what's up doc?

hahaz.. haiz.. emphasis on learning.. but some people still like to mug.. then get very good results.. mugging without learning is the worst thing ever.. perhaps that is one of the flaws of exams? encouraging people to mug? well... results... is not everything.. but well.. parents ah parents.. too protective le la.. this age.. hahaz.. hmmm. how I wish to get out of this system soon and embark on a learning journey! hahahaz..
actualli.. i don realli care if I get good jobs or lead a good life.. most importantly.. I just want to have lots of fun and experiences! hahaz.. i think that is all for now. There's more crap(=X) to come. Hahaz!

aniwae.. Chinese is a beautiful language. I just can't seem to score well for my exams la. hahaz. dunno how. i tried mugging b4, but to no avail. Haiz.. dunno if can hun over o levels.. Then Biology ahz. Super interesting. But the exams are so dumb.. Want to test our memory work.. When I suck at it.. hahaz. Now on to Geography. hehes. This one ah. No comments. But the teacher, aiyo. Therefore, I will have to like study harder la. (lamenting again.. infected by Cam's disease..)

that's all folks!

Hmmmzz.. Today mi sch gort promotion exercise.. Hahaz! SO we went to Orchard lahzz... Actually Cam had his whatever training.. but in the end succumbed to peer pressure.. so ah! of coz pon le lorhs.. he gonna get murdered sooner or later.. hahahaz! Aiyo so.. fei!.. We went window/shopping.. Then Mr Goh bought the bracelet for fun.. so now wy, yx, and jw gort le. wahaz. they said pink one for me. so, dotz.
aniwae. todae was the feiest day of all. we sorta play hide'n'seek.. hahaaz.. total crap la.. it's like.. we told wy and Cam who were buying sth for sister (for all who dunno, Khai Nam).. that we were going up la.. Heeren there.. but in the end spent a lot of time in HMV downstairs.. they could not find us.. whahaaz....
then later worst.. me zy and jw went to eat and split with yx wy and cam.. hahaz.. so crap.. then in the end we told johnny to join us but he joined wy instead!!! idiot la!
haizyo.. me pei zy and went NEL to Kovan mahz.. then went wrong bus stop!!! lucky I realised it very quickly.. then wait for 132.. half an hour haven come!!! total CRAP! near the interchange somemore.. aiyoz.. muz complain le.. hahahaz..

k la.. nothing more.. just that.. i bought an incredibly big (sling?) bag yesterday.. hahaz.. (Gareth Gates' Yesterday is a must listen!) also bought an album at HMV when nobody was noticing.. hahaz..

now.. Final Fantasy III really rocks man.. wah kaoz.. super pro.. i addicted le..

hmmmzz.. procastinating siaz.. gort

  • 'O' Chinese
  • song creation
  • poem creation
  • learning of piano songs
  • reading of books
    in no particular order. hahaz!!


    oh, bright light of the Moon!
    shine a path in my heart
    whether it be night or noon,
    i will go on with all my heart

    oh, where are you?
    my love, i have been searching
    each day that I wait for you
    is equal to three months' suffering

    i know la.. a bit the fei.. i am an amateur in any case! duo duo zhi jiao.. hahaz..

    [FF III]
    Oh my love, so far away now.
    Will I ever see your smile?
    Love goes away, like night into day.
    It's just a fading dream.
    I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
    Our love is brighter than the sun.
    For eternity, for me there can be,
    Only you, my chosen one. . .
    Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
    Will autumn take the place of spring?
    What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
    Speak to me once more!
    We must part now, my life goes on.
    but my heart won't give you up.
    Ere I walk away, let me hear you say,
    I meant as much to you. . .
    So gently, you touched my heart.
    I will be forever yours.
    Come what may, I won't age a day,
    I'll wait for you, always. . .

    as always, Final Fantasy III rocks!

