alas! it has been game playing the whole day.. too shuang for comfort liaoz. well, i also received a mms with a picture of bear and cow. If you don't know who that refers to, well, bear is ms seah's boyfriend lor.. hahaaz! dunno how yuxuan got their picture too? aiyoz, i have 429 messages in my inbox, lazy to clear xia.. i shall do a delete all liao lahz!

kids, will always be kids. and this so-called modern society is forcing everybody to mature early mans. really sad case. where's my childhood! i want it back! hahaz! naivety and innocent still the best. there's always suspicion and distrust between more experienced people. hahaaz! that's why i say naivety can sometimes be a good thing..

[where is the love]

hahaz, cooked macaroni, got some parmesan cheese too.. yum! of course it cannot be compared to pastamania's. i think i'm eating like 5 meals a day man? bleaghs.. only time will tell.

Sometimes, half-truths can be more pernicious than outright lies.

apparently, this is the last day of term 2 and the start of the June Holidays.
more apparently, this is not the last day of school and not the start of the June NightmaRes.
most apparently, there will be no holidays at all. for there will be lectures every week. hahaz!
mostEst apparently, i will gladly not attend some fei lectures. of course, there would be basketball after some lessons, i hope.

wah liew, start of June Nightmares, then tml must go competition le. haha! obviously i will try my best, but lack of water have made my maths deteriorate.

i expected this kind of dismal results lar. as a human being, i am disappointed. of course. 13 times my level position before, with about only 400 people in sec 4. no more top 10. incorrigible! that must have been due to the lack of complete studying. of course now, it's better late than never, so it's either Hwa Chong/Victoria or Nanyang for me liao. see which one i hit. only in desperation will i go to the ultimate JC, the Catholic JC.

i shall go and be a monk, and live life without worries, facing the world with a true and innocent heart. fame and money are transient, not to mention certificates. i shall drift towards the spiritual life, while maintaining a stronghold over the material life too. muahahaz. (that does not require the ascension into the ranks of the monks, so obviously i shall not become a monk. never. less freedom, i think.) history cannot be altered, but the future is not determined. let bygones be bygones larz. only then, will we attain the best spiritual state of mind. is it?

haha! our very own 2ndth annual CH music awards is over! yesterday night. if you missed it, you must go find a wall and bang right now. how could you not support Cath High?! (like i care) overall, it was amazingly well done, the ehm, awards.

our sch even rented $2000 lights xia, effects quite nice.. although not very professional lahz, but veh good liao! the perfomers were even better.. i didn't noe our sch had so much talents! (of coz i noe lahzz, but must exaggerate mahz)
but some people got so borred that they used pink dolphin cans to play checkers on the floor? what the crap xia! the classical music part people also quite noisy, hahaz! they played well lehs!

the judges must had a hard time manz, all were quite well done except for a few.. and i loved the rock bands! muahaz. had a great time!

hahaz, really pei fu de wu ti tou di! i have never touched a electric guitar before manz, not even drums, only can play the classical guitar, haha! so envious liaoz! as for the piano ahz.. also good manz! i'm self-taught mahz, can only play simple things like Canon in D.. seeing them play pieces like Schubert's Impromptu ahz and Copland's The Cat and The Mouse.. really impressed until cannot lehx! think of all the practice they must have put in!

oh yeah, our emcee mark tan also very good manz! hahaz! really professional lor! and not to mention, corny too!

and justin jap won for both vocal and overall award, congrats! although he's really hypocrite and etc (to me), but his singing is good lahz, cannot deny! hahaz! obviously everybody did a good job! a lot of effort, great success! haha! cheers!

surge. in unicode lahz.



