*walks in*

This is WQ reporting from Taiwan. The weather is currently super freezing cold, an average of nine degrees Celsius. If you're not impressed by the low temperature, you may want to consider the wind chill factor. Currently, some of the skin on my face has fallen off, akin to the face behind the phantom mask. At least I can play sports without getting all wet and slimy.

Taiwan's cool. After staying here for about a week, I realise that Singaporeans are really sheltered. Umm hmm. That aside, Taipei is really quite similar to Singapore. The apartments, MRT, buses etc.. Even shopping malls. Hey hey.

Well, all's well here. I still have about S$500 to spend, which is about NT$10000. My hands are getting itchy..


ew. i think i taste turpentine eating my apple. getting high~

Holy %^#$^%@$#%^@ crap!

I'm gonna appeal.

And I'm gonna get it.





When the world, leaves you feeling blue

You can count on me, I will be there for you

When it seems, all your hopes and dreams

Are a million miles away, I will re-assure you


come on, click on it

it isn't so predictable, but it's a rough idea.

Seeing is believing. I'm sure you all have heard of that phrase at some point in your life. Heck, you may even base your life on that phrase.

Now tell you what, it is one big lie. The greatest lie ever, in the whole of the universe. Seeing is NOT believing. It is the other way around. Believing IS seeing. It may sound unreal, but it's a fact. You have to believe to see it. I have some friends who look themselves in the mirror and say, "oh i'm so fat". When actually from my point of view, they're one bunch of bones. I don't understand why, because I believe that they're slim. Whereas they believe that they're fat. So we see different things.

Believing IS seeing.

the verdict

just kidding.

And now, it's just you and me..

Will it be the Diadora Skorpione Carbon that wins?

Or will the Nike Air Zoom Elite [Bowerman Series] emerge with the trophy?

Currently, the Air Zoom Elite is the more attractive one, because it cheated by being firey orange and yellow, which is MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBINATION. Not only that, the slashing of the price from S$173 to $103 (!) appeals to my money-minded mind. The Diadora is magnetic only because of its mysteriousness. Not only do I know nothing of the price (potentially expensive though), I have not seen it in person, nor touched it at it. All I can say is that the Diadora will definitely fit my cycling needs very, very well, since it is basically a mountain bike shoe.

Who will WIN?

Tune in to "Channel Wei Qi Rocks" tomorrow, 6pm for the most exciting final episode, "Clash of the Shoes"!

now i understand why fishes and chipses are so expensive. dory fishes are EXPENSIVE!

hey hey! blogging at zheng han's house now. thanks for being sucha great host haha. woah haven't slept much, say only 1h plus.. do feel a bit tired but i'm surprisingly quite awake. oh well, guess i'm kinda adjusted to sleepovers already. haha. oh and my parents are coming back from Malaysia today! no more mopping the floor, washing the clothes and no more freee-dom. aww.

kinda random

if resolve could solve everything...
if persistence was the answer to all...
life wouldn't be interesting, would it...?

some things just elude you...
no matter how hard you try...
no matter how many times you get up...
they escape your grip...
for eternity?
that's because you expect them to escape your grip...
there's always an opening...
a window...
just like being perfect is a flaw...
especially for a human

loss for words

today, was a great school day.
hard to describe the feeling..
don't feel like blogging though haha..
especially after watching wait til u're older..
it made me cry for the first time in so many..

i never gave them a chance..
i just.. condemned them..

whew! i'm finally get to feel my soft pillow, after being out for two days. it was a great sleepover at cam's house. didn't get much sleep but who cares. yu xuan even stayed awake throughout the night. haha thanks cam for the great hospitality, getting drinks from the fridge ourselves is great, you have more freedom.

