the little ferret

Hephaestus believed there was a spring treasure at the end of the road.

He walked down the road, facing hordes of fierce dogs and monkeys. He was hurt badly, and sunk in his own sorrow and hatred. He thought the world was against him and nothing seemed to ever go right.

Even the spring treasure which was there disappeared when his belief faded.

Until he realised, until he believed. He began to love his enemies, and his enemies loved back. His will deterred hatred. He did not doubt, neither did he sneer. He had the courage.

And the little ferret continued to walk down the path, with a small body and a large face.

The never-ending path, with a real treasure at the supposed end - life.

maybe i shld draw a picture book about that..

[ Good luck lit people! History papers' dates are always prejudiced.. hahaz.. ]


Jackson attempting to take a photo of our fave orang utan

hahaz.. ahh yes.. this is our favourite monkey, or rather orang utan.. Lord Sin of Zoo sector, accompanied by the famous Lord Jackson of Mafia sector..

oops.. i lost the one in which some of our fave AVA guys were playing sweep and broom with the visualiser.. while they showed Xu Chun Mei's and William Hung's heavenly faces.. .... ... (editor's note: at a loss of words) but anyway, if u want it, junwee has it in his phone..

philips lcd monitor model upside-down01A

well, this should be self-explanatory.. a philips monitor not found anywhere else.. because i rotated it to the right, a desperate attempt.
now now, reading comics is made simpler..

it has been long.

i will not attempt to share what i haven learnt over these few nights.. (ed's note: he probably forgot) but i must say that good books are necessities..

anyway, as everybody knows, prelim 2 is drawing near.. okie lahz.. it's two days from now actually. hahahahaha~
i will nort remain guilty. someone's jiayou has reached me deep in my heart. i appreciate that.

jia you, good luck, gambatte, everyone! hahaz..

i will not go down without a fight.

[ Maria Mena - You're the Only One! ]

cars! cars!
oops. i forgot to wash my shoes! *runs off*,1284,64088,00.html

[Bloggers Suffer Burnout].. hahaz! they shld follow the stance of Master Jonny Chuah.

I've listened to Ayumi Hamasaki's Greatful Days.. really a lively song, the catchy melody brightens the day up! Also watched the MTV of Ayumi's Endless Sorrow.. The song lyrics are really touching and the MTV is done well.

As for Naruto, there was one touching moment in which i cried, where Naruto learnt that he is actually recognised.. I mean, people shunned him like hell before just because a demon was sealed in him.. Well, you'll have to watch it to really feel the sorrow.. Characterisation is done really well man.. On par with Neon Genesis Evangelion i wld say.

I seem to feel that i have not done something important and of course i don't wanna know what is it.. I'm getting my sleep no matter what! hahaz!


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
hahaz.. this is amusing!


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

ahh? i expected 'high' for Obssessive-Compulsive lorz, since i'm practically obssessed with strawberries and grapes.. hahaz!

i must say that scv cable really rocks lor! the speed is really impressive compared to the old Pacific line.. I'm enjoying all of it! Yeahz!

I don't wanna know
If you're playin' me, keep it on the low
Cause my heart can't take it anymore
And if your creepin, please don't let it show
Oh baby, I don't wanna know
[ I Don't Wanna Know - Mario Winans ]

my plans to slp at 0930 have been disrupted by 10 Gold McNuggets, 1 Clowny Fillet-O-Fish and Giant Fries.

mirror2 on the wall

mirror- to err is human, and incredibly dumb.

hahaz.. i have finally decided to go on Operation Via Purifico1..
That is, after realising the need to ensure efficient airflow for optimum working, sleeping, and toying conditions..
Subroutine #1 has been finished.. All IO2s and UO3s are arranged neatly..
Now all that is left is Subroutine #2, then every, i mean every yellowish surface will be decolourised using the proven, award-winning MundaneTM method..
the MundaneTM method involves as little manual work as possible.. whole process is automated using a pair of Wei-QiTM brand hands..
since the trade secret has been leaked.. pay 0.02 gil now!
1Via Purifico: An area in the world Spira, of Final Fantasy X where female protagonist Yuna and company get locked up by the evil Seymour.. to be purified once and for all.
2IO: Identified Object.
3UO: Yeah, you guessed it! Unidentified Object.

today would be a great time to relive Evonne Hsu's Qi Yue Qi Ri Qing, becoz it is well, 7 July!
i thought that song was great, if you haven heard it.. well.. go get it lahz!
although the lyrics loop too much, the song is still great.

physics prac was extremely terrible..
if wee kim could get a 2 marks out of 15, i don't know what the world has come to..
let's hope he was just careless, using pencil to draw tables..
not that mr t.goh was too strict, but we simply haven heard of his stringent requirements before..
at least allow some leeway mahz!
but i'm very sure next time we all would make a great comeback in the form of 15s and 15.5s..

as for monday, i received a sudden call from the Great Jer who requested an audience in the tennis courts of Regentville nearby..
We had great fun laughing all the way with ZY always hitting too hard, me hitting too fast a ball, while Johnny and Jer dismissed 2 of our only usable balls..
leaving us with one furry and non-bouncy ball.. hahaz!
in the end, we decided to dip into the pool with nothing on, but instead decided to take the wiser choice: watch tv at johnny's apartment while stealing his food.
what a day!
however, bixia and fren lost their various belongings on that fateful day.. i was wondering why the reply never did come.. so, it be implored that the thief become a changed man.. the society must not degrade further.

time flies, even on schooldays, and i hope that continues until the demise of the prelims!

farewell for now then.. hahaz!