  • i would like to state that i really look down on people who get angry easily and for nothing or dao people for no reason as well. Pissed at this type of people. True friends are hard to find.

    plan was modified to suit jonathan's wishes. mahjong was abolished for bowling. and after learning that Yishun's Cathay Bowl was full, including the fact that it was $3.40/game, bowling was abolished for shopping. Shopping at Causeway Point. Yes, Causeway Point. Omgx! How pathetic we were. Like Camillus said, we should have mahjongged instead. Wahaz. Aniwae, I only did window shopping, spending very little money if any at all, while that gong zi with his sunglasses flipped his card out and bought $60++ worth of things. Which leads to me having another rant.

    well, i guess we all know we like to buy things. spend. and spend. and spenD. until our heart is content. of course, we cannot miss the essential stuff in our daily lives, like the super branded sunglasses, branded shirts, branded wallets, pretty jewellery, great nice tidbits, and of coz not to mention the inexpensive fast food and intensive dining. Well, I am not saying that is not correct. Where does our money come from? With this kind of life, we would need to get very good jobs in order to maintain a peaceful and stable life. Perhaps we take money for granted? Buy SIGG Water bottles la, better quality than all those stuff out there, hor. Well, must buy nice nice clothes mah hor, must more high class ma. Ugly don wan la, function same, but that sweater is nicer and is branded, buy that one more hc, don so lc. So, you could have used one stab to defeat ur opponent, but then you want to demonstrate ur great karate skills instead and instead get killed by that person. Aiyo, must win must also win with class mah! Cannot use some low-class knife stab to win him ma.. Haiz. Welll....perhaps i am wrong.. if really are rich, have the money and skills etc, and lead a material life, i don reallie care.. i cant say anything lors..

    I think this situation.. is prominent throughout Singapore i guess.. and an old one in the news i think. I just feel disappointed.. Hahaz.. (I think many people will murder me after they have read this.. Hahaz.. Sorry la... a bit too harsh here.. Please forgive me..) (Btw, it is also in my school pledge, or rather the old one. ....chong jian pu... meaning a simple and non-material life.. i think. Ya la, school pledge, so? Basically, we should not rely on the school to teach us values.. This kind of thing.. Haiz.. It is just there to remind us.. It is not a rule.. It is a virtue..)

    Oh. I just remembered. That Lee Hak Boon went and removed our traditional school pledge. That is very idiotic. Nonsense! The school vision was used in place instead.

    hahaz. i think i am a bit prejudiced against muggers lehx. or rather, i was. becoz muggers are okie. but some muggers are super dao. i mean super dao. i mean, hardworking, is a very good thing. however, studying too much and forsaking other precious things, is a no-no. Studying the whole day is not wrong, and does not mean having no life, but then reading the same old contents, i would rather bang the wall than do that.
    Yes, there is the idiom "Revise previous knowledge and realise new things." (which is wen gu zhi xin) But then, i don feel that it is called learning when previous knowledge is constantly revised. I don see much benefits in that. I still feel that knowledge has no bounds, so it is not good to be stuck with the same content daily.
    Moreover, without new knowledge, it will be hard to gain a deeper understanding into old content. Thus, I still think studying the same old contents day after day is never beneficial. I just feel that it is not the correct path to learning. As if defacing learning is not enough, there is the added element of daoing! That does infuriate me. Aiyo, study until dao people? aNti! (anti-social, for those who are ignorant)

    and something else. I see hatred in a lot of people. Hating certain things is not beneficial i think. You hate me, I hate you. What is the point? (Yes, Mr Goh, this is directed to you. Bleahs) Vengeance leads to vengeance, there is no end to this. Is there any point? How corny. I just feel that love triumphs over hate. What is love? What is hate? A pity i do not know, or else I would have been able to complete my argument.. However.. there is something that can be raised. That is, hate, will just bother your poor heart, while love will infuse ur heart with pure warmness (wen luan?). Is that point not strong enough?

    As usual, these are words from my big mouth, so.. hahaz. just personal opinions, try not to take it to heart.

    Ya.. I know.. Angry at me for like being so proud and giving lectures in my blog, but I had just wanted to state my opinions and observations. No offence, I am not that good at all. Just giving my two cents and all.

    Hahaz... =pP

    Hahaz.. Piggy has a blog.. Dark pig siaz.. Be careful.. Don be entirely embraced by the darkness contained within..

    Anyway.. I underperformed totally lar.. L1R5 for this term is like 18.. thanks to my Geography and the hard-to-pass English.. hehx. Abit guilty, becoz I din do my best. I din study lorx. Hahaz! I was the only one who failed Higher Chinese in my class, how pathetic. Never mind. O levels should be twice as easy as our exams. I just need to work much harder.
    And.. I can't find my entry proof yet.. Don bother to find lors.. Hahaz.. It's two weeks more.. Better start studying and finding my entry proof =pP (zy, copy you can la.)

    Ahha. Still playing tml. Badminton (tentative?) tml and then mahjong at my house. wy lorx.. his parents don't let us mahjong at his house. hahaz.