anyway, on fri, i was kinda late for the class outing. like perhaps 1 hour late. although they started lunch pretty late as well, coz a few people were late. it's all thanks to my super powerful pedaling. somehow, the chain got off the gear and then got stuck in a tiny gap. i remember it being somehow near the police academy. i tried to use my bare hands to pull the chain out and it didn't work. not only did it not work, my hands got really soiled. lucky there were some leaves around, else my hands would be so black. i was quite agitated at that time. it was like, almost reaching the ending point and here i am, stuck [on you]. well, anyway, then suddenly with a quick reverse twist of the crank, the chain got back on track. i was pretty relieved. up till now, i still don't know how i did it. haha.

after that, it was a breeze all the way, except for some minor detours due to map misintrepretation. well, then dear rachel told me to go through wisma, to taka's sakae. well i asked her taka saka ah and she confirmed it. well i managed to put my trust in her for a few seconds, until i realised that at taka, only sushi teh exists. cool huh.

right after lunch, it was pool. pool at k-pool, again. well the girls joined us after some shopping. today lady luck was pretty much with me and yi liang. yi liang had a few really tyco shots, like bounce here bounce there bounce everywhere then go into hole. well i had a few too. and i got back my touch, at least most of it. i got back so much of it that i got pretty complacent. well we actually played for like, 4 hours straight. whew. said hi to chew and some cath high peeps, daphne, yonglian, xueli and zara. haha kevin says zara's pool is good. that's cool.

it was quite dark by the time i cycled to cam's house. scaryfryingly dark. argh. anyway, i cycled to bishan park smoothly, enjoying the gentle winds. then my bike had to crank up again. this time, it was no joke. nothing could be done to save it. fortunately i was right at cam's back gate at the time, or else you would see no trees in bishan park. thanks uncle for the toolbox and spanner. hehe.

had great fun. now i'm quite shagged, don't feel like writing anymore. haha. shall indulge in food.

the greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return.

sunnie is out

hah stop raining liao! yes, when the sun's out, wei qis go out to play! some people (take that, waye) just don't like the sun. you're missing out on so much. =p anyway, quattro formaggi rocks. the cheese, it just melts in your mouth. i made a whole mess lol. four kinds of cheese melting in your mouth, taking your breath away.. that's what i call heaven.

well, i was just reading some of my archives, it turns out i have quite a long history. it's fun to laugh at your past, at all the unclever things you wouldn't do now or ever. the ultimate joy of keeping a diary, or a blog if you insist.

it's raining again.. everytime it rains, it all comes back to me.. all that which hide in the darkest corners of my mind.. sometimes i just wish my memory wasn't that good.. that i'll just live for the moment.. well i guess life is all about experiences.. bad experiences, good experiences.. can't live without em'.. i think of how clammed up i was when i first got into rj after the first three months.. how sick i got.. how my heart never stopped bleeding.. i compare it to now and it's a significant before and after.. it's not all well yet, though.. but it's definitely an improvement.. i owe it all to cycling..

well, zhe hasn't been feeling well recently.. too bad you had to miss the date with san san hahah! take care hor!

i'm looking forward to dinner with master kang and co! so much that i don't mind cycling to bishan again.. haha

why must you do this to me? it hurts my feelings so much.. i type out everything nicely, click the publish post button softly, and you give me an exception error! what is this.. if not for the recover post function.. hah..

i had thought my previous post would be my last post. it turns out that a computer is just too alluring. coupled with the fact that, well i had my first triumphant victory since a long, long time. i have conquered RJC 2002 and 2004 Maths Promos paperz! all in the time frame of 3 plus hours, done in the peace of school. alright, it wasn't really peaceful. had a few rounds of Bridge and that was all. and well, it isn't such a great victory anyway. but. those who know me know that it is indeed rare that i'll really sit down and seriously practice my stuff..

well i'm proud to say that my current bike is comparable to my Bikey, although it isn't as comfortable, it's superior climbing ability more than makes up for it.. it's like, half the weight.. so it's name will be.. Baby Bikey, since Baby Mickey should be lighter than Mickey.. of course, it still does not fare well next to Mok's $16000 bike, if there's even a reason to compare..