刘若英 - 后来,非常耐人寻味。


what is this i'm feeling? lazy to analyse. hahaha!

crapz, i just republished my whole blog! kaoz! now all my previous layouts are gone! wah crapz.. fortunately still got dem in da comp, so can see myself, hahaz!

indeed, another fine day. with a heavy thunderstorm in the afternoon. at least i won't be grilled, baked and fried like some crispy human wing..

went to northpoint with parents. had wanted to buy OP boardshorts, but then figured that i have no use for such expensive shorts anyway, not that i go to the beach often what.. no pockets somemore, so daily outings also not useful.. normal shorts' design suck like hell, so never buy lahzz.. my worn out shorts can still wear lahz, although very lan liaoz, hahaha!

i'm kind of worried this time about the prelims. never before had such a feeling surfaced. it would be such a waste of social encounters if i did not get into a good jc for the first 3 months lor.. hahaz! of course, it doesn't matter lahz.. whether my prelim gets 54 or 55 points, my o levels will get 6 points, with perhaps hcl getting a B3. this is the year to talk about results mahz! hahaz!

love conquers all?

[ Hoostabank - The Reason (kaoz, keep ringing in my head lor!) ]

hahaz, todae sports dae.. totally don feel like listening to lessons lahz, so basically lay my head on the table during mr goh's lesson, and said good nite.. obviously, we must love jefrey goh.. he's the only teacher that allows me to sleep peacefully.. ms foo also lahzz!

hahaz, todae my class sell drinks in the stadium, so fun lor! our dear jiexin was so enthu that he earned over a hundred dollars! who makes me feel guilty, sitting there reading a magazine.. haizz.. hahaz! but of course i did my part too lahz! very impressed with jiexin.. i couldn't bear to trick the students' money..

[poor mrs tay had to fall down during the teachers' race.. haizz.. already got some injuries on her face still have to fall down.. how can something happen to such a fine lady!

i got a skipping rope too, courtesy of our very own Camillus Kang who played Mixed Ultimate Frisbee and got twenty, yes TWENTY skipping ropes.. and his team members were of no sight when he discovered there were TWENTY skipping ropes in his "prize".. although i wouldn't sae that it is cheapskate, but it.. you can continue urself.]

tml still gort robotics, sian xia.. haha! probably gonna go home late in the evening again lahzz, but better go return my books liaoz.. and borrow new ones? better not.. later ah.. too addicted can die mans!

if there's one thing i need to learn, i need to learn how to be patient. As they say, habits take 21 days to form.. Although i probably have more patience than the average person, but i need more of course.. So as to ensure i can stay at the fishing rod for like 12 hours without complaining.. hahaz!

todae during maths olympiad training, delin and co were all swarming to the window side.. how come? acsi was on our pitch.. the trainer was practically pissed as we kept looking out of the window viewing the softball match.. our pitcher damn pro manz, softball is probably our only saviour lor, as said by a certain wee kim.. of coz we beat acsi 32-0 flat.. they were like so pissed lor! haha!

tml, gonna wake up late man! around 9.30 then prepare lahzz.. actually can wake up at 12 one.. but then gonna eat breakfast with the usual company at j8 lorz! hahaz.. gonna be a long dae mans..

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates aseven (you rock)
your best quality ispeople love to be around you
your worst quality isyou deserve better
this is becauseits genetic
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

hahaz, obviously i don deserve better, of coz i deserve the best rite! =X hahahaz

this came as a big astoundment. shocking it was. it was.. like receiving the end of a rod on the head, like thunder on a sunny day.

i nearly dropped a Burger King bag with leftovers bought two days before, including but not limited to onion rings, french fries and tender chickens. there was a pair of legs inside of course.

now now, we are getting astrayed from the original path. what was it that i had intended to say? oh yarh, the shocking and not to mention astonishing news was..

we didn't get into the finals for the science fair thingy! hahaz.. intrinsically, we wasted all our previous efforts. not to mention remaining in school for a whole 12 hours during a Saturday! of course, i did have fun with chew, brian and gary around lahzz.. and we will be continuing in spite of the apparent failure to qualify. it's gonna be fun!

