Interesting read, i must say.

Demanding women? It's reason to rejoice

ALTHOUGH responding to Miss Wong Mei Xuan's letter, 'Time for Singapore girl to play the 'little woman' (ST, Oct 23), merely serves to prove her point that the Singapore girl 'debates and argues impassionedly', wanting to 'win at all costs', I am compelled to offer my two cents' worth.

Undoubtedly, the Singapore girl is harder to please than her Chinese, Vietnamese or Malaysian counterparts. Like Miss Wong said, we are smart, driven by ideals and can be oh, so very demanding. However, I rejoice in this fact.

Singaporeans have been blessed with good leadership, leading to an affluent society and an enlightened administration which gives equal educational opportunities to females. Education has empowered Singapore females. It is no surprise then that Singapore females are harder to please. Marriage is not their only key to betterment.

Miss Wong argues that Singapore women should play the 'little woman' or risk being single forever. To qualify as the 'little woman' they have to speak softly, give 'barely audible replies', have no expectations of their better half, be docile, giggly and, as Malaysian women do, 'pander to the boys' needs'.

Frankly, I could not help but laugh when I read this. I have no doubt that there will be men who like the 'little woman' but to demand that all Singapore women have to be the 'little woman' to nab a catch is a bit ridiculous.

Call me naive, but I would like to think that there will be just as many Singapore men who like women with a little bit of brains, character and personality.

Whether a Singapore female should play the 'little woman' is really up to her and the man she is dating. If everyone's happy, why not?

It is my belief that a strong, healthy relationship is that of equals and if Singapore men cannot accept that, well, as Miss Wong said, at least I will have my dog for company.

Lee Ti-Ting (Ms)

It's a women's world here in Singapore

MISS Wong Mei Xuan's letter, 'Time for Singapore girl to play the 'little woman' (ST, Oct 23), took courage to write. Unfortunately, it will alienate both sides. Singapore women will misunderstand immediately that they are being asked to play dumb and act docile. Thinking men will be put off by her identification with the female chauvinists' self-congratulatory premise that local men can't handle smart women.

Look at what marriage today offers the local male. He is expected to do half the housework, over and above paying most of the bills. Yet he would have a hard time convincing a divorce court that he did so. He is exhorted to be more involved in the care of his children, as if working hard to meet their material needs is not a sign of caring. Yet custody goes to the wife almost as a matter of course in a divorce.

Beyond this, it is the norm that the wife calls the shots in practically every area. For example, when something catches his attention which does not hold any interest for her, 80 per cent of Singapore women will say impatiently: 'Don't waste time, lah, let's go.'

Women's lib[eration] here has morphed into the 'Girl Power' thing, which is chauvinistic and anti-male in essence.

Dominating a boyfriend or husband is equated to 'empowerment' when it really just betrays smallness.

It takes a much more secure, mature and sophisticated woman to engage, treat and love her man as an equal.

Wong Hoong Hooi

This sure is a sensitive issue. But anyway, i shall comment.. Hahaz..
Equals i don't mind. But when some ladies have nothing to offer and instead want a tall, dark, strong gentleman who is sensitive and caring, plus rich.. Hahaz.. To love, one must give first.. If u expect a lot, u must be good urself mahz.. Maybe some have been through a lot and thus have the "been there, done that" attitude.. I think that's too narrow-minded..
Anyway, to be practical, appearances are too vital huh.. It would be better if everyone concentrated on their innate talents and keep improving instead of dwelling on looks and everything.. Best is to concentrate on improving EQ..
There's this saying that to be happy, one had better curb their expectations, not try to reach them.. Of course dreams are different lahz.. If everyone was too contented, there would be no improvement..
Aiyo.. Full of criticisms huh.. Hahaz! Too bad the education system teaches us how to be critical but not how to be appreciative.. Not that i will be dulled by that system lahz..
Both genders are supposed to be complementary lahz.. From what I see, some men are more impulsive.. And women more calm? Unless they use PMS as an excuse lahz.. Actually many more other examples lahz.. Lazy to write though.. Hahaz.. Whoops! Read too much Da Vinci code liao, keep getting influenced by that "sacred feminine" thing..

Lastly, to each his own.

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vjc open house was not bad. jeremiah went too.
anyway, we went to hcjc in a taxi. yeah, i said "national jc", next to hwa chu, and mister driver turned right into hcjc. hahaz! oh well, i'll have to consult junwee on hwa chong's environment, if he is to go to the open house.
saw alvin at vjc, then at njc, suddenly see wansu and jan.. but then i remembered wansu was planning to go njc, so.. hahaz.. also saw pri sch friends.. plus xinlin looked so different after months and no spectacles that i didn't recognise her after a loooong while..

i'm glad that i went to njc. vjc wins hands-down.
vjc's principal Mrs Chan has a better flair for speech, communicating with empathy, rather than njc's, who was all about business! "are you fit to be in our esteemed society", not bad, njc..
vjc has better arts of coz, better mass dances and choir (duh), while nj has that ultra-cool science programme and super ultimate science equipment in the labs lor!
maybe i will put vjc as my first and second choices, thanks to advice from jan..
the moderation is a double-edged sword.. now i have to put in effort, oh well! at least moderate all my sciences and gimme a 8 lahz! like jackson, all the sciences missed the next grade by 1 or 2 points man.. or leave it at 15, then i can get my scholarship more easily..

oh yes, feeling adventurous today, i decided to cook my own lunch. the salmon cost a whooping $3 dollars! oh well.. i thought it was small but somehow i barely managed to finish it. the rice was a partial failure, as i wasn't used to preparing 1 serving.. steaming broccoli was the most fun, and the most successful to boot.. woah, quite full man!

aie.. there's still 12 days to o levels.. quickly come lahz!



i have decided to do something..
not just for my future but for my parents and friends..
i would do my best for the O levels..
to get a scholarship to lighten my parents' burdens..
i was the hardest child for them to bring up..

it was a nightmare..
to experience a prolonged mood swing..
to lose all interest in everything..
to have two conflicting personalities..
to ignore all my academic studies..
and be overly obssessed with my hobbies..

acts of impulse..
at critical times..
put in zero effort in the prelims..
wallowed in my own depression..
escaping from reality..
total optimism to total pessimism..
not regretting even..

when i look back, i laugh.
it was fun.
to be at peace is more fun, however.
i will demand that my strong will be back.
that i get out of the shadows of my past autism.
i figured out that i would be happier with social science modules.

starting from today, i will study 2 hours per day.

good luck peeps!

p.s. when in need, please see a psychiatrist. however, i would advise that one avoids Dr Yeo Seem Huat at all costs.