.. even got two Guardians on each side of the road. scary sia! (Cam is gonna suan mie by saying now then ya know ah?)
this ish lyk Thailand tt time, there were lyk two 7-Elevens just opposite each other on both sides of the road lor. Pro huh?

"remember to brush ur teeth, eat a lot of fruits and.. don forget me."

hahaz.. i'm okiez liaoz.. thanks..
well.. ermx.. went for dental todae.. haiz.. my teeth gonna hurt for some days liao.. hahaha.
i'm tireddd.. so forgive me for the damn short post.. haha.

downright pissed. with a certain basket. some pple have too much comments. and i thot he was nice. too much lor!

duhh... siansation.. i played my rpg todae.. addicted liao.. =X
then while Cam was smsing me, I was reminded of the goal to study hard and do work in December. How could I forget!
i'm going bonkas.. haha.. cant remember what I wanted to say sia.. ahhh.. total mental block.
and it's interesting that someone nided someone to accompany him tml.. becoz he has to send his brother to sth and have to wait for lyk 4 hours.. cool man.. wish him luck.. haha.

haiyoz.. dunno who turned off my alarm clock sia. made me late. i woke up at 9 and was supposed to meet Brian and co. at 9 la. so had to rush a bit and reached there at 9.30 lor. jw best man. stay in yck can still go online at 8.45. kaoz. so i'm not the latest haha. ^^
played for a veri long time.. and i won the horse game! =D hahaz.. shuren was lyk so damn hungry lors.. so we went to eat.. finally i get to eat nasi lemak. and a nice one at that. plus a strawberry cum peach dessert thingy. shiok!
with a dirty t-shirt and stinking all over, i went home la. finally sia. so dang tired... x.x

hahaz.. todae went bbq.. 9 pple onli sia.. Derek could not go at the last minute. but still, happy. ^^
we had the usual stuff, plus some stingrays and mussels.. hahaz. i ate until so dang full. then that joel ah. force people to eat bread lor. -bread phobia- poor sham. alwae kanna water or cake on her face lor. haiz.
then we were lyk deciding where to go. pz was in a rush lor. haha. in the end, decided to just walk along and decide. how crap. hahaz. went ps.. then again, argued on what to do. so went arcade first and play some games. sham was lyk so sianx. hahaz. i wasted $2 dere sia, put in the second dollar onli to find out it's the last stage -dumb- =.=""
then go watch matrix lor. better than expected. much better than expected i guess. hahaaz.
yarhz.. in the end we went home.. see the sparkling Christmas lights on the way.. hahaz.. went bedok eat.. yeps that's all..

tml playing bball, muz wake up earlie.

"everything that has a beginning, has an end."
haha. familliar?

[Listening to: BOA - Double]

okie! i'm all perked up now. my mum bought nasi lemak for breakfast, instead of the usual roti prata.. coz i was well sick. that nasi lemak is veri poorly made man. no peanuts no fish. haiyo. so I go fry an egg, crispy style. ahha. looks and smells lyk the hawkers' fried eggs, but I used quite a lot of cooking oil. haha ^^

thanks to zy for the gunbound account, helps a lot man! -thanks again- ahh.. then he recommended Priston Tale, some sort of online action rpg. quite boring at the beginning, but as u level up etc, it turns out to be quite nice. cheers! ^-^

oh and yesterday, i kinda pon physics coz feeling quite unwell. then go sakae sushi, ate and chatted with derek and co. for quite some time.. haha.. i don lyk japanese cuisine at all.. except for the sushi.. hahaz.. after than, in the midst of giggles and laughter, we surprised derek with our presents. -happy b'day derek!- too bad choops went off earlier. and once again, we forgot to take pictures with sham's cam. -whoops- ^^

went cine watched looney tunes after tt. it's lame and funny. expected for a cartoon movie. wahahaz. quite light-hearted la. sham looks so cute with her glasses^^! =X
then gwen wanted to buy the wadeva f me bands.. sounds so vulgar man. haha. in the end neva buy coz the colours do not suit her taste. ahaha. after tt went crepes and creme, mixed sugar, salt and pepper + chocolate ice cream together and played the zhong ji mi ma game. me and sham kanna two times while pz and derek neva kanna at all!! not fair sia.
hmmm.. after tt pz and gwen nid to rush back.. then i also nid to go home eat dinner.. so sort of split at the traffic junction unknowingly. hahaz. =.=""

mebbe gonna do a new layout soon.. haha.. tonite gonna go cultural night at woodlands.. jw's "favourite".. then looking forward to tml's bbq.. hoping to see everybody dere.. hahaz.. ^-^ ^o^

"a woman in love emanates most beauty." -westside?
then for guys nehx? hmmm..

[Listening to: Every Little Thing - fragile (4:52)]

hais. i know my posts veri lame la... but it's lyk i'm so tired ma.. these four days fully bked liaoz.. ahha.. muz find time to do exercise liao man.. haaha.. update more next time.. sorrie..

ahhhh. wishing stairs was good. much betta than that shit park. or was it the atmosphere? very few people watching ma. or rather. very few teens watching. ahahz. hmmm.. do I feel that it's gd becoz the setting is a girls' dorm? =X

hmmzz... the 6600 can play gameboy games sia.. wah kaoz.. win liaoz..

When you're close to tears remember
Some day it'll all be over
One day 'we're gonna get so high
And though it's darker than December
What's ahead is a different colour
One day 'we're gonna get so high

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We'll remember it was me and you

'Cause we are gonna be forever you and me
You will always keep me flying high in the sky of love

High, high, high


Hahaz.. Finally back from obs.. Very shiok siaz! That's thanks to Tenzing! The most happening watch siaz! hahaz.. Our instructor also very veh gd.. I'm so fortunate siaz.. Or rather.. we are so fortunate.. Mebbe it's fate.. mebbe it's destiny.. but Tenzing people rulez man.. Hahaz.. Lazy to type now.. Shall talk more later..

Hahaz.. Got some inspiration from my dear novels.. As usual.. Really really feel that Chinese is such a beautiful language.. [Cam don't kill me!] lucky got Singlish.. Can mix languages together.. hahaz..
Hahaz.. Just had this feeling that people shouldn't be sad about anything.. Blahx blahx.. Too naive le..
This holiday probably won't last long.. And I really can't slack.. Although O's are supposed to be easy.. but then prelims.. [cold laughter]
Aniwae, how come I feel so busy? Hahaz.. To think my ambition is to be a psychiatrist. Yet, I don understand my own thoughts. Scary.
Leaving mainland on Monday le.. hahaz.. Cam will be very lonely for 1-2 days.. then will be ok le.. NZ people coming back.. and especially that.. ahem =X better not say.. else kanna Cam's shining sword ah.. ...
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. Say, don be too biased la Johnny..
Today, I ate 1 pizza, 2 sandwiches, not to mention the satay baguette and garlic bread bought back right after i finished the previous.. Can't get fat anyway.. I'm just lazy to eat a lot la.. My appetite is actually quite ermx huge de.. hahaz..

Yoz.. Busy playing these few days manz.. Hahaz.. Well.. A bit the sianx liaoz lors.. And I'm addicted to GunBound. Cam, play lahz. Quite fun lehs.

Aniwae, Bon voyage to all my New Zealand bound friends! Have a great stay there! Too bad I won be able to witness Joseph hyperventilating or Wei Yi getting kicked out of SQ---.. Haiz.. Too bad la.. Shall try to finish as much work as possible during this week to shock them when they get back. Maybe I will be shocked becoz Master Goh brought work to do (!). Used to it liaoz. Work hard man!

