hahaz.. woke up to sham's gudnyte message! and it's 8 times.. madlady la! =P

wonder if i shld go find a job, help my grandma, or self-actualisation..

wonder why evolution does not make us perfect..

So if we get the big jobs
And we make the big money
When we look back now
Will our jokes still be funny?
Will we still remember everything we learned in school?
Still be trying to break every single rule
Will little brainy Johnny be the stockbroker man?
Can Priscillia find a job that won't interfere with her tan?
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly
And this is how it feels

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there?
Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

No matter what we must go on
Just keep the faith
And let love lead the way
Everthing will work out fine
If you let love, love lead the way
Sitting there all alone
In the window of her room
Watching the world go by
Brings tears to her eyes
All she sees is hurt and pain, she wants to break the chain
She'll keep pressing everyday and she'll find her own sweet way
Part of me laughs
Part of me cries
Part of me wants to question why

One day you're here
Next you are gone
No matter what we must go on
Just keep the faith
And let love lead the way
You can be all that and still can be who you are
You gotta know for sure that it isn't make believe
You may feel weak but you are strong
Don't you give up if
If you keep holding on, you'll never be wrong
Just close your eyes cause it lies deep in your heart, yeah
Part of me laughs
Part of me cries
Part of me wants to question why
Why is there pain
Why is there sunshine then the rain

hmmhmm! emotions..
there's something i have to say..

thank you, everyone!
u all make a difference!

Rainy day

Yesterday, i was a little late for Wansu's bdae celebration. Lucky some Prissy was just after me, so i don't feel that guilty..

Something that was too much of a coincidence was that 5 people wore red and 4 wore white.. Only Xueying wore navy blue.. Huili wore pastel blue.. I cannot believe it lor.. This is my first time wearing red.. I'm always faithful to blue.. And this happens? 4D anyone?

I didn't really recognise Suxian.. Everybody loves to wear contacts huh.. I will not try to understand why because I don't need specs yet..

Thank you Janice, Wansu and Xinru for the presents.. Hahaz..

As expected, at bowling nobody could beat Aaron Tan aka AT.. I must thank him for correcting my spin techinque too..

As for pool, AT and Puden were the kings.. While Prila and Xueying were the queens..

Steamboat, a lot of people were totally skilful at manoeuvring.. That Daniel beside me was an experienced cook.. Kept correcting Darryl's mistakes..
Huili was a vegetarian so her table had plain water.. While I of course asked for my favourite Herbal Soup.. To think they don't have.. What a disappointment hahaz..
Plus the Uncle in Black there probably learnt some Invincible Palm thing lah.. He can lift the hot metal soupbowl with his bare hands.. Amazing.. Must see it..
Suxian was also like drunk after eating.. Became very lame and mad.. So I finally found another who has rosacea symptoms..

Photo-taking? No doubt, Janice is the star.. Oh, and the non-act-cute TXR too..

We had fun with Puden playing the guitar too! He did well although there was no amplifier.. First was the infamous Guan Huai Fang Shi.. Aaron and Puden then sang the Lord's songs.. If we could do that at the seaside wouldn't it be interesting? Too bad it was dark already..

One thing that I cannot stand is the plan lah.. It was so obvious.. Even without me deliberately messing things up =P anyway next time please make a better plan.. Wo zhen de kan bu xia qu.. Thinking of how uncomfortable the guy must feel..

Oh ya.. I tried not to tease Prila, but can't help it lahz.. She looks cuter when she is angry ma.. Anyway, i won't apologise for my nice words.. hahaz..

Finally, if u want to know more, please do not read Prila the Godzilla's blog wor.. Do read Wansu's and Janice's blog..

My jaws are probably gonna drop soon.. I laughed too much yesterday..

Oh ya, now my bookworming activities are more intense than ever..

I recommend Jue Dai Shuang Jiao, or The Twin Heroes (?) to anybody.. How come the translation is Heroes instead of Lasses i don't know.. I guess i'll have to consult Master Goh on that..

at first i thought Moe's PAE system had problems when i tried ydae at 0830, then i realised it was my Internet Explorer who had problems.. to think i could miss it.. hahaz.. so in case i change my mind, i quickly registered with my nosy.. no, erm caring + curious mother behind watching..

first 3 are:

HC Sci and Arts
RJ Sci

i forgot abt putting SA in, but that is not worth a bus trip..