    Played some lame game todae after school, hahaz play for super long lorx.. some number guessing game.. damn simple but very funny...

    Monday gort promotion exercise.. No school, muahahaz! Envy me! Then i tink we going shopping.. good idea to sneak to k box don u think.. hahaz..

    Aiyo, another post right after the previous one. How lame. Anywae, this song is great.

    Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me

    For all those times you stood by me
    For all the truth that you made me see
    For all the joy you brought to my life
    For all the wrong that you made right
    For every dream you made come true
    For all the love I found in you
    I'll be forever thankful baby
    You're the one who held me up
    Never let me fall
    You're the one who saw me through through it all

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    You gave me wings and made me fly
    You touched my hand I could touch the sky
    I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
    You said no star was out of reach
    You stood by me and I stood tall
    I had your love I had it all
    I'm grateful for each day you gave me
    Maybe I don't know that much
    But I know this much is true
    I was blessed because I was loved by you

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    You were always there for me
    The tender wind that carried me
    A light in the dark shining your love into my life
    You've been my inspiration
    Through the lies you were the truth
    My world is a better place because of you

    You were my strength when I was weak
    You were my voice when I couldn't speak
    You were my eyes when I couldn't see
    You saw the best there was in me
    Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
    You gave me faith 'coz you believed
    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me


    I'm everything I am
    Because you loved me

    Well, went East Coast last wk. It was raining, and we gort quite drenched. Basically our fault. We wanted to cycle in the rain. Hahaz. That Jerwin Chuah ah, so idiotic, say wanna go blading, but then changed his decision and cycle instead. So fei! Come all the way to East Coast just to cycle. Argh. I would have preferred West Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park instead lorx. Anyway, Jeremy with his skates joined us later, then I exchanged transportation tools with him. Hahaz. So tiring to skate a long distance with this kind of plastic (!) wheels! Then we went bowling.
    The stupid bowling alley was actually quite nice. The lanes, especially. They were impressive. However, when we talk about the broken shoes and cracked balls, I have nothing to say. =P The idiotic thing was that my fingers cant even fit into the 12 pound ball lorx. What is this. I had wanted to resort to the 14 pound ball, but considering that I was quite tired, I decided to take a lighter ball, the 11 pound one larx. I sui bian play the games larx, except one. I was just trying to spin the ball in two games lorx, thanks to the great teachings of ZY. I just need more practice at my technique. Anyway, as I was saying, I did score quite well in one of my games, although a bit low for my standards. I gort three strikes in a row though. One may say that to be tyco. Well, I have no comments. Hahaz.

    Aiyo, it's like i'm a bit the busy lorx. Very fei. There are so much things to do that I cant finish them all. So damn fei. I want to read my books which are piling up like a mountain, while I want to play my RPGs at the same time. Then there are other important things to do too. The situation is much worse for some of the councillors, i guess. I guess. Haaz. Mr Ang gort his ELDDS to settle, Mr Kang gort his ermx YCS to settle, Mr Goh gort his swimming to concentrate on. That leaves me to be the freest person of the group, perhaps excluding Johnny who is supposedly quite free but has matters of the heart to settle. =X

    Haiz. So pissed. I dunno why I am so unfortunate to like meet an abundance of mean people along my many paths of life. It's so fei that I can't believe it myself. Not that I want to complain, but I really cannot stand it anymore. Maybe I am mean, but at least I try to be nice sometimes.. Haiz. Can't stand it anymore. Moreover, I think some people don have the idea of loyalty. Power, I guess. I did not say I am the best ok. So don target that flaw. Cause it has been sealed. =pPp

    Utterly pissed I am. I am utterly pissed. Am I utterly pissed? Yes I think so. Or rather, I am. Very pissed. With probably everything. I guess life is kinda hard. I want to really experience the thrills of life, and I think I cannot get to do so at this state I am in. Lols.

    Got back 6 subjects' results in a row todae. As usual, I have underperformed. As always. I will always underperform. Due to some stupid careless mistaKeS. It is also vital to note that I did not try my best, as I followed in the Great Kang's way and did not study much, instead burning the midnight oil for about 2 hours most of the time. Needless to say, although the methods were identical, the path was different. Hahaz! But it is interesting to note that I actually beat some people who studied like crazy wor. How ironical. (Ed: Getting a tad too haughty out there. =P)

    Do you agree that intelligent people are impatient?