Now now.. not many nice movies to see lehs.. So no movie-hunting for me yet.. Food is now my priority ^_^. Yeps, I need to reduce my slacking le.. I don wanna die young.. Wahaz.. Currently not much to blog.. And will be going obs next mon.. How excited.. I shall start packing soon. Not that I'm kiasu, but this is to prevent me from missing anything.

Tata for now.

"She is the epitomy of Girlhood, my Venus, my Goddess..."

G# minor - You are not totally happy, and you know
it. At least you are trying to do something
about it. You like to think and create to try
and sort out your problems. Keep going the way
you are, and you will soon be on speaking terms
with your demons.

what key signature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hahaz.. music theory ahz.. suan le.. so difficult..

Conscious self
Overall self
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Type 2 Helpfulness |||||||||||||| 54%
Type 3 Ambition |||||||||||||| 54%
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Type 5 Detachment |||||| 30%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||| 38%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Type 8 Hostility |||||||||| 34%
Type 9 Calmness |||||||||||||||||| 74%
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Your Unconscious-Overall type is 9w1
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[Listening to: Zai Jian Xi Ya Tu - Freya Lin Fan - (04:06)]


"Lee Hak Boon is mad. It is rumoured that only 23 Sec 2 students as compared to 102 for our batch got into triple science next year. It is also said that that batch will die in the O's, and that it will be unlikely that the top scholar will come from our sch le." -news courtesy of, as usual, Cam the Great.

[Listening to: The Four Seasons - Vivaldi - Top 10 Of Classical Music - Ba (11:43)]

ermx... hahaz.. sorrie Cam.. found out that my final fantasy VII is with choon yong.. lols..
aniwae.. thanks for the present.. hahaz..

now now.. we went wy's house to study Chinese.. yarhs.. but.. the thing was.. we ended up watching Happy Tree Friends and Ninjai.. gort study a bit lah ahz.. then later wy wanna kick us out.. but was raining dragons and phoenixes.. so ended up we played Blackjack and Dai Dee.. I got -17 pts.. lolz.. (no gambling la!)

hmmmz. gort a lot of extra lessons in the hols. sianz. but also excited abt obs and langkawi. class chalet included. too bad i can't go new zealand.. aiiez.. cannot see how Joseph will suck all the oxygen in the air le.. hahaz.. and can't see how wy will get kicked out of the plane.

aiyoz.. so many things to do.. dunno if can finish le.. maybe i shall stop procrastinating.

best bud pic

hahaz.. nice picture.. thanks qy.. coloured with own colours one.. so very unique.. good id3a siaz..

aniwae.. updating my blog with the w.bloggar tool.. seems very nice so far.. try it bahz..

[Listening to: Ai De Dai Jia - Jolin Cai Yi Ling - Don't Stop (04:37)]

what's up doc?

hahaz.. haiz.. emphasis on learning.. but some people still like to mug.. then get very good results.. mugging without learning is the worst thing ever.. perhaps that is one of the flaws of exams? encouraging people to mug? well... results... is not everything.. but well.. parents ah parents.. too protective le la.. this age.. hahaz.. hmmm. how I wish to get out of this system soon and embark on a learning journey! hahahaz..
actualli.. i don realli care if I get good jobs or lead a good life.. most importantly.. I just want to have lots of fun and experiences! hahaz.. i think that is all for now. There's more crap(=X) to come. Hahaz!

aniwae.. Chinese is a beautiful language. I just can't seem to score well for my exams la. hahaz. dunno how. i tried mugging b4, but to no avail. Haiz.. dunno if can hun over o levels.. Then Biology ahz. Super interesting. But the exams are so dumb.. Want to test our memory work.. When I suck at it.. hahaz. Now on to Geography. hehes. This one ah. No comments. But the teacher, aiyo. Therefore, I will have to like study harder la. (lamenting again.. infected by Cam's disease..)

that's all folks!

Hmmmzz.. Today mi sch gort promotion exercise.. Hahaz! SO we went to Orchard lahzz... Actually Cam had his whatever training.. but in the end succumbed to peer pressure.. so ah! of coz pon le lorhs.. he gonna get murdered sooner or later.. hahahaz! Aiyo so.. fei!.. We went window/shopping.. Then Mr Goh bought the bracelet for fun.. so now wy, yx, and jw gort le. wahaz. they said pink one for me. so, dotz.
aniwae. todae was the feiest day of all. we sorta play hide'n'seek.. hahaaz.. total crap la.. it's like.. we told wy and Cam who were buying sth for sister (for all who dunno, Khai Nam).. that we were going up la.. Heeren there.. but in the end spent a lot of time in HMV downstairs.. they could not find us.. whahaaz....
then later worst.. me zy and jw went to eat and split with yx wy and cam.. hahaz.. so crap.. then in the end we told johnny to join us but he joined wy instead!!! idiot la!
haizyo.. me pei zy and went NEL to Kovan mahz.. then went wrong bus stop!!! lucky I realised it very quickly.. then wait for 132.. half an hour haven come!!! total CRAP! near the interchange somemore.. aiyoz.. muz complain le.. hahahaz..

k la.. nothing more.. just that.. i bought an incredibly big (sling?) bag yesterday.. hahaz.. (Gareth Gates' Yesterday is a must listen!) also bought an album at HMV when nobody was noticing.. hahaz..

now.. Final Fantasy III really rocks man.. wah kaoz.. super pro.. i addicted le..

hmmmzz.. procastinating siaz.. gort

  • 'O' Chinese
  • song creation
  • poem creation
  • learning of piano songs
  • reading of books
    in no particular order. hahaz!!


    oh, bright light of the Moon!
    shine a path in my heart
    whether it be night or noon,
    i will go on with all my heart

    oh, where are you?
    my love, i have been searching
    each day that I wait for you
    is equal to three months' suffering

    i know la.. a bit the fei.. i am an amateur in any case! duo duo zhi jiao.. hahaz..

    [FF III]
    Oh my love, so far away now.
    Will I ever see your smile?
    Love goes away, like night into day.
    It's just a fading dream.
    I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
    Our love is brighter than the sun.
    For eternity, for me there can be,
    Only you, my chosen one. . .
    Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
    Will autumn take the place of spring?
    What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
    Speak to me once more!
    We must part now, my life goes on.
    but my heart won't give you up.
    Ere I walk away, let me hear you say,
    I meant as much to you. . .
    So gently, you touched my heart.
    I will be forever yours.
    Come what may, I won't age a day,
    I'll wait for you, always. . .

    as always, Final Fantasy III rocks!

  • i would like to state that i really look down on people who get angry easily and for nothing or dao people for no reason as well. Pissed at this type of people. True friends are hard to find.

    plan was modified to suit jonathan's wishes. mahjong was abolished for bowling. and after learning that Yishun's Cathay Bowl was full, including the fact that it was $3.40/game, bowling was abolished for shopping. Shopping at Causeway Point. Yes, Causeway Point. Omgx! How pathetic we were. Like Camillus said, we should have mahjongged instead. Wahaz. Aniwae, I only did window shopping, spending very little money if any at all, while that gong zi with his sunglasses flipped his card out and bought $60++ worth of things. Which leads to me having another rant.

    well, i guess we all know we like to buy things. spend. and spend. and spenD. until our heart is content. of course, we cannot miss the essential stuff in our daily lives, like the super branded sunglasses, branded shirts, branded wallets, pretty jewellery, great nice tidbits, and of coz not to mention the inexpensive fast food and intensive dining. Well, I am not saying that is not correct. Where does our money come from? With this kind of life, we would need to get very good jobs in order to maintain a peaceful and stable life. Perhaps we take money for granted? Buy SIGG Water bottles la, better quality than all those stuff out there, hor. Well, must buy nice nice clothes mah hor, must more high class ma. Ugly don wan la, function same, but that sweater is nicer and is branded, buy that one more hc, don so lc. So, you could have used one stab to defeat ur opponent, but then you want to demonstrate ur great karate skills instead and instead get killed by that person. Aiyo, must win must also win with class mah! Cannot use some low-class knife stab to win him ma.. Haiz. Welll....perhaps i am wrong.. if really are rich, have the money and skills etc, and lead a material life, i don reallie care.. i cant say anything lors..

