i shall keep this short and sweet.

gunbound is truly addicting
which isn't a good thing in chaos time

since mr jefrey goh's reign
first time i'm getting an A1 for bio

shocked when ms tan called me up
more shocked tat i'm in maths olympiad

peer mentoring is suspended
even though notes have been prepared

a bad month it has been
with the dry weather and whatevernot

what a plus it would be
if there were 48 hours in a day

how much games i could play
how much books i could read

what a relief it would be
if there were no stress and no worries

how much longer i could live
how much life i would have in me

all these dreams and fantasies
are but illusions only


hahz! friday is results-day! even though i know I will disappoint myself by getting probably the only B or C in my class, there is still cause for celebration. Robotics has been cancelled, so basketball it will be for Saturday I guess. Under probation though, as we are unsure about the venue.

hahaz, pon geog to get aloy's b-day present.. Compare "geog with mrs pang" and aloy, we know the former has significantly less priority than the latter, to be exact, i guess it's about 2.0 x 10^-99 % less.. rounded off to 2 s.f. Physics sucks. I'm going to be an engineer. If I'm gonna be a teacher, of course i'm gonna emulate Great Teacher Onizuka, whose main motive of becoming a teacher is to emm, well.. *cough*

oh my.. i have lost my touch in gunbound! definitely not a good thing, now I can't impress myself with the awesome ultra high angle shots anymore.. oops.

and.. I'm having problems with English phonetics! I don't think it's my braces' fault.. hahaz.. oh well..

Think of CA1 as feedback. Whether ya got 101 or 49, it doesn't matter. What matters is if you had met your expectations.

Anyway, not that I don't want to top the level, but i just ehhh.. can't be bothered. My fault lar. Not that I'm trying to be ego, but i just can't be bothered lar. Of course, not that I can't be bothered, but i'm slacking too much into the deep pit.. oopsie..

feelings fade over time.
people fade over time.
memories fade over time.
you fade over time.

not if you can help it!

dreams aren't real.
hopes aren't fulfilled.
nightmares are real.
you are unreal.

not if you can help it!

[clean] Slang, 14b. Innocent of a suspected crime.

mmm. some CA papers were quite disappointing. jw etc, we must work harder liao.. i still remember my target for prelims. muahaha!

i believe in dragons, perfect women and other fantasy creatures.

hahz, guess ya guys had to endure 4 days of non-update. of course i'm joking.. =p

i think i may have to curb my lameness.. people like brain and gary can't stand it anymore.. haha..

oh, and I have this bad feeling that my Chinese teacher, the great Mr Lim is picking on me. Or rather, he's ignoring me. Total crap! I know my H.Chinese is C/D grade, but ya don hafta make me feel even badder rite? hahaz..

i think i'm taking my parents for granted ya know, actually I realised it aeons ago but I just.. ya know.. can't really help it.. hmph. deep down in my heart, i do love em.. not that i don't know how to express it. just simple appreciation, really. i wonder why I can't do it. hmmm.

oh and i saw chew getting frustrasted, a really rare phenomenon. on Sat. Robotics Club meeting. we needed to do a circuit, and so needed the various values of the resistors and capacitors, but was stuck on the way. We didn't know how to calculate lorx. So had to tell Mrs Chung we don't know what to buy, yet. hahaz.. sort of wasted time thinking about it eh.. chew ah chew ah.. alamak..

this is crap, unknowingly, i had fallen into Cam's trap, to participate in the peer mentoring programme to sort of help sec3 with physics. of course, the previous sentence is crap too. of course i don't fall into traps easily! and what's more, Cam doesn't trap people..

laziness is never a good thing, i guess. Except in programming, where programmers must take shortcuts!

here ends my post. farewell.

20kg of cool in a 5kg bucket

Does shrinking of the world hinder interpersonal socialism? [i don know wat i'm talking.]

Maybe words can't match up to actions.
Waiting for snail mail may create deeper feelings of pining.
Maybe instant communication doesn't decrease distance after all, it's just a bunch of information, not a person..?

Haha, if I don't understand what I'm talking, do I expect others to understand?

My bad habit of spitting random thoughts every now and then, pardon miE....

~looking forward to bball and mahjong tml~[and waiting for my FF X-2 to arrive]

Oh yeah. M2M's "The Day You Went Away" rocks. Dunno what happen to M2M, have not heard news of them lately.. I dunno about this kind of things de la. Muahahaz.