i think i've been sleeping too much. way too much. imagine sleeping for half of a day! it's wastin' the Springtime of Youth. it's okay if i feel refreshed after that long sleep in the coffin. but i don't. instead, i feel like i've aged a hundred years.. it's not sleep apnea. maybe it's the thinking-too-much syndrome. and the "deep sleep getting intruded into" phenomenon. before i sleep, it's too hot so i turn on the fan. then at night it's too cool so i keep waking up, even with my blanket.. to solve this problem, i shall sleep less. and wake up at the same time everyday. as they say, teach less learn more, whoops i meant sleep less play more.. i want my deep sleep!

i miss my tan! though it's quite bad for my skin, it's cool ok.. now i can't go around beating everyone in skin colour competitions hahahz well except my class.. talking about my class, i showed my class photos to some friends.. and they all concur that well, out of the 8 girls... i'll be sensitive and not say that only one can barely make it.. of course, that is by looks alone.. regarding their personalities.. well, they're nice that's for sure.. i don't know them well so i can't judge..

sigh. i feel that i exist in the wrong time. or maybe the wrong place. i don't know why, i just have this feeling. that i wasn't supposed to hate life, to hate family, to hate society. not supposed to be different. sometimes i just think i have a weird way of thinking. sometimes they can be scarily accurate. i'm just running away from things. and not doing anything about it. i know that if i just do it, i can change things. but me, i just choose to run away. i just want to bask in my comfort. bask in my so-called ignorance. well.. let's just say that my childhood horrors taint my incurable optimism. of course, i'm not going to leave it at that.

i'm not going to give up.

my bikey...

yes. i lost my dear Bikey. 21st september. i'll always remember that date. i'll weep for her till the end of time. my new bike will never, ever replace my beloved Bikey. the red bike with dashes of black. it was the coolest. the comfortablest. and the inexpensivest. of course, this basically means i will never, ever forget to lock my bike to the signpost.

now on to gratitude giving-

thanks to Wayening for doing her best to get me a calculator. thanks to Rasia for doing her best not to get me her calculator. special thanks to Yizhe for being so lame today. special thanks to Nicholas for doing business with me.

*drum rolls*

Coolest Girl of the Day goes to Ethel! without whom i would have wasted 10 minutes doing manual calculations for my physics spa. i love Ethel!


today's morning was rush hour. my father woke me up quite late. so i set out only when it was all bright outside, abandoning my herb bread breakfast. almond cranberries cereal can be gobbled up much more easily hahah. i was absolutely pleased to see few vehicles on the road. it was a total breeze. no stops, no delays. pure cycling throughout. in the end, i took only 20 minutes to reach school. that is like, even faster than a bus, especially that 156. i was so pleased. i had thought i was goin' to be late. haha. oh well!

then after frisbee, jiawei and me decided to miss gp for a moment of peace in the library. managed to get myself acquainted with all the trigo, limits and differentiation once again. i have a feeling my maths is going to make a comeback this time. hahah.

after school, we played a few rounds of bridge. dragged leon into playin' hahahah. this time, lady luck really loved me man. i had interesting games.

i was going to leave school early to buy my beloved fish porridge. then it so happened that RJC's Famous Fried Rice was still available, so i decided to stay in class longer, since dinner is no longer a problem. dinner was no longer a problem but my worn out plastic file was definitely a problem. so i happily went to Popular, made sure i had enough money before going in. then i chose my ring file carefully, bought some accessories as well.. took quite some time man. even took a huge lump of lecture pads lol.. then my pocket was empty. how cool. it was fortunate that i managed to retrieve my precious Converse wallet, all thanks to Mr Kind Guy at the customer service counter. really must thank him man. or else i would have been quite pissed. so pissed that i would probably cycle home in 10 minutes.

guess what i'm listenin' to? aqua's tarzan and jane.

stayin' alive

cool man i actually am updating like only one day after the previous post.. take that johnny chuah! (btw thanks for the tennis racket) yesterday blogger screwed up, couldn't post my post.. lucky there is this thing called "recover post" hahah

great! i'm gonna be so alive~!