    I think this situation.. is prominent throughout Singapore i guess.. and an old one in the news i think. I just feel disappointed.. Hahaz.. (I think many people will murder me after they have read this.. Hahaz.. Sorry la... a bit too harsh here.. Please forgive me..) (Btw, it is also in my school pledge, or rather the old one. ....chong jian pu... meaning a simple and non-material life.. i think. Ya la, school pledge, so? Basically, we should not rely on the school to teach us values.. This kind of thing.. Haiz.. It is just there to remind us.. It is not a rule.. It is a virtue..)

    Oh. I just remembered. That Lee Hak Boon went and removed our traditional school pledge. That is very idiotic. Nonsense! The school vision was used in place instead.

    hahaz. i think i am a bit prejudiced against muggers lehx. or rather, i was. becoz muggers are okie. but some muggers are super dao. i mean super dao. i mean, hardworking, is a very good thing. however, studying too much and forsaking other precious things, is a no-no. Studying the whole day is not wrong, and does not mean having no life, but then reading the same old contents, i would rather bang the wall than do that.
    Yes, there is the idiom "Revise previous knowledge and realise new things." (which is wen gu zhi xin) But then, i don feel that it is called learning when previous knowledge is constantly revised. I don see much benefits in that. I still feel that knowledge has no bounds, so it is not good to be stuck with the same content daily.
    Moreover, without new knowledge, it will be hard to gain a deeper understanding into old content. Thus, I still think studying the same old contents day after day is never beneficial. I just feel that it is not the correct path to learning. As if defacing learning is not enough, there is the added element of daoing! That does infuriate me. Aiyo, study until dao people? aNti! (anti-social, for those who are ignorant)

    and something else. I see hatred in a lot of people. Hating certain things is not beneficial i think. You hate me, I hate you. What is the point? (Yes, Mr Goh, this is directed to you. Bleahs) Vengeance leads to vengeance, there is no end to this. Is there any point? How corny. I just feel that love triumphs over hate. What is love? What is hate? A pity i do not know, or else I would have been able to complete my argument.. However.. there is something that can be raised. That is, hate, will just bother your poor heart, while love will infuse ur heart with pure warmness (wen luan?). Is that point not strong enough?

    As usual, these are words from my big mouth, so.. hahaz. just personal opinions, try not to take it to heart.

    Ya.. I know.. Angry at me for like being so proud and giving lectures in my blog, but I had just wanted to state my opinions and observations. No offence, I am not that good at all. Just giving my two cents and all.

    Hahaz... =pP

    Hahaz.. Piggy has a blog.. Dark pig siaz.. Be careful.. Don be entirely embraced by the darkness contained within..

    Anyway.. I underperformed totally lar.. L1R5 for this term is like 18.. thanks to my Geography and the hard-to-pass English.. hehx. Abit guilty, becoz I din do my best. I din study lorx. Hahaz! I was the only one who failed Higher Chinese in my class, how pathetic. Never mind. O levels should be twice as easy as our exams. I just need to work much harder.
    And.. I can't find my entry proof yet.. Don bother to find lors.. Hahaz.. It's two weeks more.. Better start studying and finding my entry proof =pP (zy, copy you can la.)

    Ahha. Still playing tml. Badminton (tentative?) tml and then mahjong at my house. wy lorx.. his parents don't let us mahjong at his house. hahaz.

    Played some lame game todae after school, hahaz play for super long lorx.. some number guessing game.. damn simple but very funny...

    Monday gort promotion exercise.. No school, muahahaz! Envy me! Then i tink we going shopping.. good idea to sneak to k box don u think.. hahaz..

    Aiyo, another post right after the previous one. How lame. Anywae, this song is great.

    Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me

    For all those times you stood by me
    For all the truth that you made me see
    For all the joy you brought to my life
    For all the wrong that you made right
    For every dream you made come true
    For all the love I found in you
    I'll be forever thankful baby
    You're the one who held me up
    Never let me fall
    You're the one who saw me through through it all

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    You gave me wings and made me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky
    I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
    You said no star was out of reach
    You stood by me and I stood tall
    I had your love I had it all
    I'm grateful for each day you gave me
    Maybe I don't know that much
    But I know this much is true
    I was blessed because I was loved by you

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    You were always there for me
    The tender wind that carried me
    A light in the dark shining your love into my life
    You've been my inspiration
    Through the lies you were the truth
    My world is a better place because of you

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me


    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    Well, went East Coast last wk. It was raining, and we gort quite drenched. Basically our fault. We wanted to cycle in the rain. Hahaz. That Jerwin Chuah ah, so idiotic, say wanna go blading, but then changed his decision and cycle instead. So fei! Come all the way to East Coast just to cycle. Argh. I would have preferred West Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park instead lorx. Anyway, Jeremy with his skates joined us later, then I exchanged transportation tools with him. Hahaz. So tiring to skate a long distance with this kind of plastic (!) wheels! Then we went bowling.
    The stupid bowling alley was actually quite nice. The lanes, especially. They were impressive. However, when we talk about the broken shoes and cracked balls, I have nothing to say. =P The idiotic thing was that my fingers cant even fit into the 12 pound ball lorx. What is this. I had wanted to resort to the 14 pound ball, but considering that I was quite tired, I decided to take a lighter ball, the 11 pound one larx. I sui bian play the games larx, except one. I was just trying to spin the ball in two games lorx, thanks to the great teachings of ZY. I just need more practice at my technique. Anyway, as I was saying, I did score quite well in one of my games, although a bit low for my standards. I gort three strikes in a row though. One may say that to be tyco. Well, I have no comments. Hahaz.

    Aiyo, it's like i'm a bit the busy lorx. Very fei. There are so much things to do that I cant finish them all. So damn fei. I want to read my books which are piling up like a mountain, while I want to play my RPGs at the same time. Then there are other important things to do too. The situation is much worse for some of the councillors, i guess. I guess. Haaz. Mr Ang gort his ELDDS to settle, Mr Kang gort his ermx YCS to settle, Mr Goh gort his swimming to concentrate on. That leaves me to be the freest person of the group, perhaps excluding Johnny who is supposedly quite free but has matters of the heart to settle. =X

    Haiz. So pissed. I dunno why I am so unfortunate to like meet an abundance of mean people along my many paths of life. It's so fei that I can't believe it myself. Not that I want to complain, but I really cannot stand it anymore. Maybe I am mean, but at least I try to be nice sometimes.. Haiz. Can't stand it anymore. Moreover, I think some people don have the idea of loyalty. Power, I guess. I did not say I am the best ok. So don target that flaw. Cause it has been sealed. =pPp

    Utterly pissed I am. I am utterly pissed. Am I utterly pissed? Yes I think so. Or rather, I am. Very pissed. With probably everything. I guess life is kinda hard. I want to really experience the thrills of life, and I think I cannot get to do so at this state I am in. Lols.

    Got back 6 subjects' results in a row todae. As usual, I have underperformed. As always. I will always underperform. Due to some stupid careless mistaKeS. It is also vital to note that I did not try my best, as I followed in the Great Kang's way and did not study much, instead burning the midnight oil for about 2 hours most of the time. Needless to say, although the methods were identical, the path was different. Hahaz! But it is interesting to note that I actually beat some people who studied like crazy wor. How ironical. (Ed: Getting a tad too haughty out there. =P)

    Do you agree that intelligent people are impatient?

