haha! i'm tired after the whole day man!
interclass ball games.
where was our class during this whole time? most in the auditorium enjoying themselves! haha, expected lahz, this kind of boringgg class.. everyday study study. no wonder aloysius was so irritated. not many who can play soccer, and well.

luckily, our basketball team was okay. Mostly made up of PRC scholars ma, haha! Only that they didn't perform. Ouyang even fell out with the others.. Sad case. Can understand, since they were dead serious, but todae.. they didn't perform to expectations. The previous day they had been doing well while we were practising with them.. haha! but we did beat the supposedly "best" bball class, 4-11, clinching 2nd place overall! great!
at the critical moment, ouyang did an accurate 3-pointer shot, just two seconds before the game ended. so we beat them 14-13! we were so happy!

to think every class was so biased against my class. all hoping for my class to lose eh. however, the sad thing was that we were overwhelmed completely in the soccer games. can you believe it?! 5 goals from the half-way line. mebbe should have subbed into soccer instead since bball didn't nid me.

trip to omnitheatre was seriously boring. i mean, what limited things can i learn? what a waste of my time. haha!

still had to do up our circuit for the science fair, so stayed back with chew and co lor. had to consult the bastard technical assistant again. aiyoz. shall not say anything more lest vulgarities fly out. went to council room to do all the soldering, tedious maN, haha! of course, it's fun! i was laming too much that people threatened to beat me up on the spot. =.=

at night, met up with yz at yck. then we went to weiyi's party! haha.. alighted at the correct bus stop. but my sense of direction sorta disappeared, so we walked the wrong way and ended up at the playground. wy wanted to find us, so too bad lor. we played the swing. haha! very fun laRz.. long time nv plae! at wy's house, played mahjong. everybody was addicted to the dam biggish plasma tv, so the game progressed annoyingly slowly. final episode of xun qin ji ma, what to do.. usually final ones niceR. haha! and wy din give me the beer. aiyoz! i also forgot to ask again. but never mind la, i have it at home aniwaE..

haha. so here i am, home. and everybody has slept! well, everybody except me.

happy labour day everyone!

hahaZ! no gunbound marathon today.
tml there's interclass bball and soccer.
hope we won't get thrashed so easily.
im just a subsitute la. lolz!~

i'm currently enjoying myself.
well-deserved break after prelim 1 (well-deserved, yah rite)
more relief will come when papers are returned on mon.
then it's time to pia.
as usual
boring school, what to do.
especially this class.
nothing to say.

love cath high?
yes, i would donate generously with a lot of effort if i loved the school.
but somehow, i can't bring myself to love cath high.
although it did mould my character.
but really, why cath high in the first place?
fate? that i meet some good friends, haha!
thanks, my frens!

haha, changed my skin after jw did.
the Divine inspired me.
kinda sick of the old skin.
so changed to cleaner one.

the prelims are over.

no kick lar. i nv study. maybe get all A1s except chinese C6 lar hor. really no kick i tell you, so little topics tested. [waits for a thrashing]

yah right.

seriously, i screwed up prelim 1 this time. finally learnt a lesson this time. that is to study for exams. lolz. i was totally sleeping or playing gunbound during the whole prelim 1 lor. now, as with junwee, i shall evaluate this exam.

eng: not sure. it's either a hit or miss for me, so never mind. but i did rush my composition. and i did not understand the huge Rome empire.

social studies: haha. no comments. doesn't matter la, not gonna use combined humans. but shld pass this paper.

history: surprisingly easy? it may be a red herring, but what do i carE. haha!

chinese: quite okie la. never study still can do 50%. LUCKY! haha! too bad no comprehension, haiz..

physics: hmmm. din bring protractor! so drew vector diagram wrongly. hope can get at least A1 la, cause i cannot count on my Chemistry anymore. Read on.

chemistry: sucks! it was definitely a challenging paper. and confusing too. so much that i made a lot of careless mistakes.

biology: hmmm.. too bad never studied. else the brain one won't screw up!

geography: sucks. nil. zip. die. don't think will get A1 anyway. guess my humans are dead. my L1R5 will be so nice.

maths: quite okay la. no comments. just that, graphs suck.

a maths: this paper sucks. should feed to the cows. heeeh. not that i don't know how to do, just that.. no time! ok la, excuses la, should have practised a maths ma..

anyway, everything is over. prelims screw up never mind. haha!
cause prelim 2 and 3 total 75%, just get full marks for all then sure get A1. haha!
of course i'm just kidding. i'm no genius okay! results good also no use laR.

