haha.. sorry nv update.. been too tired sleepin at 2am and wakin up at 8am..
i shall talk abt todae first.. went for lunch wif a lot of pple xia. pasta! yeah maN! finally xia! that aaron tan kept trying to take some ugly close-ups of me while i was eating. eVIL- aaron and junwee was late, and we were planning to charge them $15 for every 10 mins that they were late.. haha. school of rock rox man! highly recommended.. although there's not much plot.. it's highly entertaining.. we even stayed to watch the credits after that.
after the movie, the 5 gals went to da basement i guess.. seems that they lyk the basement a lot.. haha.. joking.. then aaron tan etc went to coffee bean.. cheapest 4.40 for a drink.. i don dig coffee so no thanks.. juz watch every1 drink lor..
then too bad no dental le.. haha.. go east coast park to cycle.. my fren learnt supa long still dunno how to cycle, but after 2.5 hours finally can cycle a little liaoz..

had a Christmas bbq xia.. haha.. b4 that had amazing race though.. very lame one.. worse one was the changi airport one xia! had to ask for foreign coins frm tourists man.. also have to ask for flight schedules.. then we were lyk asking some China tourists for coins and they said no coins in China liaoz, lyk real lorrrr.. mainland ones sure gort de..

then sat went for mediacorp radio's one dae tour.. went the body worlds exhibition. nothing special though. lyk quite sianxz actualli.. then larta new water plant.. the visitor centre veri nice.. at nite veri dumb xia. ate some UNIQUE seafood at turf city.. some seafood cooked in ways i nvr seen b4 sia.. and i don lyk seafood at all except fishhhh.. fishy!

sunday finally could stay at home. but no, went grandma's place.. bought the famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak.. nothing special actually.. i could do better if i tried hard.. then sing karaoke.. my cousin super super crap.. anihow sing xia!

mon went SAFRA.. but found out that the dumb pool room can only be used by SAFRA members and guests. how dumb. so had to sit and stone around. xin lin was sick, so I din get to see the concert.. too bad.. take care ah..

tues ahh.. todae lorr! haha.. i said liaoz..

fm933's reception realli sucks man...

happy bday dad and happy new yr's eve!

hmm.. going for the fabled class chalet tml, 2.30 at pasir ris mrt. We shall be making our stay comfortable at pasir ris mrt, eh =X no eh.. aranda.. haha. yah man.. hope it's gonna be a great one!

haha.. had a interestin dae todae wif the corrupted councillor [aaron tan], jw, joseph's "beau" and her fren ja-nice. LOTR was too late for us.. since there was carollin' and trainin'.. haha.. watched Infernal Affairs III instead. I was so bloodie confused by the show sia, probably becoz i never watched the first two parts. hahaha. had a interestin time trickin aaron and getting outwitted. i shall not elaborate, let's hope jw will write it in his blog loR. haha. ^^

that's all folks, very exhausted liao.

merry christmas to one and all!

yesh! my blog works in Mozilla.. yay.. okie. I'm lame.

tired. tired.

sorrie the the super ultra short entry, but i don hav inspiration now. haha.

haha.. todae is of coz thurs.. and i'm here for another round of Blogger inspection.. only to find out a certain someone's blog hasn't been updated since Tuesday.. guess whose izzit? if u can guess it, u are gonna be the second smartest person on Earth, the first being me of coz.. (bhb face) if u cant guess it.. well.. u are gonna be the dumbest person on Earth, the second dumbest being a pig.. oh wellz.. that was just a joke.

aniwae, on Tuesday it was raining. ya. my cousins and my family with the exception of a noble woman at work.. were headed to SAFRA yishun for the battle between the pins and the ball. Of course I finally learnt how to do the spinning ball attack, but still it wasn't TaT effective. We wanted to swim in the dead sea since the alley was lyk oh so near the great ocean, but the rain had to erect a shield between us and the sea. Bad bad rain. Heeeh.