    [ What comes together with the CD is the bonus VCD featuring a musical movie. After watching the first half on KTV, I was especially impressed by the music video of "Bottomless Pit" which depicts modern love stories and the sadness over the easy-come-easy-go love commonly found on the Internet. Nevertheless one shortcoming of this album is the quality of the translation of the Chinese lyrics. To me they are far from satisfactory except the one done by Yao Qian. Hopefully the record label will practice stricter quality controls in the future. ]

    You are Envy!
    Wow... what a dreamer. Always wanting what you
    can't have, and always dreaming of having more
    then you do. It's not the worst sin, and we're
    all guilty of it - but you take it to the
    extreme! You are prone to depression, often
    from things you can't obtain. Be a bit more
    positive, you have a lot that others want too -
    so don't sit there being all green! On the
    positive side, you tend to be a smart person -
    and can often achieve the goals you set
    Congratulations on being the overall harmless, and
    pretty normal one of the 7 deadly sins :)

    ?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
    brought to you by Quizilla

    hahaz. exams are almost over. left a maths d paper. nth to study larz.

    once again, somebody mistook wy's sister for his mother. omgx! hahaz. i forgot who le. aniwae ah, jw learnt how to play mahjong le and he said it is a "sian game". hahaz. sth like tt larz. as for me, i a bit tyco, beginning win 2 rounds budden later luck was washed off... then they were lyk all playing lorz.. me standing arnd.. quite sianx.. wy so pro lorx...

    as for todae, i played tennis. aiyo. so crap. kept hitting too far with a small swipe of the racket. then it was lyk, flew above the fence and bumped onto the roof, never to be seen again. so ml had to buy 3 balls. (pun intended). hmpf. later, i got the hang of tennis lorz, but that ml had to hit it so far, leading to me being extremely fatigued.

    aiyo.. my bowling skills has declined like siau lorz... it's like i get only 60 70 +.. probably due to the fact that I tried to spin the 6 pound ball in the first few games.. hahaz.... a bit failure.. then when I used the 11 pound ball to do high speed balls.. then I get better la. =PpP

    dunno who booked 11-13 lehx. that person. damn dumb. hahaz. =X


    total crap. bowling ah, disappointed. aniwae, I learnt a powerful and correct method of throwing the ball, muahahaz. aiyorh, know what? I had lyk 2 dollars left lorz. bought some biscuits from Fairprice. How desperate man.

    she is 28 man, looks like 16 lorx. amazing. what a big difference from our Great Zhang Yong Mei who is also 28 but looks like 40. best.

    aniwae, quite happi with the << K-Pop Best 2 >> I bought todae. Nice nice.

    crap lar. my chinese, sure die. budden, can feel proud that I din study, at least can pass overall, coupled with the ying yong wen. i will have to mug my geog and bio. how saddening when they were my strongest subjects in the past.

    eRmx, happy childrens' day everyone. haiz, long time neva blog liaoz man, hmmm almost 9 days. actually is 9 days la. *lame*

    my chinese totally suck lorz, omg, i mean, Singapore's system, prevents me from getting good grades. perhaps my chinese foundation is unstable la, but as you see, spoken chinese gd written chi bad, spoken english bad written eng gd, will die lorz, this explains why I can't express myself freely.. so i.. ermx.. talk less for fear that people don understand. like Camillus, i just can't absorb all the words. So I just ask for all of you to guide me, the humble one, along the path to light. Please kindly forgive me for any flaws in my language and it would be better if you could correct them. Thanks.

    now now, these few days quite busy huh, everyone mugging, Jeremy has even fallen to the various pathogens floating around in his cabinet. me, I'm so damn obssessed with that Smiling Proud Wanderer that.. I slack til sai, haven realli started. However, I must not let down anyone including myself. As it is, I shall strongly reinforce my determination.

    well, relationships are quite hard to maintain. note that I am talking about all kinds of relationships ah. it takes so much effort and time to actually develop and maintain one. I find that... I have given some people quite the cold shoulder, it's unnerving. i shall modify my lazy nature to suit my goals. never have you seen such a hardworking wq as this one here. hahas.

    aniwae, I may not have talked much to most of you, but remember, i have not forgotten you, I have never forgotten anyone before, be it friends or acquaintances. let it be known that i am glad to have great people like you by my side.

    i... know i can't express my feelings well, be it thru actions or words, but please, do not doubt my sincerity. =)

    it may be sum time b4 i write again, since I am currently in no mood during dumb exams time, so wish all ya all the best in ur endeavours, ermmx, gonna miss ya all! whoops, hahaz.

    Pathetic. How I wish that the Final-Years would come soon and end as quick as it came.

    There's a HCl test tml and I plan to read my Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. How great to fail again. Perhaps I should drop Higher Chinese. I feel that the Chinese tests all encourage mugging. But then, people like me fail regardless of whether they mug or not.

    Nevertheless, it would not stay that way. I have a knack for making changes easily, you know.

    Anyway, I have a temporary set of choices for JC admission running through my mind now, thanks to jw.

    1. RJC
    2. VJC
    3. NJC
    4. ACJC

    I fear the prelims. The prelims may mean I go to choice no.4 for the first 3 months. how pathetic.
    i think i need to put in a great deal of effort if I wanna go to the first choice, of course with help from people like Mrs Chuah's husband and Mr Goh. Not to forget the Greatest Mr Kang.

    as the good and nice gentlemen we were, we went to MacRitchie for a stro*cough*sorry cleanup.
    it's amazing that there are so many nature guides in 3-7. therefore, when we were told to split in 3 groups, 3-7 had a cozy little group of its own.
    all was well.
    except for a dumb hiccup.

    the sky had to cry.

    caught in the middle of the trail, we had no choice but to continue walking and pick up rubbish in the process. chu's knife came in handy when we had to dig up some bottlecaps. A shoe sole was even found? Interesting.
    completely drenched we were.
    the incredibly nice mrs tay treated us to sum tea and coffee. Fishballs, even.

    i found out that my books inside were drenched. my dear Reader's Digest. how pathetic. even the library book's cover was in pieces. How nice.

    aniwae, we went to weiyi's den. how big it was. johnny was saying how gorgeous wy's sis was. i presumed it was dear sarcasm again. oh, and I learnt mahjong there. they all were like suaning piggy, saying how slow he was. Even me, a complete newbie to this so-called mahhh jjjong, was faster than him at least 3 times. london bridge was also played, me and johnny winning by a great stroke of luck. tyconess. the Great Tyco King, Mr Chuah, helped me to win.

    flag day was tough. Cam and co, you said you won. haha. However, you must consider the fact that we started much much much much later than you. And I thought you were impartial. How wrong I was.
    the problem with me was that I had the lightest tin of all. why? I couldn't bring myself to knock on people's doors to collect donations. The streets had been dominated by other fellow CH students. We even went as far as to go to Sin Ming's 25-floors flats. It was quite rewarding there though.
    however, we should have gone to Camillus' condo and requested some coins from his family. After all, $100 worth of coins for each of the 8 people in my mob would be enough. We know that that is just a tiny fraction of his family's assets.

    i can't deny
    that this is
    not fate.

    oh and love at first sight?
    it happens more often in adolescents I think.

    emotional maturity will not allow one to fall in love that easily.
    i may be wrong, though.


    have you ever said thank you to the hairdresser?
    ever fully appreciated someone's efforts?

    have you?

    do you expect people to do things for you?
    that they should do so without any hesitation?

    teens: rebellious?
    maybe we don know how parents feel?
    felt frustrated that we tried to understand them, but they don?

    excuse me for my narrow viewpoint.

    do you take people for granted?