now there's two more maths competitions to go liaoz. i should hope that my brain will amazingly and inconceivably work at about 300% of my original capacity on both dates lor.. not forgetting to somehow correct my "cannot-say-vowels" problem on english prelim oral day. magical!

whee! finally got my harvest moon: save the homeland for ps2! apparently, it's much different from its older cousins which make it less fun.. but too late, bought it already. shall be waiting anxiously for xenosaga episode 2 and final fantasy XII next.

if there's one thing i really love, it will be longwindedness.
yea, i know, it's a part of life lahzzz, what to do.. i sure talk too much sometimes too.

slow lesson pace i can still accept lahz, but when mr principal repeatedly tries to motivate us, well well.. in the first place, my class need not be motivated. all self-motivated. as for me, well.. i don need anyone to motivate me lahzz. it's not that i'm complacent, it's just that i really don care lor. and if mr principal goes straight to the point, hahaz, then i will be reminded more readily, thank you very much.

hahaz, regarding the lack of air-cons, it is definitely a bother. although i can live without it any time of the day, this is not the time to live without it. come on lor, two of the triple sci classes have this luxury of air-conditioning, while we, the best one rot in hot hell. i'm just asking for egaliterianism here lehzz.. hahaz..

today was quite off-form for NAPFA. wah liews, (cursing the weather again) was feeling so sleepy man. hahaz.. fortunately, i managed to win Jer Chia at shuttle run, while setting personal records for standing board jump and situps. which is no big deal actually. got 3 As and 3 Bs, not too shabby.. get good results for NAPFA also no use de lahzz, sad case lor.. and as Aloysius says, getting gold doesn't mean u're the strongest man ah. hahaz!

slept for a while again, just finished eating dinner, i cooked extra bacon and eggs, for the original meal was definitely not enough lor!! my parents were meddling with some red bloody things, cause some strawberries were mouldly man.. sad lar.. wait, how could they be bloody! my favourite leh!! i take back!

into the blackhole

there's no turning back.
i'm seeing the world through tainted glasses now.
judging people's actions with contempt, while feeling the least remorseful about it. haha!

anyway, our teachers may have been taking us for granted.

the weather has been out to sabotage lately.
even with the fan, i cannot get to sleep.
even if i can, i will just wake up in the middle of the night, which is perplexing.
no wonder everybody has been inquiring about my surfeited look, and my body condition.

as i'm incurably optimistic, i do hope someone would send a plane up and tell them to reduce the temprature. i'm getting hot out here. hahaha!

i'm pertubed to say that i'm as of now, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever, i will have to isolate myself from the title of "bo jiao wang". obviously, their laming skills far exceeds mine, so it is indeed a tease to give me that title in the first place. haha!

there is to be a NAPFA test tomorrow. which many people in our class are bound to fail. I might too, if I do not get at least a C for any station.

i am not what i seem to be. if you think u know me well, think again. do u?
i do have some characteristics of a scorpio. mind you, it's not innate.

[ LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On ]

sing to the dawn

Good morning! i just slept from 4pm till now, waking up to the smell of KFC's extra tasty and crispy chicken.. Feeling refreshed and not to mention rapacious, i gobbled up the whole meal in less than the time you can read out Psalm Chapter 50 two times. Including the chicken breast which i normally skip.

To add on to my bad deeds, i shall play mahjong now, to the point of no redemption for my dear homework. I guess it's wordcopy machine time. Or else, it would be fu yan se ze le lorz.

Since most people are having their mid-years exams, with the exception of some, i do wish them good luck.. Seeing as lady luck shunned me during exams, i hope she will accompany you during exams!

i finally got down and composed something in my mother's day card. my eyes got watery as i wrote things down.. my apologies.. how i indeed appreciate their hard work.. for once, i said something that came out of my heart truly.. i know they always forgive me when i rebel and anger, and i thank them for that.. my parents are not be the best in the world, but they do love me.. in fact, too much until over-protective.
i am indeed, fortunate to have a healthy body and to live in such a prosperous period. I must learn to cherish everything.

wake me up outside, for the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

self-righteous people. heeh.

here it comes

I love my school.
You believe me, don't you?