[Evonne Hsu - Qi Yue Qi Ri Qing]

since i'm not bored

Water Goddess

You are the Goddess of Water. You are very
loving, you show your emotions out in the open.
You are full of wisdom. Also dreamy... You
would rather be sleeping then awake. But are
still very happy. You are most inspiration to
the other Four Goddesses since without water
there wouldn't be life.
Other Water Goddesses: Aphrodite, Isis, Mariamne,
Mari, Tiamat, Yemaya, Ran, Kupala, Salacia

Which of the Four Elemental Goddesses are you?(With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

got it from Cam's blog, nice illustration there!


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

How to make a Wei Qi

5 parts success

5 parts ambition

5 parts joy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lustfulness.

for some entertainment, i got this off cali's blog. what's with the dash of lustfulness! shld be dash of love lahz! hahaz!

[Counting Crows - Accidentally in Love]

it's a whole new day

youth day celebrations was amusing, considering that teachers actually sang for us..
we appreciate it. (don't we?!)

i must say that mr danny rocks. definitely the highlight of the performance. shuren was saying how he could be blinded by the sunglasses so he wobbled and danced well tycoly, but i beg to differ. i could swear that he must have been a Dance Society member. as for mr ian chiew, he played the guitar quite well, so jw realised that was how he jioed his chio wife.. imagine him playing a serenade under his lover's window with moonlight dancing around.. ahhh.. romantic..

CHjive Photo

and this.. is a cleverly-made disguise of H20 sparkerling, lime flavour. alright, this drink is pointless. but a great souvenir nonetheless, due to the unfree, and maybe inferior nature of the CHtowel.

great day today, as usual. considering that we have to go to school.
as for those taking o levels oral and listening compre, i wish you all good luck.

so we had a boring maths lesson as usual. in the LT, predictability, we have the lone "dian dong ma ta" in the first row, while all others reluctantly moved from the last to at least the 2nd row. i couldn't move to the first row, for i had not done my work. and poor jeremy, whose work was with jw, complained to ms tan that jw never come. aiee.

after the lesson, we wanted to play either soccer or basketball. we realised that listening compre was over, so aloy rushed bravely through the sea of fire to get a soccer for us, only to find the PE office's door locked. sad. neglecting the fact that the china scholars shld be slping until about 12, we called and arranged for an appointment with them. so, no field soccer! haiz.. and i tot i could relieve those days..

so to RI we went, and had a great time playing street soccer on the basketball court. had wanted to play field one, but of coz their field was occupied by the softball team. obviously they were training hard to beat our softball team. i hope u all succeed, which is quite impossible. we were constantly disrupting the RI's sch bball team with various kicks, be it bicycle kick, banana kick or strawberry kick. eventually, aloy and jack had to leave to meet up with their dates. so, we continued with our favourite bball. it was so shuang, man.

so to j8 i went, with zhuang yi and brian. at this fj ahz, they had a lucky draw for expenditure over $10. a kind worker there actually helped us to collect the receipts to add up to $30 so that each of the three of us would have a chance at the unlucky draw. of coz, we were quite involved in our discussion of gays, so as paiseh as we were for the free receipts.. we readily accepted and said thanks. thank you very much.

ahhz.. so after i got home.. i finally found Final Fantasy IX disc 4 hidden in between everything. finally, after 1 week of pining. then i also found my WarCraft III cd. hahaz! this is great!

it has been a great day. and it will always be.

[ Anastasia - At the Beginning ]

everytime i try to fly i fall without my wings

migraines are a pain in the neck. rather, they're a pain in the head. (duh)
i have felt drained, since 1 week ago. obviously it's not school.. but something else. i wonder what it is. this is the first time i'm so lost! hahaz..

anyway, school has been rocking.. more specifically, having fun and laming around. not that it's my forte. but somehow, the plaything of today and yesterday was jw's newly bought councillor tiepin lar. at a price of $0. on the zipper it goes.. hahaz!

i've had so much of Mr LHB's antics that i've become blind to them liaoz.. whatever it is, i hope my juniors can take it lahz.. who knows, next time perhaps they'll come out with CHsweet.. it'll be toxic i tell you. well, i'm getting out of there soon.. no matter what the destination, be it Hwa Chu or Gong Chu, it's still a Chu Lu.

i hope the class t-shirt doesn't need any changes no more. my comp is kinda slow for that kinda thing, hahaz! what's more, my floppy drive is fried?

yum! i feel great after eating garlic chicken noodles! i need to get my appetite back man!

maybe i shld drop a maths or bio. take up jap.

and now, to regain some lost sleep.

[britney spears - everytime]