    What an interesting week.
    Activities lined up are as follows:
    Trip to JI, for a tour of the Chemical Gallery.
    MacRitchie Boardwalk Trail cleanup. Basically just enjoy nature with ur dear frens while earning CIP pts.
    Flag Day! Time to ogle.
    Of course, we have the all-time favourite thing which tests our intelligence, luck and skills. The End-Year exams! Perhaps two weeks is too short for us to fully establish our ultimate study group thingie.

    Seems that some prominent CO guy in my class in daoing me? Somehow? Instead of asking me about things, he prefers to ask other people instead. Also, he is quite unresponsive to my words? This is.. weird.

    i saw her again, at j8 there?
    we probably met about like 10 times liao, and dao each other everytime can?
    there was one time when we even looked away from each other at the same time.
    let's hope somehow I will be able to summon the lion inside me and stop this daoness.
    after all, we live beside each other?

    left and right?
    this is not funny.

    do you believe in fate?

    i believe in creating fate.

    in my own world.

    have you ever said thank you to the hairdresser?
    ever fully appreciated someone's efforts?

    have you?

    do you expect people to do things for you?
    that they should do so without any hesitation?

    teens: rebellious?
    maybe we don know how parents feel?
    felt frustrated that we tried to understand them, but they don?

    excuse me for my narrow viewpoint.

    do you take people for granted?

    What an interesting week.
    Activities lined up are as follows:
    Trip to JI, for a tour of the Chemical Gallery. Complete the plan to steal all the chemicals there and plant various kinds of bombs all around the place, so as to slowly gain world dominance.
    MacRitchie Boardwalk Trail cleanup. Basically just enjoy nature with ur dear frens while earning CIP pts. That is probably not the intended purpose though. *lolx*
    Flag Day! Time to ogle, til your eyes drop. Reminder: Prepare hankies and some water to immerse people in the water world, then nicely helping them clean up.
    Of course, we have the all-time favourite thing which tests our intelligence, luck and skills. The End-Year exams! Perhaps two weeks is too short for us to fully establish our ultimate study group thingie.

    Seems that some prominent CO guy in my class in daoing me? Somehow? Instead of asking me about things, he prefers to ask other people instead. Also, he is quite unresponsive to my words? This is.. weird.

    i saw her again, at j8 there?
    we probably met about like 10 times liao, and dao each other everytime can?
    there was one time when we even looked away from each other at the same time.
    let's hope somehow I will be able to summon the lion inside me and stop this daoness.
    after all, we live beside each other?

    left and right?
    this is not funny.

    do you believe in fate?

    i believe in creating fate.

    in my own world.


    the round unidentified object was falling..



    bounced off the hoop.
    i was soaked wet.
    not short-range ones.
    long-range layups.
    currently my specialty.
    25% accurate.
    From the 3pt area onwards,
    10% accurate.

    wq's shooting sucks.
    only area of interest is his agility perhaps.

    wq's sister's accuracy is 55%?

    aloe vera juice+pulp.
    rocks. rocks.

    study room.
    with a twist of fate
    it has become wq's room.
    after millions of decades of fighting.
    not very gd.
    but better than nth.

    blurred vision.

    drip drop. the rain.
    how gentle is the rain?
    that drenched me?
    while on my way
    to the horde of books.

    (agatha christie rocks)

    you like?
    i love.
    every little drop.
    essence of mother nature.

    now I can't show
    mr Goh that ten 3-pt shots
    out of ten is possible.

    i don understand.
    the sky cries?

    is it because of
    troubles here
    or perhaps
    immersing in the
    joyous laughter?

    does God exist?
    formed by the beliefs of the people?
    when you believe
    it will be true.

    why do people smile?
    or perhaps.

    when will I see?
    true smiles?
    true happiness?
    true love?
    true sadness?

    are you there?
    do you exist?
    waiting room.
    how long have I waited?
    a decade?
    two centuries?
    three millenniums?
    waiting for u.
    still waiting.

    am I there?
    do I exist?
    why do I not see u?
    do you see me?

    lost in my world.

    ermx. I feel a bit guilty you know. about dissing turn left turn right. i failed to look at the matter from a different viewpoint. sorrie to all turn left turn right movie fans. i should have considered the people. Yes the people. People you watch the movie with. Haha. Regardless of that fact, I still believe that there are better and more roman-ti-cal movies than this. Good try, Raintree.

    As I was saying to some pro who blogs so well even though it's probably her first time (i've found my match), it is better to be lying on the fields with your dearest one, indulging in the book "Turn Left Turn Right" by [forgot liao]. I think that this is probably better than watching the movie itself.

    Firstly, it is more romantic.
    Secondly, it saves money.
    Thirdly, you can eat the grass for lunch or teabreak.
    Fourthly, you can analyse the clouds in the sky.
    Finally, it will be a big bonus if you love nature.

    There are some cons, one of which is that you can't tell the cinema to lower the temperature so that you can take advantage of the chance to be lost in ur someone's arms. Also, you can't take advantage of the darkness to. Never mind.

    Hmmmz. i feel so damn lame todae. was in a conversation with the usual four. "Cam can cook". Camillus was gonna watch a food programme mahz. So we marvelled at the fact that "Cam can cook!". Johnny was, is and will always be caught between Ms Adeline Chan with her humongous bosom and Wong Huiyi with her high intelligence. Rite hor, Johnny? Someday, we will perhaps introduce a third party into the picture. MUAHAHAZ.

    i am reowned for that.
    i had to ruin my reputation.
    no point thinking about it.

    hmmm. crap? my home. noisy. mother. always complaining. we are quite well-off. but unhappy? i don understand. I will rather be poor but happy. i don understand. i don know. probably it will always remain a mystery to me.

    "I'm not ashamed of my feelings for that lady. I respect her and I am very deeply attached to her. All I want is her happiness. If she was happy with ******, I'd sit right back and fade out of the picture."

    Just to clear something up. This is a quote. I forgot to include the quotes themselves larx.

    Oh. And I hate the differentiation between the two (three?) genders. Come on, why the hell should people stereotype the genders? There are cool and strong males. There are also warm and sweet males. It puzzles the mind, to think that people should discriminate against the less masculine males. Even in this modern society, I see some differentiation. Perhaps it will not change. We never know.

    Did you notice how I have changed the way I express myself? I can't seem to change back liaoz. What a weird thing. Suddenly, it changed overnight. What is this? Hahaz.

    Have you ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside you and yet you can never have them...when the moment you can't feel them under your fingertips you miss them? Have you ever wondered which hurts the most; saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing and wishing you had? I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish them; words shrink things that seemed timeless when they were in your head...to no more than living size when they are brought out.... Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them. If you do, they might break your heart... but if you don't, you might break theirs.

    Have you ever decided not to become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person? Your heart decides who it likes and who it doesn't. You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own.... when you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to.

    Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that other person was too afraid to let you? Too many of us stay walled because we are too afraid to care too if not for fear that the other person does not care as much, or at all.

    Have you ever loved someone and they had absolutely no idea whatsoever? Or fell for your best friend in the entire world, and then sat around and watched him/her fall for someone else?

    Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle? We tell lies when we are afraid.... afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie.... the thing we fear grows stronger. Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump. Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have, or could have had. No one waits forever...

    Is all this true? Judge for urself.

    which pleasure are you?

    the smile on ur face the touch of ur hand lets me know that you need me

    which smilie are you?

    Love, you look gorgeous todae.

    what color are you?