wed went to watch ELF. yarh la.. that greeny elf.. whose ladies are known to be one of the most beautiful in the fantasy universe. aniway, it was about a lame story which shows a human born in the North Pole going back to the Great City Singapore =X oops, i meant New York.. searching for his long lost father... aww.. go watch la.. quite inspiring. if ya want some light-hearted Christmas action, u shld watch it. although it made me cry, I shall be blunt and say that i feel that the plot is shallow. nnoot that deep a plot. especially the morale of the story part. char siew beehoon was not bad.. but u know, i'll prefer pizza with lots of cheeseee cheeese and more cheeesseee.. wah lao.. i envy my fren lor.. she ate pizza for 1 month until she sick of it liao.. *pouts* oh yarh.. the actress starring as Jovie in ELF (Zooey Deschanel).. i find her.. haha.. u shld see her acting..

ahhh.. the homework thhhhing.. die liaaao.. i only did lyk 1 question.. and judging by the days left, well i will have to finish 1 subject per two days.. what's more i hav a class chalet too.. hahh.. i'm dead fish..

oh and i finished the rpg Lunar 1.. it rocks.. okie.. no one plays it except me i guess.. haha.. mebbe except Jerrick.. blahx..

intro u all modplug tracker.. can create music eh.. seems nice.. haha..

that's all folks!

don be too bad.. santa claus is coming to town wor.


next on channel auroralight: a poem mebbe? to display my lousy literary skills, thank you.

oh mann.. todae went ndc for dental.. they put some metal thingy.. hurts sia.. aniwae i was super late thanks to the slow traffic lights in the city area.. -diao-

then later went Fairprice to buy some fresh stocks.. to stew my Chicken cum Vegetable Soup.
It was a success actually, the only thing being that i cooked too much. blearghs.
Aniwae, I couldn't get to enjoy my dinner thanx to the dumbm teeth. *ouch*

bahhhzzz... ice skating with 6K pple on 24 Dec.. yarh tt's Christmas Eve.. oops.. and the thing izzz.. i got class chalet.. dunno how neh? haha..

haiyozzz.. a certain some1 went hong kong sia.. see la.. have to wish him belated bday liao.. i'm so envious.. he gets to eat great food while.. i'm stuck with food of lesser quality! arghzzz..

choir pple who are now in Genting xcept Master Sin Ming Long: hahaz.. gd luck! hope u carry some gold back for cath high.. haha.. and of coz.. since they are also competing with Dunman High.. hehe.. may johnny and hy have a great, private reunion in the hotel room.. hahaz.. don tio suan wor~.. hahaz..

my mum got another free phone again.. though it's the C330.. it's quite oki actually.. mebbe i shall use it for myself >x<

kaoz.. the layout took me quite some time man.. got the idea frm another layout.. hahaz.. the image i had to modify manually.. hiaazz..

If I hadn't met you.

whoops.. i was back on Thurs evening actually. [airport foodfare pales in comparison to good ol kopitiam]

It was a great time at Langkawi, since I could really relax.. although not much to do dere.. hahaz.. but I had a good time eating my favourite oriental cuisine at the various restaurants, and also drove a Nissan Vanette. Haha.. Saw a lot of Caucasians dere man.. Anyway, the beaches there rock man, but are a few grades lousier than Thailand's Coral Island.. then played table tennis and tennis too.. heee.. too bad no beach ball.. otherwise.. haha.. ^^

Then ydae was quite a busy day lor. Mornie had to go for Maths enrichment.. and JW gave out his nice Cath High branded Christmas cards to everybody.. haha.. after that go play bball at RI dere.. super tiring sia.. so we were lyk playin soccer.. i did a cross to aloysius and he kicked the ball high over over to the tennis court, landing right next to the tennis instructor. wahahaz! why nvr land on his head.. he scolded us for playing soccer on a bball court.. and JW commented that there were a whole lot of RI boys playing on the court too.. haha.. bias.. =.=""

after tat went to eat lunch at j8.. shuren and brian had no appetite at all lor.. I finished my laksa and desert lyk half an hour b4 dem.. then we talked crap for almost 1 and a half.. wahahs..

i went to cut my hair.. it looks super sucky.. worse thing..

i was going to the hcjc concert.. ahaha. quite oki, a feast of the eyes too. =X the only qualm i have is that they shouldn't have the orchestra play everytime ma..

[sorry zy, etc la.. i dunno abt the weiyi's house thingy.. so chose to go concert instead.. kudasai.. ]

"love knows no boundaries." "hate is a stupid boundary?"

