hahaz, Chinese New Year was great.. or izzit ok, as numerous heroes [zy, cam] have told me.. haha..
went to the usual hangouts [various relatives' houses] which our family go every year.. nicely obtained some angbaos, too bad I did not have the fortune to gobble up all the good food and finish all the wine.. but I did have lots of fun playin the Xbox and throwing whistling, smokin' sparklers around, hehe..

For one to be really skilled in their languages, they should know their culture, history very well.. You say you are a English pro, but if you don appreciate literary works, e.g. Shakespeare's works, then you don know English well.. the same goes for Chinese, etc.. I do value my roots. And I feel guilty. For when I'm asked about significant things, nothing can come out of my mouth. Haha.

I really need to do up my time management and i hope that you all can manage time properly. You know who I'm talking about, haha..

As Junwee expected..

What is love?
A decision?
The decision to love, honour, comfort and keep your loved one, in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, be faithful to your loved one, so long as you both shall live?

Ai wu suo bu zai..
Parents' love.. Love for the people.. Love for yourself.. All are different.. Still [love]? Haha..

just to clear things up, i was forced to do pushups while reciting the school vision (chinese version), with two other sec 2 risk takers. i shall not talk abt the school vision, you shall and you will bug jw about it. thank you =)

hahazz.. utterly crappy.. our class won the first place for the CNY decoration thingy again, congrats man! hahaz.. wy and joseph brought cameras and we took lyk we nv take photos b4(k la, a bit exagerratin =P), yk also took and i tried to be lame in the photos. whoops.

din have appetite during the reunion dinner, too bad, so went home to eat noodles and bread, with a tinge of milk. haha..

tml gonna visit relatives.. and get angbaos.. then eat them up for food.. why are they red i dunno.. malays' are green.. red and green complement each other u noe.. heeez..

finally obtained the 12 girls' band miracle live dvd, risking my life by sneaking through the rats-infested sewers then arriving at sembawang. brian was lookin for his deAr baroque music, so i might as well get the dvd i wanted as well. it turned out that zhuang yi had a lot classical music to lend him. duhhhh.

of coz b4 the risky mission, we had played basketball in the RI hostel. juz b4 we left, some RI guys wanted to play team with us, so we played frenly.. i was sitting under a tree enjoying the match when I was called in.. of coz, we thrashed them completely la.. they only got in two balls, while we.. ehh.. uncountable even with the toes and fingers.. Doesn't tt remind you of Cath High thrashing RI? Whoopzz..

when ya want sth it doesn't come easily, then when ya don wan it appears suddenly?

home alone.

parents, left for dinner.

sister, left for p5 camp.

me, alone and sulking in that dark corner, as i thought about the day's events..

mornie was late, mebbe becoz i was late? haha. paisehx. had a long motivation talk todae man.. plus yesterdae's vigorous bball game.. i'm aching all over man.

please don ask me to type, or my hand will really fall off man. thank you.
compensation will be provided.

wahhhhzzz.. me was late for school todae, coz both my father and i overslept.

u noe, i reallie hav no inspiration now, so I will update for the sake of updating first. sorry man. heee.

to be continued.. muahaha..

Haha.. The school's gym realli sucky, heard tat the weights all rusty liaoz. heeex.

Been dozing off during lessons due to sleeping too late which is caused by extreme procrastination. Tried to stay awake, though.. kinda rude to slp. haha.

Suddenly felt that Jeffrey Goh's Bio lesson became interesting, my bio may hav hope after all.. haha.. are all men potential rapists? =X uni question, he said muz answer it in biological pt of view.. haha.

Me juz collected my IC todae, the photo a bit sucky xia.. Too bad i nvr smile.. haha.. Look very darky..

May not have time to check every one's blog etc, so pls pardon me.. hahaz..

when canteen food tastes bland
we go to long john silvers' land
but always we fail to eat dere
for kfc we alwae end up at

why muz j8's long john alwae be full?!

the school has started
time to rush our works of art
completed it i did
with the sacrificial of precious sleep

poor Cam.. forced to stand outside becoz he neva finish his hw.

sianx sianx i very am
to east coast i will b
cycling, walking overture
plus appreciation of chinese culture

haha, since we are nort in Japan, we can settle for Chinese ba.. whoopz =X

hahaz.. sch reopen liao.. [lame]

sianx arh.. quite a lot of homework.

den our special ultra big nice classroom is juz temporary, too bad. when the other section completes our classrm will move.. i will definitely miss that nice classroom!

not muCh for now.. no inspiration to write. haha.. tata.

true love will not affect studies or anything at all.. ref to river valley high. haha, talked to jw abt this in sch.