    *jumps around*

    Wow. I just slept for 4 hours. Whether i can finish my homework on time is a bizarre mystery to me..
    Anyway, while I was playing badminton in the morning, the whatever strings had to snap. Of course, I could still continue playing.

    Haiz. What a waste. I let an opportunity slip past me. Now the regrets come rushing in. Let's hope I still have chances then. Sorry but, no elaboration. =P


    Anyway, yesterday, went to grandma's place for some sorta celebrations. kaoz. it had to rain. then we couldn't like play the candles. But however, I did find pleasure in singing karaoke. Although most were old old songs that I haven heard of before, it was still fun. I was practically enjoying myself like siao. Times flies while one enjoys.

    Did I mention Pirates of the Caribbean? With the same bunch of people, Johnny the Great, Cam the Greater and JW the divine, we watched the much anticipated show at Cathay in Causeway Pt. My fault, guys, for making you all come such a long way. What a pity it was too late for us to go to Cam's house to play a few games of bridge. And without Mr Goh around, it would be quite boring, HOR? =P

    Anyway, Pirates is great but league is still top. Aye Aye Captain (Jack Sparrow)!


    I urge all literature lovers who prefer quality movies not to watch the *movie* tuRn left tuRn right. There i was, at Golden Village, Jurong Point, expecting a nice movie. However, instead, I almost got bored to death. And I thought all movies that could make me cry was high-quality. Well, perhaps I am wrong. This is definitely, with no doubt, an exception. With a very very predictable, unrealistic and lame plot, I wonder how it was made into a movie. Raintree Productions ah. What is this?
    You're better off with the book instead. I mean it. I can't find any good points about the movie, although I am definitely not a cynic. This kind of plot was definitely meant for a book rather than a movie, no matter how they modify it. Therefore, go get the book and shred all your turn left turn right tickets please. Perhaps the only good thing is that it makes you laugh, but then, the jokes are super lame which is not my preferred type. You see, at least pirates has a solid plot.

    Love at First Sight
    by Wislawa Szymborska

    Both are convinced
    that a sudden surge of emotion bound them together.
    Beautiful is such a certainty,
    but uncertainty is more beautiful.

    Because they didn't know each other earlier, they suppose that
    nothing was happening between them.
    What of the streets, stairways and corridors
    where they could have passed each other long ago?

    I'd like to ask them
    whether they remember-- perhaps in a revolving door
    ever being face to face?
    an "excuse me" in a crowd
    or a voice "wrong number" in the receiver.
    But I know their answer:
    no, they don't remember.

    They'd be greatly astonished
    to learn that for a long time
    chance had been playing with them.

    Not yet wholly ready
    to transform into fate for them
    it approached them, then backed off,
    stood in their way
    and, suppressing a giggle,
    jumped to the side. There were signs, signals:
    but what of it if they were illegible.
    Perhaps three years ago,
    or last Tuesday
    did a certain leaflet fly
    from shoulder to shoulder?
    There was something lost and picked up.
    Who knows but what it was a ball
    in the bushes of childhood.

    There were doorknobs and bells
    on which earlier
    touch piled on touch.
    Bags beside each other in the luggage room.
    Perhaps they had the same dream on a certain night,
    suddenly erased after waking.

    Every beginning
    is but a continuation,
    and the book of events
    is never more than half open.

    -translated by Walter Whipple


    Oh, the turbulent teenage years. We suddenly become interested in the opposite gender, or rather, a select minority of the opposite gender. Love? Lust? Perhaps we just can't differentiate between them. Same for me. Mostly it is just lust for flesh though.

    What is true love? The media portrays such a different image of love, much different from the real one perhaps. Makes one confused, doesn't it? Maybe we are not mature enough to understand, to care, but when a sudden surge of emotions weakens one, one falls prey to love. Or is it lust?

    For some people, it may be different. I was just stating my opinion, don mind me.

    It is clear in my mind that i lust more than love.

    Perhaps, I will wait till the time is ripe, for that special person.

    (I sound crazy? Hahaz)


    "I'm not ashamed of my feelings for that lady. I respect her and I am very deeply attached to her. All I want is her happiness. If she was happy with ******, I'd sit right back and fade out of the picture."



    As always, I said it once - And I will say it again - Agatha Christie rocks.


    I love myself. Maybe, when you love yourself, then you will feel loved? As I said, I am myself and some things will not be changed. Persistent qualities, perhaps? I will not go to the extent of changing some of me to let people like me. Things that need to be improved, will be improved, though.

    I am Me

    Hmm. I slept the whole afternoon. Now I'm home alone, hungry and weeping in the corner. They went to the Chinese Garden without me! Actually, is me that din wanna go. You know, sianx? Anyway, I better pia my homework if I am gonna watch a movie tml.. ciaoz

    Pirates of the Caribbean!

    What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Your Heart is Red

    What Color is Your Heart?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Hee! You are Jack's "You have to find
    yourself a girl, mate ... you're not a eunuch,
    are you?" speech. You're quite a bit sex-
    crazed, and you assume that everyone else is as
    horny as you are. Get it on as soon as
    possible so that you can join the rest of us on
    Planet Earth ... I'm sure you'll have a good
    time doing so.

    Which one of Captain Jack Sparrow's bizarre sayings from Pirates of the Caribbean are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    what is this!?

    My inner child is sixteen years old today

    My inner child is sixteen years old!

    Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
    adults might just accept that, I know
    something's gotta change. And it's gonna
    change, just as soon as I become an adult and
    get some power of my own.

    How Old is Your Inner Child?
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    kaoz. can't stand it. some people are so dumb. also dunno how they got into those good schs one. probably only good at mugging. of course, I won't blame them. Not their fault. Must help them perhaps.

    Total crap. Yesterday, there was a big problem which was, I did NOT bring any money at all that day, and I ended up borrowing money from Mrs Chuah's husband. A measly $15 from the rich Johnny. That settled my lunch at KFC. Of course, there was some provisions from our favourite supermarket Fairprice. Frankly speaking, we ended up in KFC because we were afraid of being chased out by the darn librarians who always do such a good job. Yes, we even called JW to bring Camillus' bag outside so as to smuggle the food in, however, there were a lot of patrols... so.... haha. anyway, we did homework for a while, then I changed into a white shirt of the same design as the black one i was currently in. Then I ate the ball of paper Jonny gave to me. Providing entertainment only la. Anyway, the stupid Camillus held me back just for a Maths question. I ended up being late, although Mr MiLo was much more late than me.

    Strolling thru City-Link happily, we eagerly awaited the arrival of the boy Ming Long, who had been so absent-minded as to not bring the ticket for the show - Forbidden City: Portrait of the Empress. Actually, he had almost reached City Hall when he realised that the ticket was not with him nor her. Well, waiting outside Fei Cui Xiao Chu a.k.a Crystal Jade Kitchen, we talked about the ethereal Gary Soh, saying how resourceful he was, and how calm he was. To demonstrate the extent of calmness the hot Gary Soh has, we told Sheng Long who was bestowed with the title of "boy with the orange shirt and a cat face" that if Gary did not bring the ticket, he would, naturally call a UFO to bring him home to get the dumb ticket. Of course, there would also be his pet phrase: "Wasting MY Time." With numerous people surrounding the centre of the Fountain of Wealth, we guessed that the divine Gary Soh would be pole-dancing in the centre, people worshipping him.

    Brimming with excitement, we saw ML strolling down the aisle, shaking his head and bumS. We entered the Greater Jade Kitchen. ML daringly begged for some Yang Chow Fried Rice from me, so I kindly gave it to him. After the whole darn thing, the bill came. Guess what? I had $2.75 in my wallet, my fried rice was $8.50 and MiLo wanted us to pay for our own share. Sorry. But I humbly requested for him to pay for me the humble one. He bravely refused, not believing that the innocent one had only $2.75 in his wallet. Anyway, thanks to Teo Sheng Long our Cat (HEY! Elvis Presley KAEZ, don play play), we managed to narrowly escape being coped in the JADE kitchen washing plates for infinite years.