Anyway I will go to any JC except AJC, ACJC, NJC, TJC, TPJC, so guess the rest. =P don't ask me why, they are forbidden areas.. I would rather go CJC.. So i guess u can see how much i love them..

ok.. i really feel like blogging today. so here goes!

firstly, i must thank Jackson, Jun Wee and Wee Kim for the Zhou Chuan Xiong CD.. His new album has good songs.. CD2 has the old favourites as well.. hahaz..

secondly, i must thank Master Sin for the treat at Mos Burger.. i will try not to suan him too much in the future.. hahaz..

had a great discussion with Brian Tian and Co. at Mos Burger (sorry that i mentioned Brian only since he's em.. quite a prominent stoner?) about our bright futures.. Now i think i try HC first lahz.. more chance of getting into med sch.. but if I get into Victoria then so be it.. anyway whichever JC i go i will surely have fun lahz..

also had a great discussion with Jun Wee and Jackson on our way home.. about Chinese standard in Singapore.. Chinese who don't even want to learn how to speak or even write Chinese.. thinking English is all the best.. also known as chong yang mei wai.. is it because taking the first step to learn Chinese is hard? or is it that they just back down in times of hardship? maybe peace has weakened the human heart..

one qualm i had in all my life was the education system for Chinese.. it seems that the government is encouraging us to learn Chinese just for the sake of learning.. and memorising all those dumb words and phrases.. is just not right.. of coz i guess that's the best short term way out.. why are people afraid of, or hating Chinese when we are supposed to be proud of our own culture? Is it because our parents want to make up for their losses? for their lack of education? That we now take education for granted? now that i blurt it all out.. i feel much better. now i can really relax.. hahaz!

since i'm here, might as well blog about my 'O' level..

GCE 'O' Level

greatest achievements:

higher chinese! i totally put all my love into that man.. this is the first time I actually get full marks for my fill in the blanks (han zi and ci yu).. 20/20 can! when i usually only get 20/40 or 10/20.. this is only one thing that i feel a satisfaction for.. as for zuo wen.. finally there is a expository that i can do..

history! hey.. first time that I really studied hard for it.. give me some credit.. although i only picked topics.. but somehow part of it came out! and I finished my SEQ.. hahaz!

english! finally decided to do a decent essay.. luckily there was a decent topic.. compared to the lousy essays that i wrote in my prelims.. this must be the only one i was serious at..

unsatisfactory achievements:

english lor! how could i not finish my essay.. i had a dramatic ending in mind.. now i had to end it with a non-decent anti-climax.. i hope they sympathise with me..

a maths! in a rush, my whole particle question was done wrongly.. that's 10 marks up the sky.. my biggest careless mistake ever hahaz..

biology! 3/4 of an essay question left undone.. and I knew the answers!

geography! for wind rose I decided not to trust my intuition and ended up with opposite wind directions.. an easy 5 marks now gone hahaz.. oh well.. can get arnd B3 to A2 lahz.. the old geog king is now gone lahz.. bleaghs.. my disadvantage is that when I lose interest in geog, nothing i do will help.. so.. sorry!

that shld be all.. if I'm lucky, i shld get at least 5 A1s lahz.. anyway we'll see in March.. for now let's enjoy while we can.. wow.. I really miss the Os now they are gone.. the papers were fun man.. especially bio's irritating paper-2 crap.. chem shld have more practical questions like physics' heat pipe lahz.. then i can enjoy the papers more..

good luck to all those still taking their Os!

When It Looks Like I Have Failed

Failure does not mean I'm a failure;
It does mean I have not yet succeeded.
Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing;
It does mean I have learned something.
Failure does not mean I have been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.
Failure does not mean I have disgraced;
It does mean I have dared to try.
Failure does not mean I don't have it;
It does mean I have something to do in a different way.
Failure does not mean I am inferior;
It does mean I am not perfect.
Failure does not mean I have wasted my life;
It does mean that I have an excuse to start over.
Failure does not mean that I should give up;
It does mean that I should try harder.
Failure does not mean that I will never make it;
It does mean that I need more patience.
The only people who never fail are
Those who never try.
Worry not about failure;
Worry about the chances missed when you don't even try.

Slow reflexes come before a fall

Hahaz.. i have to blog about this. Under the helm of yours truly, i suffered a crushing defeat against the unorthodox GCE "O" Level Biology Paper 2. Note the "O" there.

Anyway, i was too absorbed with my victory over the uber-no-kick-can-close-one-eye-and-do-in-20-min GCE "O" Level Biology Paper 1, namely the MCQ. Although i did not write much for my essays as usual, i could not complete 3/4 of the last question, worth 10 marks. Yes, that means 7.5 marks. The best thing was, I completely knew how to do them! So now i feel the biggest impact, i need fast reflexes for all my papers in the future..

If i am fortunate enough for my MCQ and Prac, then perhaps i may get an A1. If not, it will be in a range of 2-4. Bio is my weakest subject but i thought i could obtain an A1. That seems improbable, so i will have to depend on Phy and Chem liao lor. I hope they come out with some manageable papers there. Anyway, i guess a 7-8 is enough for me, so i shall just make full use of this 5 days break, making sure to cramp in 6 topics of Geography every now and then.. hahaz..

Best luck!

P.S. I heard that last year, for Chinese Lit., A1 was 90, A2 was 88, B4 was arnd 75.. what is this?!

Hello World

Woah! This means I was successful in building a computer from scratch.. Muahaha!

Since i'm so delighted, i shall post a picture of my desktop.

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