    [ What comes together with the CD is the bonus VCD featuring a musical movie. After watching the first half on KTV, I was especially impressed by the music video of "Bottomless Pit" which depicts modern love stories and the sadness over the easy-come-easy-go love commonly found on the Internet. Nevertheless one shortcoming of this album is the quality of the translation of the Chinese lyrics. To me they are far from satisfactory except the one done by Yao Qian. Hopefully the record label will practice stricter quality controls in the future. ]

    You are Envy!
    Wow... what a dreamer. Always wanting what you
    can't have, and always dreaming of having more
    then you do. It's not the worst sin, and we're
    all guilty of it - but you take it to the
    extreme! You are prone to depression, often
    from things you can't obtain. Be a bit more
    positive, you have a lot that others want too -
    so don't sit there being all green! On the
    positive side, you tend to be a smart person -
    and can often achieve the goals you set
    Congratulations on being the overall harmless, and
    pretty normal one of the 7 deadly sins :)

    ?? Which Of The Seven Deadly Sins Are You ??
    brought to you by Quizilla

    hahaz. exams are almost over. left a maths d paper. nth to study larz.

    once again, somebody mistook wy's sister for his mother. omgx! hahaz. i forgot who le. aniwae ah, jw learnt how to play mahjong le and he said it is a "sian game". hahaz. sth like tt larz. as for me, i a bit tyco, beginning win 2 rounds budden later luck was washed off... then they were lyk all playing lorz.. me standing arnd.. quite sianx.. wy so pro lorx...

    as for todae, i played tennis. aiyo. so crap. kept hitting too far with a small swipe of the racket. then it was lyk, flew above the fence and bumped onto the roof, never to be seen again. so ml had to buy 3 balls. (pun intended). hmpf. later, i got the hang of tennis lorz, but that ml had to hit it so far, leading to me being extremely fatigued.

    aiyo.. my bowling skills has declined like siau lorz... it's like i get only 60 70 +.. probably due to the fact that I tried to spin the 6 pound ball in the first few games.. hahaz.... a bit failure.. then when I used the 11 pound ball to do high speed balls.. then I get better la. =PpP

    dunno who booked 11-13 lehx. that person. damn dumb. hahaz. =X


    total crap. bowling ah, disappointed. aniwae, I learnt a powerful and correct method of throwing the ball, muahahaz. aiyorh, know what? I had lyk 2 dollars left lorz. bought some biscuits from Fairprice. How desperate man.

    she is 28 man, looks like 16 lorx. amazing. what a big difference from our Great Zhang Yong Mei who is also 28 but looks like 40. best.

    aniwae, quite happi with the << K-Pop Best 2 >> I bought todae. Nice nice.

    crap lar. my chinese, sure die. budden, can feel proud that I din study, at least can pass overall, coupled with the ying yong wen. i will have to mug my geog and bio. how saddening when they were my strongest subjects in the past.

    eRmx, happy childrens' day everyone. haiz, long time neva blog liaoz man, hmmm almost 9 days. actually is 9 days la. *lame*

    my chinese totally suck lorz, omg, i mean, Singapore's system, prevents me from getting good grades. perhaps my chinese foundation is unstable la, but as you see, spoken chinese gd written chi bad, spoken english bad written eng gd, will die lorz, this explains why I can't express myself freely.. so i.. ermx.. talk less for fear that people don understand. like Camillus, i just can't absorb all the words. So I just ask for all of you to guide me, the humble one, along the path to light. Please kindly forgive me for any flaws in my language and it would be better if you could correct them. Thanks.

    now now, these few days quite busy huh, everyone mugging, Jeremy has even fallen to the various pathogens floating around in his cabinet. me, I'm so damn obssessed with that Smiling Proud Wanderer that.. I slack til sai, haven realli started. However, I must not let down anyone including myself. As it is, I shall strongly reinforce my determination.

    well, relationships are quite hard to maintain. note that I am talking about all kinds of relationships ah. it takes so much effort and time to actually develop and maintain one. I find that... I have given some people quite the cold shoulder, it's unnerving. i shall modify my lazy nature to suit my goals. never have you seen such a hardworking wq as this one here. hahas.

    aniwae, I may not have talked much to most of you, but remember, i have not forgotten you, I have never forgotten anyone before, be it friends or acquaintances. let it be known that i am glad to have great people like you by my side.

    i... know i can't express my feelings well, be it thru actions or words, but please, do not doubt my sincerity. =)

    it may be sum time b4 i write again, since I am currently in no mood during dumb exams time, so wish all ya all the best in ur endeavours, ermmx, gonna miss ya all! whoops, hahaz.