my heart is as cold as ice, my soul is as plain as water..

i wear a mask and block out my emotions with a fixed smile..

sticks and stones may break my bones

but words will never hurt me

yes, that's me, wei qi..

the cold insensitive bastard..

with a unforgiving tongue and bites that kill..

yes, that's me, wei qi..

wei qi just lied..


no matter what, his warm heart will always glow with passion..
sticks and stones may break his bones
words may freeze his pumping heart
but never, will his heart remain frozen..
as long as he lives
as long as the world lives
there will always be a trace of fire
burning in his heart

the education system may try to kill his health
try as it might, it will always fail..
for his passion
will never die

and his lameness will always prevail.

for me, i think that happiness and health is most important.. becoz, i am the romantic type.. haha! if ya wanna know, about 30% practical and 60% romantic, 10% both..

which is more important, studies or frenship?

u cld extend frenship to include other relationships as all, e.g. family, bgr..

boy boy, are we in a fix!
i kinda slipped out of Ms Tan's lesson without her knowing (of coz, jeremiah was there as usual) and went to comp lab to help with the erm, circuit.. and we found out, it was not complete! And we had to finish the whole findings by that day.. Haha! So like, we kinda played around with some oscilloscope thingy, veh veh funny.. Crap, don feel like elaborating, will leave it at that.. =P poor chew, gonna get scolded by Mrs Chung yetz again..

i will be missing our old biggg classroom.. now we are at the 5th level with all the sec 4 classes.. high xia.. haha!

cam and jw: fret not, i believe there shall be another session.. but it may not be possible to see the dam funny two girls beside the para para crap.. haha!

anyway, no one has really seen my extreme naivety and childishness.. and I shall never show it.. muahaha!

robotics cca todae: did the soldering of the circuits. veh fun!

ice skating todae: skating in rounds and rounds may be quite boring. but i had some fun though, with the funny choonie arnd.

arcade: was watching choonie dance his expert para para. i played around since it was quite cheap, and failed quite badly. whoops. thanks zhiyong for treating me, and no thanks for refusing my payment..

had fun time with chu on the train laming arnd.

after discussing with him, i formed a Theory of Light and Darkness, showing that Light is indeed the mastermind behind the evildoings of Darkness. You may say that crimes are commited during the night, but without light it would be hard to commit a crime wouldn't it? You still need moonlight, unless u have so much money to buy nightvision googles..

am I too inappropriately mature for my age? sometimes i show childishness though. am I of my age? haha.

where is the passion?

went to pierce sec investiture. shall not comment.. i kept laughing xia.. aaron chided me for doing so.. aniwae, he got away with a nice test-tube gel thingy.. much nicer compared to our own test tube thingy..? the people quite frenly towards us.. or perhaps, more to aaron.. haha! i was beside aaron who was wearing the ultimate VIP tie ma.. so a bit the hun one.. whoopz..

later, saw the usual geog gang. they stayed back quite late to finish the geog brochure. poor them.. so qiao so i went to eat with them at j8, ljs. heard that mrs pang actually drove them to j8 in her own car. they said she was actually sick but still came to school.. hmmm.. unusually nice? or was she always like that? it is not known. i shall remain neutral.

as copied from Cam's nick, very suitable for me?

sometimes i feel i don belong to this world, detached..

Thanks Zhiyong, bdaed boy for the treat on Tuesday man!
Credits are given Weiyi for bringing some gold hair colour spray, resulting in many people's hair becoming like the Gold Mane Lion.. What's more, we saw Ms Seah at Marche with her bf and mother.. I shall not elaborate on the rumours.. Haha.. Jeremy the good class monitor had golden spiked hair, which I think she saw.. Whoops.
Poor Cam and co. were suffering at KBox xia.. English songs only appeared just when they were about to leave.. Sad.. I sang until my throat was totally sore! hah!
TTS attachment has ended, kinda miss that place..

So, am I lazy or lazy?

Haha.. Seems that the march hols isn't faced with enthusiasm this year eh.. What with all the homework and extra lessons and so on.. Not forgetting my dear TTS hospital attachment, every day about 8 to 4 only, haha..
Actually, I have never liked short holidays. You should know why. Anyway, the CA1 week was much better.. I had so much free time to play and there was no work at all lor.. Thus a aggregate of around 13 was much expected..

As regular readers(like me) can probably guess, I am sticking to short posts.

Well, it doesn't mean I have quality instead of quantity though, so don't wish for.. too much.. hahaz..

I was searching for my small little storybook and i intuitively think of using the "Find" function.. wouldn't it be so convenient if we had one CTRL+F thingy?

I'm goin to Malaysia tomorrow with my family.. fun.. but I feel guilty of skipping Robotics cca and it's sad that I will be missing basketball with Shuren a.k.a Tree-Man(sorry la) and company..

One last thing. Some people have been too lame and irritating, so I know I mustn't overdo it now. Like saying shuddap all the time(hinthint =p).. haha..

Let the rain fall down
and wake my dreams
Let it wash away
my sanity
I wanna hear the thunder
I wanna scream
Let the rain fall down
I'm coming clean

The hectic life has enervated me.
The spirit is unwilling while the flesh is dead.
Or rather, luxury has weakened me.
The luxury of slacking.

Please, resurrect me.

It's quite inconceivable that I am worn out so quickly even with 8 hours of sleep.

Quite obviously, something is amiss.

What a mystery to solve.

"Are you there?"


"Ready for the mission?"

"Like duh, stop crapping about and gimme sum action baby!"

An example of *extremely* useful dialogue in stories.

As illustrated by Brian Anthony Gareth Tian Wei Cheng Gates.


8/25 for ss.

not funny at all.

should have been 24 instead.

nvrmind, mok more zai.

16/25 for history when people were lyk getting 10 etc.. but 4 for ss! not that it's funny..