today was ultimate bridging day. i was playing bridge while eating char siew and duck rice.

after school, we gathered around for a few rounds of bridge. had some cool hands. then after that everyone decided to like, study. i managed to touch my photosynthesis notes for 1 second before chicky and fren marched in. oh great, contract bridge liao.. my cards were totally CMI, dragged my partner into the losing pit everytime except once lol. well, we managed to play for 2 hours straight, til 7 plus.. totally forgot the time lol.. had no choice but to leave sunnie and colin to mug on their own. dinner is a necessity you see. unfortunately, my beloved fish fillet was available no more. had to go with the vastly inferior fish and chips. well, had a good meal while watching naruto episode 151. fair enough.

i miss tennis!


hello! yesterday was chao slack. played tennis for half an hour, which will be considered quite short if not for the terrible solar flare yes. not bad we actually got past 4 strokes a few times la, e rest was either a super duper flying UFO serve or a super duper baseball hit.. well amy and i were hitting up with da racket lor, and gwen..... hahaha couldn't return her serve at all what do you think! then after tennis did a little maths lah, after maths played squash at the usual semicircle-squash-court-outside-councilrm, aiyo that must have been the most interesting squash i've ever played in! it's so... semi-circlish.. that games are quite unpredictable. cool. kudos to rj for having such an interesting squash court. kaoz..

rum and raisin is gone. sad. thanks to the temporary hibernation of my grand 20 yr old refrigerator, rum and raisin is gone. IT'S GONE! i couldn't even begin to describe the current taste. e heavenly taste is now hell. the texture, it's like eating ice! omg, my haagen daaz has cheapened itself to some lowly iceball thing. oh, weep i must.

dr ( )'s pizza rocks! (the blank is left blank due to a sudden blank in the region of my mind that contains the memory of the brand name) certainly, pot black has my gratitude for serving such a great-tasting pizza. however, the most credit should be attributed to me, for i was the one who decided to order one after seeing a "recommended!" word beside the word pizza in e menu(you now know how to get wei qi to buy things) if not for my order, i would never have tasted the food of the gods. if not for the taste, my intuition would never have told me that the pizza originated from ntuc frozen food section. funghi pizza, here i come! recommended to one and all.

enough of the food talk. now for some serious pep talk. pep talk to motivate me to put in some effort into getting bio s and math s papers. yes. i can visualise it. i can see my grades floating around in e air. ah, i see two As. i see bio and maths floating beside the two As. yes! i begin to feel motivated. powerful stuff.


hello! it has been a wonderful 17 days, 0 minutes, 0 seconds, 0 milliseconds and 0 nanoseconds [...] since my last post and i'm pleased to announce that i have thrashed johnny chuah by a blog post count of two! *drum snare* ok ok without further ado i shall explain what my title means. well, i went to bishan junction 8 top of the 8 superstar thingy and managed to get a free bottle of Vitagen! yes! 80 cents saved. i'm so darn happy! so darn happy i'm gonna indulge in haagen daaz! just kidding. should be shangri-la's the line instead. ah! well anyway that is not the point. the point is, i managed to get chosen as one of the five lucky commoners to take a dear picture with the loveliest sin huey, of superstar fame! haha. and i managed to take pictures of the four, erm i mean three superstars up there. sorry wei lian. let's thank xin li for his camera, especially for the "can exclude people from the photo" function. so powerful!

well other than that, it was nothing much. just some signature doodling session by the stars and some left-over bewitched gifts from channel u. then a final song by the four, i mean three superstars. yep. quite a lot of nanyang people there xia. then i strolled to nanyang, had a good walk with tiffany and my bike. managed to evade the security guard lol. and also managed to take a dear photo with my favourited stall signboard [Oishii!]. yay! saw my j2s mugging hard for the As. all the best man! i miss ny! to think they have their own national day shirt which was quite cool. cool as in u can't tell it's a national day shirt except for the colour red and white la. rj where's ur nat day shirt?!