My prelim 1 results are so great! Thanks to my great school! 3 prelims somemore, can slog three times, so fun! I barely passed through the first level, what with the fierce werewolves and what not. But in the end, i managed to hide away from Count Dracula. Van Helsing is a nice watch, great action, albeit with very little plot.
Anyway, i must thank my school for greatly encouraging me to do well in the prelims. A L1R5 of 22 will surely encourage me to go on with full vigour, for i know to get into HCJC is impossible now. Thanks again, for letting me go into a non-JC.
Of course, there's no point getting disappointed lahz, the prelims were relatively easy, blame it on myself for doing so well lorz, haha! I shouldn't have put Catholic JC on the left side, now I'm about to go there liaoz, haha!

I don't know if other schools are any better, but mine sure sucks like hell! Our dearest form teacher, is so irritating that even vulgarities cannot dissipate my hatred for her. Kaoz! Remember, we are adolescents. And if you want respect, you do not instil or force it. Pathetic. Not to mention, ur words contain a lot of contradictions. You don't want us to chase A1s, but then you speak like results etc are so important. Do I give a damn whether i get excellent conduct? Biased crap lahz, one side story only, what do i care? And your irritating loud voice does not get my attention surely. In fact, it's called nong qiao fan cuo. I've tried not to dislike my teachers, but i cannot stand it any longer. The more you want me to admit i'm wrong, the more i do not want to admit. Take that, Mrs Pang Sok Ching. Fine, i will try to be more accommodating for this year. No point getting bad results just because of some #$#%$% teachers.

Sorry lahz, i just couldn't restrain myself from talking about the great CHS once again. hahaz!

Hahaz, it's nice to be quiet sometimes lorz.. Alone by myself, peaceful, quiet. Talking totally wastes my energy. Not to mention, i'm extremely shy and introverted lahz. Anti-social somemore. Lowest self-esteem ever. Lacking in hands and legs. Very dead boring one lahzz! No wonder everybody loves me! So better to stay indoors and sleep forever lahzzz! hahaha!

Hmmm, i wonder if i would meet anyone that really understood me?

[Miss Popular]

Suteki Na De

My heart drifted,
in words gathered by the wind.
My voice shot,
into a nebulous tomorrow.

My heart trembled,
in the moonlit mirror.
Gentle tears,
everflowing in a stream of stars.

Isn't it beautiful?
If we could walk together, hand in hand,
I'd want to go
to your garden, your haven, into your mysterious eyes.

That heart,
it holds onto you.
That heart, it flies away,
unknowingly, without a trace.

The wind's halting words are but
a fading illusion.
The voice from a distant place
breaks through tomorrow's clouds.

My heart glows like the moon
in the cloudy mirror
Those stars, they sparkle faintly
like tears that cannot be held back.

Isn't it beautiful?
If we could walk together, hand in hand,
I really do want to go
to the boundaries of the sky, to the universe' ends, into your arms forever.

In my dreams,
I softly touch ur face
which fades into the morning mist.

shiny new things

woah! quite amazed at blogger's new interface! but still prefer the old one, haha!
the disappointing english results did affect my 400m race a little, haha.. i'm not supposed to fail English. but since i did, i will have to try harder next time! lucky everybody fail this time. haha!
me aloy, and jw made a pact to put on rollerblades of fire for the next term ahh, dunno if i can follow the pact, hahaz.. ne zha huh?
happy mother's day! (yesterday celebrated le lahz) it has been hard on u, dear mothers, and it will always be hard on you.. in most cases, our parents have indeed been taken for granted.. haha, hard to be parents xia.. shall be a bachelor liaoz la, or else, don have any kids, hahaz! (kids are useless in The Sims)
hmpf, need to pack a maths and maths files again. so many wksheets haven do lehz!! collect for what lahz.. waste our time to pack! hahaz.. but no choice lahz.
haiyoz! so many things to do! no time to see scenery even.. singapore needs to give our student's some room for relaxation man! (i know it's the o level year lahz, but... hahahaha)