There's gotta be more to LIFE!

yeah! i will really screw my prelims, hahaz.. hope i can at least get into NYJC, else i will have to go YJC huh? go burger queen toss burgers also can. as long as i have fuN!

feeling very uncomfortable these few days! tried to sleep but coudln't get rid of the queasiness.. Is it an omen or what? I will have to find out i guess.. My mind is in a whirl. Better drink more water before the hallucinations come. haha! My dreams are like so real. Can't differentiate. haha!

PASSIONATE LOVER. You love to love, always looking
for a relationship. You cannot live without it.
Your lover must be passionate and you want
that you and your partner melt into each other.
He/She should not try to take the domination .
You dont want a relationship without passion,
and the sexuality plays a big part. The first
moment you meet him/her is one of the most
important. There has to be something between
you , you cannot explain. From the first moment
on everything must fix. But when this passion
disappears you disappear to. For you it is
better to leave than to see your love

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
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haha! ......

I have willpower, but no conscientiousness.


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Something to spur u on guys, when everything else fails!

"But let me tell you, that to approach the stranger
Is to invite the unexpected, release a new force,
Or let the genie out of the bottle.
It is to start a train of events
Beyond your control."
-T. S. Eliot, "The Cocktail Party"

haha! todae.. eng and ss only!

eng.. easy la. had fun writing. it's a sure pass, but high grades.. not too sure.

ss.. hah! stupid questions the paper ask. but it's a sure pass, some feat which is next to impossible for social studies.
of course, if ms tan wasn't there, i would have performed much better. i should blame myself for being affected by others' "bao qing gong" face la, but.. haha!

aniwaE, went home after that. don care about that chinese remedial la. waste of time. haha!

okie, here comes the heck care attitude.. =X

Yet another borinG day!

Mrs Pang, there is no point in releasing us late. ur extra teaching, does not help us in any way. heck, even ur normal teaching is useless and should be fed to the cows.

can't stand the attitude of ms seah (shall be polite here and noT use "cow"). Is climbing an extra level to the fifth floor such a hard thing to do? also, do we students not suffer from the hot weather too? We are not complaining, so why should you? Yes, you may work very hard, but with this attitude?

Should read the book "totto-chan". Tells u what true education should be, like learning the things you want.. which is of course not practical in the present society, but nonetheless, a great inspiration.

heard from my fren that in China, there is like 10 min breaks in between lessons. then there is one free period that allows you to do whatever you want. after that, got lunch break of 2 hours. yarh, release later, but they are not fatigued at the end of the day. enVy eh? guess singaporeans have to face up to the new challenges of the new century. but the ambigious thing is that we are born during peacE. no war, how prosperous eh? does that make us complacent and lazy too?

haha! i'm writing a exposition? critisM..

p.s. hahaz.. will update my blog sparingly, since i have quite a lot of other things to do.. likE gunbound, books, newspaper, piano, sleeping, eating, etc.. hahaz! but that doesn't mean i don have time for yoU!

Fun. You Truly Desire Fun. Your always willing and
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yeaH maN!

oops! i just drank 1.8 litres of water at like onE go?

anyway, the hot weather really suckS.. haha.. everybody drink moRe water!

hmmM, guess the difference between mdm sarifah and mrs pang is so great, jackson suggested us to ask mdm sarifah if she could be our tcher insteaD.. haha.. probability of that happening shld be arnd 0.01 lidat bahz.. haha..

i found out that, fat does not make you faT!

haha..! todae chao slack as usual..