finally i get to rest my legs today, i hope. it has been delightful cycling for the past dunno how many days. i feel like i haven't utilised public transport for a long, long time. with the addition of a backside rack yesterday, it will probably be a very long time before i take some bus, since i can now carry heavy goods on my bike, whether it be a bball, books or some person. if worst comes to worst, my shoulders-cum-back can always support a tentative maximum weight of 60kg.

happy holidays to one and all!

p.s. gimme the longing for mugging

a day that wasn't short

yesterday was definitely a long day. i'm feeling groggy right now lol. went night cycling with choonie cam jer piggy and weiyi.. must have cycled over 40km. from ECP we got to Hougang then to my house. I had to change man, wearing RJ pants to cycle is a chore xia.. Jer didn't wanna change, guess he wanted to show off his VJ uni =p well anyway after my home we went to cath high to take some pictures, then go Cam's house in Sin Ming, before going all the way down to Orchard City Hall then Kallang and back, finally to ECP..

we were all losing our focus when we reach ECP, so when we found some benches we just laid down and slept immediately. lol. turns out we only got to sleep around 30min. then went back to victoria to get our bags from choir room. too bad the gate was open liao, couldn't get the chance to climb over like we did at night.. that was fun lol. took a few photos during our expedition. shall leave it to choon yong to do all the blog. can read his blog, his entry should be up soon.

well as always i'm still quite awake. can't really get to sleep in the day la.

in a blur

today was some unusually high day. i think i was in some drunken stupor, did some crazy stuff which i can't remember haha. or rather, don't wanna remember haha. like slapping hazel :p i should eat less haagen daaz rum and raisins man.

anyway thanks to mr tan kum kit justin we got released like at 3, half of a usually boring lab lesson. was talking about how only kaixuan didn't get a "not smooth" remark on her smooth curve, mok colin and i all got penalised la. then was like reading the Teenage magazine, searching for someone's significant other inside. *while* the girls were discussing chem (? should be chem, if i'm not wrong. could be any other subject though). we, the boys was reading the Teenage magazine, while them, the girls were discussing work stuff. it seriously sounds a bit wrong lol. i think my class is pretty unique xia. Ethel said all the more active girls are in BCME and etc. she's probably right haha.

looking forward to capoeira tomorrow. all ready to rediscover all my forgotten steps.

for now, i shall continue to miss all the taiwan peeps. definitely miss my buddy the most man. had a great time together. until the day we reunite. december 7.

24th July

ok. it's pissing to have ur farecard go poof when u need it. so i decided to join the mugging session at 10 later. lucky hougang has a card replacement office. no chance but to take an instant passport photo at some photo store i found lor. the results were not bad lar. except that my face was a bit pissed? tired? dunno. anyway my second eyelid was like showing full force. must be the poor sleep i got yesterday. wonder why this weekend is so crappy. bad weather and everything.

and so.. the mugging session went like this:
2 hours spent on challenging question, rather part of it.
sunnie solved it, well almost. he got 0=0. great discovery.
got out of window. almost lost my father's day.
then walked, no strolled to j8. thanks rain
strolled back.
erm, 2 questions on physics? can't remember.
cards! dai dee. colin was unlucky. i mean super unlucky. as in no twos at all.
sleep. sleep sleep.
wake up. stone.

decided to go dinner at long john. looking forwarded to new stuff, all the grilled stuff. turns out they come only at the end of july. trying to create anticipation huh?! in the end, sunnie and i ordered like four fish/chicken wrap set meals. which come with four cokes and four fries. i added two coleslaws. it was kinda splurging of me lol. i guess sunnie and i were suffering at the second wrap. overestimated our stomach capacity lol! colin was like so laughing at us. he only got 1 fillet-o-fish. because he was feeling unwell. take care man.

and so, the day ended just like this. if everyday was just like this, i would probably top rj from the bottom lol.