    I don mind paying for my share, but the fact that Ming Long actually TOOK out a calculator and calculated the amount Mr Goh and I owe both of them, was so darn infurating that I couldn't believe it. What a great refined man he was, that Sin Ming Long.

    Oki. Never mind. Now on to the show, Portrait of the Empress, which JW gave a rating of 8/10. Although the plot has some loopholes and the programme cost only $5 and also there were some teenagers in our area who did not know how to watch a show, the music and singing and acting was pretty good. Of course, as expected, the sound quality was darn good. The Esplanade, whaddaya expect? The show was quite inspirational, providing a stepping stone to let me analyse the issues of love, deception and love more deeply.

    Anyway, I would like to sympathise with Camillus, who missed Forbidden City. Other than that, he received a inspirational lecture from his parents for sending only 2305 SMS last month. I would like to give him my deepest condolences, and hope that he doesn't exceed the 700 limit that much in the future.


    What a dilemma. On Thursday, I had arranged with my friends to perhaps play badmint0n and watch pirates. But however, I just realised that I have a Web-WhizZ meeting on the same day. I will probably sneak out earlier then. Christine also tried to contact me, but I was unavailable, immersing myself in the richness of the Forbidden City show. How unprofessional of us. And I have yet to start reading the whole material she gave us for the watch gallery. Perhaps I will speed-read it, then contact her. Good luck to me and the whole WW team then.

    Oh one more thing. I congrat Stefanie on winning some awards. I don really lyk her though. I don lyk her songs at all. However, I have good sportsmanship and prefer fair competition. So let's hope, the true pro rises up soon.


    "save water. bathe with your girlfriend." as seen on jw's blog. funny.

    Hmm, he just reminded me.


    I believe love is everywhere, as long your heart searches for it. appreciate the beauty around you, love your friends and ahem family, give your heart to the world. of course, i shall not talk about the dark- side. As you all should know, love is not just about you and that special someone. it exists everywhere.

    Sorry. But I am too trusting you see. I don put up my guard so dang often. Perhaps that is my strength and weakness?

    Hmm. I love making friends, but I don know about others. I take quite long to warm up lorx. Hahaz. Anyway, I shall choose my circle of friends more cautiously in the future.

    One more thing. As the saying goes, "It is a blessing to give than to receive."


    I totally abolish that idea. Well, you see... Yes i give, but I also need to receive you see. And most of the time, I receive nothing huh. At least some thanks or what la... Well, of course, I am trying hard too huh, to appreciate everyone and not take them for granted. However, it is currently uncompleted larz.. I am a water sign.. Cancer Scorpio they all la.. so ah.. water signs need to give and receive. That is why I must say sorry to ThAt saying. I find it more of a blessing to give and receive equally. And I cannot give my all.. and not receive anything.. unless it is for someone very dear.

    Content does not lead to true happiness at all. Nope, never.. ever. Being content is just creating a layer of happiness. It may be different for some people, but I am talking about the general viewpoint now. You see. Being content, is being happy with what you have. Being truly happy, is appreciating what you have and what you are. Perhaps I may be wrong in some people's eyes, however I will stand firm to my beliefs. That means content and happiness, is well.. two entirely different thing..

    Oh. Do I feel lonely? I need someone? Well perhaps. But I do have my friends. And my family.. let's not talk about it huh. Well. Perhaps I am feeling despo huh, but of course, that will just be a temporary feeling larx. So, don mind me. Hahahahz~

    Anyway, MiLo is probably going to treat us at crystal jade tml! That is.. so nice of him. I.. absolutely love oriental cuisine. Then, after that, enjoy Forbidden City. Hmmmz. This week. Supa busy. Only a few days to rush my homework huh. Sianx ar.

    mE, mySeLF and hIm

    as I had promised earlier, i shall give a stupid self-intro, as the disappointing chinese prelims are over.
    how do I start?
    I am usually very extra. I do weird things sometimes. Weird things like bouncing around the walls for no apparent reason. No wonder people cannot understand what i am saying or doing most of the timeeee.
    Also, i am optimistic. perhaps too optimistic in fact huh. even when a humongous meteor comes tUmbLing down.... i trust that there will some super-hero like the great wq (ahem) to destroy the bigger-than-you-haha meteor..
    Oh, and I think too much... That is why I keep so quiet most of the time and also why I am never content.. Fantasising in my dream world perhaps?
    Eh... I am quite flexible. It is quite possible for me to change overnight, although there are some things that cannot be changed overnight. Rubber band? Flexible, ya? Stretch too much, snap? Ahha.
    When it comes to decisions, it is either yes or no. Usually, I will take both answers though. Yes and no. No and yes.
    And of course, the infamous quality of mine. I am not lame! I have two perfect working sexy legs. Heee.
    One annoying thing. Shyness. I take more time than a snail to warm up to strangers.. But of course, it depends on the person. I am quite amiable, but not talkative at all. If the other party is friendly, I will take less time than a jet engine to warm up. Boom!
    One last thing, my strength lies in neither pen or tongue but the hands.

    "That was short."

    What do ya expect? I have to be mysterious. =P
    Anyway, here's my mottos?
    "I say it best.. when I say nothing at all."
    "Life rocks!"

    That's all folks.

    wah. what a tired day.
    i went for the big walk larx. first time. sianx. going with groups is recommended. then just stroll along. anyway, i was in a rush, so too bad i had no time to enjoy the nice walk from the stadium to esplanade and back. however, there was some freebies which is just so-so.
    hmmmz. bought sum mooncakes. why is it that my primary school frens all never change much, on the contrary, they have said that i look.. different. then, i was thinking, do i look better or worse? i'll leave to up to others to decide.
    anyway, i think i shall only talk about my highlights bahz. don bore myself with my crap larx. waste of time.
    oh yeah. on second thought(s), i think elva hsiao is chio? my weird taste. hahaz.
    been playing too much. now i'm gonna play final fantasy viii larx. again. lolz.

    so, it has been a while. i have crawled out from under the stone. oki oki. on to more serious things.
    for chinese prelims, it is definitely disappointing but i don really care anyway.
    dunno why, but this year is a busy one. of coz i am not gonna complain, since some pPLe are much more bzier.
    perhaps i have been gaming too much, leading to lack of excess time for other recreational activities like reading. hahaz.
    oki, looking forward to the hols, i do hope that the hols were much much longer though.

    aiee. i also dunno how lehx. i'm always misintepreted by people lorz. haiz. either people think i'm fake or not serious when I am actually sincere and serious. haiz. dunno how larx? ha? gotta improve my eng oral skills manzz.

    hmmmz. nothing happening. except chinese prelims is coming. shall try my best. ahz.
    aiyo.. never tell me is the original IQ test.. see lah.. i go and do the ultimate one.. so long can..


    Congratulations, Ong!
    Your IQ score is 127

    This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ test. Your IQ score is scientifically accurate; to read more about the science behind our IQ test, click here.

    During the test, you answered four different types of questions — mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We analyzed how you did on each of those questions which reveals how your brain uniquely works.

    We also compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is Visual Mathematician.

    This means you are gifted at spotting patterns — both in pictures and in numbers. These talents combined with your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture, which is why people trust your instincts and turn to you for direction — especially in the workplace. And that's just some of what we know about you from your test results.

    wq, your Super IQ score is 133

    Your overall intelligence quotient is the result of a scientifically-tested formula based on how many questions you answered correctly. But it's only part of what we learned about you from your answers on the test. We also determined the way you process information.