PE had lots of fun with hockey! but left onli 30 mins to play thanks to Mr Wong- so long den come and talk so muCh! wish PE would be two periods.. then shuang! but impossible la.. haha! guess our hockey game dam fei.. everybody anyhow whack one! haha! shld have joined BriaTeam.. Brian's Tream! haha..

assembly the lower sec told stories.. haha.. some so cute! but the sec 2s' stories were veh boring.. felt lyk sleeeping... zzZZZ.. hehe!

then the band promoting their concert on this Sat nite! quite ex though, tink it's 10 and 15? tink that dunman high is performing too? haha, dunno if wanna go..

The man with the penetrating gaze who talks very little but seems to have known you all his life could well be a SCORPIO. If he appears passionate about anything - from his job to money to love to the unknown - you've probably guessed his sign correctly. If he launches into an intense monologue about something he feels strongly about, don't interrupt him, even to approve. Wait until he runs out of breath to express your views on the subject. Most likely, he's willing to discuss anything in the world but himself and his feelings - and no matter how curious you are, don't push it, or he'll clam up on you.

Scorpio physiques tend to be medium height or less, with powerful muscle structure. Their complexions tend to be dark and swarthy and their noses and mouths large and sensual. The eyes are usually brown or black, with a penetrating gaze that can make a new acquaintance uncomfortable.

I wonder, how true is that?

haha. don believe in astrological thingies! but quite interesting to read every once in a while!

todae got three free periods!

ms serenE seah nvr come, so got two free periods of "English".. sadly our mrs bala nvr come too! no history lesson!

i guess that's all for todae..

oh yarh, tat brian ah.. real slow le! only draw one design for class t-shirt! guess I will just have to scan in that design and colour it bah! hope it turns out well on homecoming dae, though i don feel lyk going! haha..

tataz, folks!

hahaz, oh yarH.. bought threE pop scores.. two hits parade 03' and 04' and one chinese one with cyndi "dang ni".. next time shall buy the english oldies one le.. haha..

"nan zhui nu, ge zhong shan, nu zhui nan, ge chen sha" - tink the hanyu piniyn is wrong, hahz.

crystal heart
Heart of Crystal

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
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hahaz.. long time never take quiz le! that time, junwee and me were frantically taking quizes.. i guess sch is quite busy eH? hahaaz.. the good old days..

todaE, was playing gunBounD when cheW suddenly called me.. i had a bad omen and wanted to "silence" the call.. but in the end, couldn't bear to do that to chew so yarh, answered.. in the end, rushed to bishan and mrs chung gave us a lift to prof chia's house. mrs ching son, issac ish so cute lor! but he veh quiet.. i said hello and he didn't answer.. muz be shy i guess.. haha! aniwae, prof chia's house a lot of electronics stuff man! my eyes blinking like diamonds le.. i cldn't afford so much "toys" i guess.. learnt quite a lot from him i guess.. but he's quite long-winded though.. like our form teacher ms tan.. haha..

11 May is coming.. wanna get mothers' day prezzie.. shall get something simple i guess.. i know the one thing that she wants most is for me and my sis to have good careers ahead and take care of them when they're old.. hahaz.. i will do just that.. since her b'day on 25 may.. maybe can combine.. heheZ.. two-in-onE big prezzie i guesS..

there is sth that i'm dragging for a long time liao.. that is to put all my contacts in my address books.. that's why i never forward things, so i guesS.. i gonnA fix that soon!

good luckx everyone, for all ur tests next weeK!

love comes like a tornado.

hmmmz! just found out cyndi's album got a chinese version of my fave "The Day You Went Away".. wow.. was surprised while listening to it in my dad's car while on the way to pasir ris park..

hahaz.. todae thurs man! double chinese and double maths! how boring can it geT?

aniwae, after school.. went to play basketball. delin thot gort maths olympiad training xia! but actually, ms tan said cancelled.. was trying to suan him coz he is like, so reliable and unblur ma..