"the best things come when you least expect them, whether they be good or bad."

hahaz.. fri went gym then go jer's house plae mahjong.. his sister so lame sia.. then we were lyk arguing what songs to play.. and for the last time, i'm tired of SHE songs!! =pP heee.. then jw was gonna go for training.. so plae a last round with him b4 jelena took over.. ahhh.. then he ah.. za hu.. took 1 less tile.. so hahaz.. bad ending.. what's more.. he missed training.. whoops =X

hmmmzzz.. been wanting to do some testimonials.. esp for jw etc.. after come back frm malaysia then write ba.. heeezz..
haizz.. i'm flying off tml.. (not me but the plane) will miss everyone man.. esp the East Coast Park trip on Thurs.. oh man.. aniwae.. bubaizz peeepsss... but i will be backx! =pP muahahahaz.. ^^

ahhhh.. todae was damn tiring sia.

morning: went ntuc to buy some jelly. (yes, JELLY!)

afternoon: went dental. my teeth hurts >.<. my dentist quite chio but too bad got all the masks on and everything =X

nite: went library to return books then walk around to shop. the thing was when I got to jubilee itself, i suddenly heard a call. it's a bird, it's two planes, no it's Camillus and Edwin! Edwin tried to tempt me with his fried chicken, but too bad I ate at home already. He was pestering both of us for a day to play badminton. Well, of course I was "anything". hahaz.

then went guardian see see. omgx. the area has lyk four Guardians lorz.. quite close somemore.. even got two Guardians on each side of the road. scary sia! (Cam is gonna suan mie by saying now then ya know ah?)
this ish lyk Thailand tt time, there were lyk two 7-Elevens just opposite each other on both sides of the road lor. Pro huh?

"remember to brush ur teeth, eat a lot of fruits and.. don forget me."

hahaz.. i'm okiez liaoz.. thanks..
well.. ermx.. went for dental todae.. haiz.. my teeth gonna hurt for some days liao.. hahaha.
i'm tireddd.. so forgive me for the damn short post.. haha.

downright pissed. with a certain basket. some pple have too much comments. and i thot he was nice. too much lor!

duhh... siansation.. i played my rpg todae.. addicted liao.. =X
then while Cam was smsing me, I was reminded of the goal to study hard and do work in December. How could I forget!
i'm going bonkas.. haha.. cant remember what I wanted to say sia.. ahhh.. total mental block.
and it's interesting that someone nided someone to accompany him tml.. becoz he has to send his brother to sth and have to wait for lyk 4 hours.. cool man.. wish him luck.. haha.

haiyoz.. dunno who turned off my alarm clock sia. made me late. i woke up at 9 and was supposed to meet Brian and co. at 9 la. so had to rush a bit and reached there at 9.30 lor. jw best man. stay in yck can still go online at 8.45. kaoz. so i'm not the latest haha. ^^
played for a veri long time.. and i won the horse game! =D hahaz.. shuren was lyk so damn hungry lors.. so we went to eat.. finally i get to eat nasi lemak. and a nice one at that. plus a strawberry cum peach dessert thingy. shiok!
with a dirty t-shirt and stinking all over, i went home la. finally sia. so dang tired... x.x

hahaz.. todae went bbq.. 9 pple onli sia.. Derek could not go at the last minute. but still, happy. ^^
we had the usual stuff, plus some stingrays and mussels.. hahaz. i ate until so dang full. then that joel ah. force people to eat bread lor. -bread phobia- poor sham. alwae kanna water or cake on her face lor. haiz.
then we were lyk deciding where to go. pz was in a rush lor. haha. in the end, decided to just walk along and decide. how crap. hahaz. went ps.. then again, argued on what to do. so went arcade first and play some games. sham was lyk so sianx. hahaz. i wasted $2 dere sia, put in the second dollar onli to find out it's the last stage -dumb- =.=""
then go watch matrix lor. better than expected. much better than expected i guess. hahaaz.
yarhz.. in the end we went home.. see the sparkling Christmas lights on the way.. hahaz.. went bedok eat.. yeps that's all..

tml playing bball, muz wake up earlie.

"everything that has a beginning, has an end."
haha. familliar?

[Listening to: BOA - Double]