[ u're the eighth world wonder ]

haha! yu su ze bu da!
the more i try to speak English fluently, the worse it gets!
better take off my braces quick.. then i won't laugh at myself for speaking like some lowlifes.. haha!

and jw, don't encourage me la!
we *cath high gentlemen* mustn't have attitude problems!
must respect our good teachers,
don talk in class, don sleep in class, don eat in class, don fly paper planes in class, aiya, just don do anything that is disrespectful to the teacher!

with that in mind, CRAP teachers need not be respected.
i'm not saying long-windedness is a bad thing,
neither am i saying attitudinal teachers are cows,
of coz i'm not saying that they should be humiliated in front of public or tortured aggressively.
in fact, those punishments stated are too light.

but of course, seeing as they do work hard as teachers,
and also that they are one up ahead of our generation
with more experience and higher emotional quotient
i do try my very best to respect them.
mrs pang, i have never shouted at you, did i?
ms tan, i have never showed my extreme distaste to you, did i?
i don wanna hurt all your feelings.
don force me to, thank you very much.

(i can't bear to express my criticisms to her directly, for seeing her Bao Qing Tian face and extremely ah lian style bu shuang face, makes me turn my face around and vomit blood on the spot. not that anyone tried, but i'm sure anyone who tried would slowly fade away from the face of Mars. perhaps it's our fault for not telling her, huh?)


this sudden outrage at certain teachers recently
is not intentional but deliberate.
i do understand that there is no point lamenting about our very good team of dedicated teachers
we should just accept it and go on.
so, from today onwards, i shall not talk much about our great school.

the class is crazy lor.
haha, alwaes so selfish. and ta niang de kiasu kiasi.
shall not sae anything more, otherwise rage may get the better of me and you shall see me on the headlines tml. haha!

aiyoz, lament so much. would need to feed my blog some sweets next time, else it may run away from me sooner or later. hahahaha!

i'm not in sch becoz i lyk sch, i'm in sch becoz i don lyk sch

haha! today was the sianest sch dae on Mars.
basically, i shouldn't have come.
periods free-for-all (for mrs bala, no entering dreamland)
marked scripts in by Wed.

as usual, i was reading my novel during Mr Lim's Chinese period.
(which by the way, lack one volume. nice one, cheng san library. haha!)
Maths was like. She can repeat the same things four times.
don like winds that blow for very long times.

seats shuffling.
was coerced to sit in very front.
due to? imminent danger of Chou Ren sitting there, tainting our very own corrupted councillor-cum-crappish (which of coz includes Huaxia) gang.

crap. now i have to do all my homework and be extremely alert during class. countless scoldings may result in coffee with our dear DM Mr Toh, so better lie low.

and i'm attracting too much attention. haha, read a book at the back also cannot read in peace. coupled with my bookmark which is actually a sistic ticket in disguise, i'm constantly attacked by various people. then i react coldly, resulting in many people saying me look like so sianx. hahaz! sorry la, that was just deliberate.

one last thing. donald volunteered to join 400m AND 4x400m relay. which btw, i'm in them too. which means! haiz.. hope i get a medal at least. the one and only medal. a bonus if two medals. haha!

yi bi zi dao, huan zi bi shen.
u wanna bore me, i bore you back ten times.
u wanna dao me, i dao you back one time.
u wanna lame me, i lame you back a hundred times.
u wanna be cocky, i humble back cockily two times.

finally, if u wanna hurt me, don try. you don wanna know the consequence(s).