oh yeah my sat and fri was spent out of home xia. damn fun! must definitely sleep over more often. too lazy to type out, so just read cam's blog haha.. =p

anyway, i found out that my ABCDEF holds true. i was betting on the fact that GP would be B4. haha. lucky. well, it's time to be more serious about GP. and of course, my favourite four subjects. got the interest but no motivation. i'm still apprehensive about going all out for 4As. don't wanna do too well leh. we'll see la.

well, life is sure getting more interesting. some people just grow on you man. it's like how songs grow on you. their inner beauty just.. sparkles brightly. but it's like i can't reach their inner beauty. hidden below layers. somehow, i think the more education i receive the more reserved i get. kind of sad. what knowledge is power.. i would prefer to just know nothing and be as human as i can be.. i don't want to know what wrongs i have done. of course, that is running away =p running is fun!

searching for my heart-
when it is just right here


found out that xin lin was in taiwan immersion programme too.. how cool! we both changed so much that we didn't recognise each other lol.. until our names were read out.

today, our dear chicky actually fell down with the chair during maths tutorial.. dunno about the details la, someone was saying "i didn't know u were that heavy =p"

well had napfa test retaken today.. was kinda aiming for As la.. somehow didn't happen lol.. guess my fitness level has dropped quite a lot, thanks to this unknown sickness..

well.. i've had this ultimate congestion in my throat nose lungs whatever, and there's like something stuck forever in my little throat.. my doctor said it was due to stress.. it's seriously quite debilitating.. i wake up with my mind still in a blur.. even if it's 9 hours of sleep.. i used to look down on those who are physically weak when i was very healthy.. guess when it comes to me, i can't give a good fight either.. i get exhausted so easily.. lethargic.. and i just feel like running away from everything.. "see a doctor", if it was so easy i would have felt better i guess.. lost all my fighting spirit lar.

plus i have little, or perhaps even no support from my family whatsoever.. it's been like that for years.. sometimes i really envy and hate people who are spoilt by their family.. maybe it's because of my sister.. perhaps i'm biased.. i think she always gets the better treatment.. it's like they think i'm independent so they leave me alone.. when i want to be independent they don't leave me alone.. so it's like all the hate.. sometimes i also blame my parents for not bringing me up properly.. for not teaching me all the life skills.. for passing on all their bad habits.. of course it's not right to do that.. i just can't help it.. somehow they've hurt me from young without knowing it.. of course i can't blame them.. after all, without them i won't be seeing the beauty of being alive.. it's just that there's this emptiness and scars in my heart.. i want to forgive them, and i don't want to.. all the hatred and love.. all the things they've done to hurt me when they say they love me.. i should be thankful for a family but i just can't do it.. can't forgive them.. just wanna run away from everything..

it has been lots of criticism from my parents and sister since young.. somehow all these just hurt me deeply.. so much that i can't receive criticism with an open heart anymore.. even when it's constructive.. it's like i treat every criticism with hostility now.. i may not show it, but there will be tension in my heart somehow.. i guess i'm blaming them for not giving criticism the right way..

this family is like full of hatred, we're always having quarrels.. seriously i don't mind if they don't work that hard and we're poor.. they're always finding material things to fulfil us, like buying all those health supplements etc for our health.. when what i really want is just for them to understand us.. they ask me to understand their hardship and everything, i know their hardship but it's like they're having the attitude that it's only them who's having the hard time and me, having an easy life.. it may be so.. i just feel like pets to them..

i can see the way to resolve everything, i can talk to them.. even though the many times i tried to get through to them fail i know i can still try.. but i just don't want to care anymore. why should i be the one to do this? yes i'm being selfish.

somehow i've started to hate the parents in Singapore after only a few experiences.. this is my bias i guess.. there was one time where i went down a water slide and accidentally knocked a boy and made him cry.. their parents were like so angry and whatever that they begin to scold me.. seriously it's my fault la.. i just feel that they're so protective of their child.. and what's the point of scolding me? what's the point of all the anger.. maybe it feels great to lecture somebody or what.. will it help..

it's all these hatred and emptiness from everything i've gone through.. i can't open my heart anymore.. i'm scared of revealing my heart.. i always thought i was strong, i guess it's just pretence.. i just can't forgive myself for everything.. if i can't forgive myself.. it'll be hard to forgive others..