well.. play until veh shuang lor! ouyang was veh veh good todae man.. veh on form.. we were so impressed.. after playing for a while.. then sit down and watch the RI people play! haha.. think it's the school team.. not bad man.. no wonder they thrash us.. well.. not for long i guess!

then later, went to j8 to buy cyndi's new album [loves you] and also a birthday card for my fren.. xr, ws, lala and company were also in j8 incidentally, so went to eat with them at long john.. hahaz..

had a happy evening!

tml good friday! yarh maN!

twinkle twinkle little star, how i wonder how you are
are you shining brightly?
do you know how much i wanna pluck u down
and keep u in my heart?

oh man! todae, our auditions.. junwee and i sang out of synch with the song.. sad case! ok la, it's actually more of my fault! haha! aniwae, our group can be considered the "sick" group.. junwee wif sore throat, shuren with sore throat too.. and me! lameness as said by shuren.. no wonder the judges called us down at about 1 min plus into the song. I wonder if that is good, or bad? Well, we shall get to noe on Monday.. Aniwae, now that I know "Perfect" is sang by Simple Plan, i shall get their songs.. Veh nice lorhx.

is love a feeling, or it is a commitment..?

haiyo, have to pack chinese file le.. i need to try to pack my files weekly man.. Or else.. How to study?!

i miss my chess, badminton and soccer man!

my class people too hardworking le la! wld love to play soccer with dem every dae.. after the field is ready? Impossible, i guess.. haha!

Giving you up, giving up love, giving up my dreams, never was I any more heartbroken..

My translation sucks lahz! The beauty of Chinese is realised in this song lor.. Wo Nan Guo.. which we are gonna sing tml.. Poor thing.. Cause my group like got sore throat.. haha.. never mind, do our best i guess..

Aniwae, today.. celebrated xin ru's birthday! By watching the Eye 2.. which actually has a plot! ws and me keep disturbing each other lor, so funny! try to hit me then end up hitting herself! aniwae, we thot we were late.. but then got a group of noisy people come in.. spoil the atmosphere xia. hahaz.. then we went to take neoprints.. 10 people squeeze like xiao lor! then that kevin lyk to zuo nong ren.. haha! poor aaron, got hit by the dropping background 2 times, too tall le la! aniwae the prints turned out okay la.. haha! gave to xin ru for cutting.. no one to suan her slow cutting liao! hahaz.. joking..

Hmmmm.. That's all for todae.

Oh yarh, Cyndi got new album! Support! I tink I probably gonna buy.. The album quite okay la..

i have a lot of things to say ah!

but talking literally is easier xia..

aniwae, today went ps to watch prince and me. not bad. haha. a bit too many twists larx. had fun crapping arnd, hahaz.. poor xr, alwaes get teased by ws and me.. the twins ah, also veh fun.. haha.. one veh quiet the other veh funny lor! so funny until i can't eat my lunch properly.. haha.. *made a new fren, wan su todae.. nice to meet ya! refer to wansu's blog for more details, lazy to write.. =p

as they say, jun zi zhi jiao dan ruo shui..

a fren that u get along well with, well, there's no end in talking..

i'm exhausted. fridays, are literally days that fry my brains and energy totally..

i think the root cause of my chronic fatigue is probably the lack of water, but I can't seem to force it down my throat easily..

Haha.. I can't write bright posts everytime.. It would be quite uninteresting eh? So here it is, today is the day my graph reaches min value.. haha!

i don think poems are supposed to be lame, if they did, they would be called lameons..

i firmly and strongly believe that i'm not lame.

tml, we are gonna collect newspapers.. i tink i will stay down there and slack, tie all the newspapers.. haha.. i wonder if all the ah bengs will do their part for Assisi Home and Hospice.. really wonder...

haha, everyone is so into studies.. relax yarh.. later too stressed will lead to stunted growth and mental problems.. haha.. but o's, if do veh well.. the career path will be much smoother.. ...