    The way you think about things makes you a Numerical Logician. This means that you're exceptionally strong in mathematics and at using logic to solve problems — you have a way with numbers. But that's not all — compared to others you're very detail-oriented, highly organized, and good at understanding things on a complex and abstract level. You're also a quick study when it comes to learning new things or understanding new concepts.

    How did we determine that your thinking style is that of a Numerical Logician? When we examined your test results further, we analyzed how you scored on 8 dimensions of intelligence: spatial, organizational, abstract reasoning, logical, mechanical, verbal, visual and numerical. The 3 dimensions you scored highest on combine to make you a Numerical Logician. Only 6 out of 1,000 people have this rare combination of abilities.

    ahnoh. ydae. total crappy day. of course not camillus' fault laRH. Like, we went from Khatib to Yio Chu Kang back and forth trying to find a badminton court, but all were fully booked. crap hoR? in the end. waited for a while and then bowled. the lane at grassroots club was totally crap. sucks.

    oki. we even played bridge. lolx. i was taught how to play by the great cam, edwin and jw. in the end, still dunno how to play lorz. haRhz.

    oki. then at night, i played soccer, badminton and basketball. hahaz. damn tir3d. pissed off by some people playing soccer in a basketball court. what is this lorx? wasted our time finding another court. go to hella.

    oki. now. i dunno why people just like to stereotype. wah liewx. damn unfair.

    oki. also dunno what's wrong with these colours? at least i din use pink lorz. lolzz.

    gonna net-play with my cousin liaOz. cyaz

    weeee.. ydae was shoo fun.
    teachers' day celebration.. quite entertaining?
    yar after that had planned to go play badminton one. however, there was a bad miscalculation by our dear council president. we happily trekked to bishan cc, to find that there was no badminton hall, only a multi-purpose hall. so we non-pissily called cam and complaint. so isz thomson cc. too bard i was in a rush so din get to play. all thanks to our good camilus. harhx. but nvm. no big dEal larHs.
    so.. went back nyps.. so long nv go back liaozz.. this year new building larhzz..
    went canteen. din saw any familiar faces so sat down. then larta.. recognised alvin.. then so on and so on. hahaz. saw my previous teacher. don remember this smart prominent guy liaoz. angry!!! lolx. then in the end. we went to cine. watched SWAT. din realli wanna watch it since I don like these type of movies. but nvrm. since I kept quiet and thus got a free movie. LOLX. then later nehx. went to yoshinaka to eat. though I dislike japanese cuisine, i tried again lorx. it sucks. only Qoo was nice. hahaz. totally couldn't recognised belicia. so daoed her when she walked into the restaurant. hahaz.
    later, went bowling alley. so many people, but we koped one lane somehow. heex. wah liewx.. i was like so totally tyco can. super tyco. i used the 14 pound ball.. so light? dunno got how many spares lorx. dunno why so tyco. 2nd game, then no tyco larx. lost to the utterly powerful william. yarx.
    heex. i completely daoed diane and shanru. completely. not that I shy. just that.. they are too.. rich-looking liaoz. and probably have rich tastes. sorrie lorz.. i was very broke. after lending someone $6. and topping up my ez-link. super broke. haRhx.
    yarz.. then go home. daniel liu lost his wallet. LOLX. anywae. we searched for a while then some of us heck care liaOz, qin ying wanna go off meet some friends liaozzz mahz. since it was night time, i decided to admire the night scenery along orchard. and I walked from cine to PS. heex. nice. was so damn tired. almost missed my stop lorx. haz.

    now for todae. super slack. playing FF8 since morning. then nehx, went to motorola's carnival. 30th anniversary mahz. alamak. People here are so KS. I dun understand. Totally crap larx. KS until i cannot stand liaoz. the food is average aniwae, so no point ksing for dem. aniwae. played some fun games. got some tokens and exchanged for sum soft toys. heex. i tried archery. first time siaz. quite fun larz. actually very fun larz. urmpx. had a fun time ogling also larz. whoopz. =X hmmmzzz.. yarz. so fun. so tired. haizzz what a tired weekend.

    tml maybe go play badminton. yarz. but maybe jw cannot make it. but if cannot, i will just take the badminton racket from him and play at night, with my cousin, when I go for my irregular visit to my grandma's place. yepzz.

    haiz. wishing for the O' levels to end quickly. i wanna go jc.. get out of cath high. let's hope time flies. so I need to enjoy myself, so that time will fly. hahaz. yepzz that's all eating curry bread for dinna.. byEz

    hahaz.. i think this layout rocks lorx... anyhow do using Flash and Paint Shop Pro one.. tycoz... hahaz..

    anyway, teachers' day is around the bend.. maybe I shall do some cards if I can expand my free time.. too much time is spent playing useless stuff like neverwinter nights and final fantasy 8.. hahaz.. 3 months of my Readers' Digest is left untouched in a pile here.. lolzz.. aiie.

    well, going back to nan xiao on teachers' day. maybe playing badminton with 3-9 before going? since the gathering is at 0130. haRhx. donno why this year so enthu about teachers' day. the past few tchers' day was just a well-deserved rest for me. Oh wells. All the schools I was in, all have changed their face liaoz. stupid PRIME. now no more mu xiao. but of course, the nanyang spirit makes up the school, not the building.

    heex.. juz look at jonny's blog.. the post about himself.. damn zhai lorz.. hahaz..

    yepz... nothing much to say larhz. i gotta do my ss soon.. 1 SEQ and 1 SBQ.. haven even eaten dinner yet.. i seem to be slacking too much le.. I obtained second-rate marks for the subjects that requires me to mug.. while naturally, exceptional marks for those that does not require me to mug.. like maths and chem... too much. especially english. finally, a B4 for the first time. If I had known better and put in more effort, i would have trashed people like Jia Qing effortlessly. However, now is not the time for regrets to be expressed.

    After reading Agatha Christie's Dumb Witness which mentions Charles as a non-defeatist, I have decided to become an incurable optimist once and for all. Nothing is going to stop me. I will just make use of my patience to eliminate barriers slowly.

    Just remember, this layout expresses my optimism. I will definitely stop having a defeatist attitude. At least I will try to. Lolx.


    oh yar. ydae hor. played bball and badminton. very tiring. we were only 30 min late for badminton larx, but jab is the best. 1 hour late only mahzzz. edwin stupid drop shots, so annoying.

    then watched league of extra0rdinary gentleman. the movie was damn fabulous. however, an unfortunate incident had to happen, disrupting the atmosphere. My good friend jw lost his wallet. Let's hope that he can find his wallet back soon, cause his ez-link card is in it.

    Anyway, the leaGue of extra ordinary gentleman is absolutely unparalleled in terms of special effects, plot and cast. It absolutely rocks and is one of the best sci-fi movies out there. My opinion larx, hahaz. Yep!!! must watch it or can go n die liaO. =P

    This year appears to be one of the worser years in secondary life. There is a lot of things to do, and of course for people undergoing late puberty like me, mood swings.

    Must learn to relax. Hahaz. I control myself, not myself control me! Whoops. Lame. But you geddit.

    heeeeex. i am so shy!

    whoops. that was lame.

    luv someone for what someone is, not you want that someone to be.

    Do you believe in love at first sight
    I know it is true now cuz it happened that night
    But now you, slip away
    Don't believe me, when I say
    When you hold my hand you hold my heart
    But lately we still drift apart
    When I say I love you I mean it
    When I say I love you I mean it
    I mean it
    Do you believe that we're meant to be
    I know it's true now but you just don't see
    Cuz now, you get scared
    Don't believe me, but it's there