Quietly he/she/it stood there.
The various warriors cautiously approached.
Everyone was focusing intently on him/her/it.
Making a careless move would mean instant death.
They observed him, the man/woman/thing of many faces.
Foolproof methods were being discovered in their minds.

Finally, they made their move.

Life or death?
Whole or pieces?

That will have to depend on their extent of preparation.
Every tiny ounce of details count.
The blacksmith of the weapons, the training they've put in, the amount of good deeds they've done [pun unintended]...
They all make a difference.

[camera change]
NDP song plays. "make a difference.."
[change back]

eh, the thing refers to the exams.
best of luck everyone!

Oh yeah, friday was the ultimate Social Studies cum Chem cum History day.

History students [read: me] got mocked at by Lit Elective students. Kind people they were. It's so good that Lit students were so kind to us. That's why we do appreciate it very much, and would very gladly repay the kindness two times fold. You see, it's just that their paper is twice as long as ours, no big deal lar. Yx was enjoying the scenery at Tampines while i was doing the History paper, haha.. I think I will just enjoy a morning walk at RI hostel playin bball or go for a mahjong marathon, lol..

Anywayzz, after the killer History test, yk was planning to go on a Magical Journey, only to find out that the magic had not started. SHE's new album's release date had been postponed, haha.. At Popular, I was supposed to have bought $20 worth of pens so as to obtain a $2 discount, as recommended by piggy. And someone was inquiring about why "Wo Nan Guo" 's lyrics were mysteriously appearing on our class' whiteboard sometimes. Then we had to hear the song playing! Scary xia, was it a omen? Indeed, while piggy was discussing about how he modified "Canon in D" playing on a harmonica etc, Sembawang Music had to play Canon in D! Terrifying. So hungry as ghosts we were, to Food Junction we walked, only to find out that there was a massive traffic jam. Too bad, so off we trotted to S11.
Saw some incredible sights from our table we did. Along the pathway from J8 to S11, a bunch of RI guys were walking like they were avoiding landmines. Damn funny. We had not noticed any landmines. Double funny. Somemore, I was trying to eat my 4 pieces of roti prata while laughing at piggy's and yk's lame jokes. Of course I don't tell lame jokes. [pot calling the kettle white] [white colour rocks!]

So I had missed the mahjong marathon. Sigh. My dental appointment lor. I must have been so shocked to see a masked man when I walked inside National Dental Clinic. Oh, actually it was the mouth mask only.. Thanks to our dear beloved birdy flu.

Little did I know that more terrifying things were in store for me. As I was walking out of the YCK MRT toilet, some unknown stranger approached me and told me to be careful and that i was peeped at in the toilet. Shocked I was. Stroll I did not. I walked swiftly to the YCK CC, while this suspicious man followed me. Hmm. It was so obvious lor. Anyway, lucky when I climbed the stairs, the man had been gone. Muahaha. Scary xia. At night somemore.

~end of another beautiful dae~

I woke up to Cun Zai from my hp.. It was 7.55am, and Brian was calling. Oki, I picked up the call. "Forgot to tell you, today got Robotics at 8am." I was like blurblur, what the hell? Back to sleep I went. Until 30mins later, another Cun Zai woke me up. "Forgot to tell you, it's in Comp Lab 2." So I quickly water-bombed my hair. I wouldn't want to end up like Felix, from famous class 6L. [6L for goodness sake! Better than 6K lor!] Of course I did put on my Superman outfit, to save the school from Team Rocket. I had to pester my father to drive me there, for flying [taking bus] would take too long a time.

Gary Soh of super-cool man fame did not come, as expected. He had told Brian yesterday that he could not make it, for he had something on. Now today he called again and said he was sick and had obtained a MC. Real or fake, we don't know. But one thing we can't deny, is that he's good. Although there was a bit of a loophole in this scam. Haha..

Been thinking. I would probably take the MTH FMTH PHY CHM combination in JC. Or replace F.Maths with Lit or Chinese, even ECON. Anywae, it's a long way ahead lar. Waha.

[there are exceptions]
Cherish your youth. For the passion will die down soon after it's peak.
Children long to become adults, and adults long to become children.
I don't know something until I have experienced it personally.