[ cyndi - ai ni ]

a sunny day!

haha. today veri sianx so go bowling at yishun.

sad case lar. i arrived right on time, at one thirty, only to wait for everybody. yk was the earliest, arriving at 1.45. like.. what the hell lor?! aniwae, muz remember to return yk his ffX.. hahaz.

my top score was like 124 only lorz.. sux man. hahaz, was doing well at first but yk go and sorta jinxed the ball. i don't believe in jinxing and whatever la, but it is really xie men lor. haha! anyway had lots of fun at the arcade also.
really felt like swimming man! sunny and cool weather.. what a pity that i didn't swim.

then went with johnny to borrow some books. haha, yesterday his sister and him went to cheng san library. ydae was? yeps, Labour Day! so.. he HAD to go todae. or else, he would be so bored to death due to the sudden death of prelim 1. of coz, i wonder why he would get bored of his thousand missuses? since I had nothing to do, i accompanied him. borrowed some gd books as well. haha! my card had negative value, so had to pass by the handprints in the station to top up. finally got my dear Green's Premium Peachy Ice Cream and Cadbury's Wicked White Chocolate. haha! very useful when doing things that exert ur muscles.
and with that, i wasted a whole lot of money in one day. have to save more then, my parents work so hard...

almost half the year is gone.
quick, get me out of cath high.

[speedway - genie in a bottle]

Death, the second of The Endless, you are responsible for ending all lives and taking them to your realm, from which no one ever returns. You are bright, positive, happy, optimistic%2
Death, the second of The Endless, you are
responsible for ending all lives and taking
them to your realm, from which no one ever
returns. You are bright, positive, happy,
optimistic and enjoy everything about life, but
that does not mean your silly or stupid. You
can lay the smack down when you have to!
Everyone loves you, and they don't know why.

Which Endless are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

haha! i'm death? is that supposed to be a good thing?

Language is beautiful, like a graceful dancer on water.

But the often-criticised education system is not doing our languages justice. Especially Chinese. Basically, now we are encouraged to just memorise a certain limit of vocabulary words. Of course people like Master Goh Jun Wee will not stop at that lar. But really, the annoying system is just making me hate Chinese. Which i do not.

Yes, we are urged to read more. But essentially, some people find it easier to memorise so as to score. Sad.. Nothing more to say. Perhaps it is changing. But in effect, the changes do not do much. What purpose? Go figure.
Sha1 ji1 qu2 luan3.. It may seem that Singapore is doing well now, what with it's attractive education system and all. However, the standard will probably drop as times goes by. The next generation is getting worse and worse. Probably the result of in-breeding. haha! See, even Singaporean women are going for Caucasian men. But what i would like to say is, are the females getting any better?

Perhaps, we are getting shallower. IMHO, sophisticated tastes do not equal a sophisticated person. So to all those who think they're so good because they have Westernised tastes and whatever, i have nothing more to say. I think that our Eastern culture is on par or even better than Western culture. I look down on people who don't know, or rather ignore their roots. Also, our society is getting more material. We can't change that though. But really, it is a sad case if people were judged by what material possessions they have.

Also, I have no place in my heart for snobbish, arrogant people. Come on lor, there will always be someone better than you. People who are arrogant but know this fact, i respect them. Because, being arrogant jokingly is funny, if you get what i mean.

Finally, i dislike my class. I mean, part of my class. This dislike of them has existed since the first time i stepped into it. Never mind if they are faggots, but when they get so irritating and noisy, not to mention inconsiderate and unfeeling, you know u want to murder them. Haha! As for the boring people there, I have nothing to say. Be more interesting can! Get a life lah! At least try.

Oh and so as to remove one flaw for rebukal here, I better say that i'm not Perfect (which reminds me of Simple Plan). I do have my own flaws too, but I'm not going to list them here of course. So basically, what i'm saying is that i'm not necessarily better than other people.

Which leads me to.. Would it be better if we didn't get too close to our friends, so that we will not regret discovering their flaws and weaknesses?

Haha! Omg! I can't blive i typed so long..
Anyway, the post is just my personal opinion. People are entitled to their own opinions. Please, do not hestitate to comment if you have a differing opinion, or even a similar one. haha!

Dui Ni Er Yan by Jiang Mei Qi