sometimes i feel as if life is meaningless.. no it's many times.. like i'm just running around with no direction.. i seriously don't feel like getting the very best job and doing well for my exams is what i want.. i don't think i'll feel better if i have all the luxuries in the world.. don't know what motivates me either.. maybe i just want a large sum of money after i retire early and then i can just lead a simple life.. plus i will probably just migrate out of Singapore.. yeah, Singapore is one of the best already.. i just don't feel like i belong here.. heck i don't even know why i chose RJ so readily.. RJ being the closest top JC is just a stupid excuse i give lar.. saying that this is a one in a lifetime chance to go to some top JC is also just patronising.. or even fulfilling my promise that "if i get 6 points i will go to RJ", that was just for fun, i didn't expect to get 6 points.. i feel like i should have gone to VJ.. maybe i will be disappointed at VJ, but there's just this VJ image created in my mind.. and after seeing all the VJ people.. it's like RJ is so.. reserved... I came to JC with the intention of having fun, i'll be frank.. somehow i'm just disappointed. yes there's fun, but well.. i'm enjoying myself at RJ of course, there's just this little feeling that it's not what i want.. well a choice made is a choice made. maybe this is where i have to forgive myself, for making this choice..

well there have been a few that look at my face and say that i'm happy-go-lucky and whatever, just feel dunno-what-feeling man.. guess it's human nature to judge by looks.

okay this is kinda a long post.. honestly, i was restricting what i said in my posts previously.. for quite some time.. i was afraid of revealing my thoughts and feelings, i was afraid my words will offend others. this time, i will be truly honest, at least most of the time =p after all, what's a blog for?!

oh yeah, i've also discovered that girls are pretty sensitive.. a few are even super sensitive towards others but not sensitive about others.. as for boys, they seem to be quite insensitive, both in and out.. at least, most.. haha..

wow this post took like 1 hour to write xia! reminds me of some gp essay lol.. it had better post successfully. time to eat my grapefruit!


happy birthday to shuting!

"love each other, or perish" ?

hey hey.. my blog's kinda abandoned, i guess. =p it's kind of a miracle that i'm actually up so late haha.. it's like sleeping time used to be 9 xia.. well well guess i just can't sleep lar haha.. today was power mugging day man.. 10 to 10 at RJ, classroom A74 man.. wanted to camp in the school with colin and sunnie but guess sunnie's parents won't allow.. if it was only colin and me camping, it would be dangerous to get found out.... and we somehow got found out by the guard at around 8 lar. we weren't actually supposed to use the classroom, but the guard was damn nice, gave us a thumbs up after knowing we would be finishing our work soon and leavin'.. okay lar. it wasn't that productive today lol. talked too much. at least never play any games lar haha! colin also wrote lots of funny crap on the board xia. i only did like half of maths tutorial and half of physics lol. guess it's time to mug huh.. (which was like so rare) although my ct grades make up a veh nice ABCDEF, this kind of grades won't make the cut at all for the promos man! dunno lar, on one hand i just wanna do well, on the other hand i just wanna heck and live some simple life.. instead of being a doctor, earning money, then retire and lead a plain life.. guess i'm not that motivated any more. sometimes i do feel like just going the easy way, Death, but well i still love life and won't want to miss it..

anyway tomorrow(or today) will be Wednesday's timetable, quite cool to have two Weds in a week lol.. especially when Wed is a short school day.. the start of the week and i'm left with little money.. after like having heavy breakfast at cafe cartel and heavy dinner at crystal jade palace restaurant on sat and heavy lunch at pastamania on sun.. dinner was the $2 mcchicky, quite okay i guess... which reminds me. the 20cents for nine star potatoes at burger king, toa payoh is gone! how sad man.. used to buy like 10 boxes lol.

oh well. goin' dreamland baby. nite' and mornin'

a great start

For some reason or another, i'm feeling dang free now.. It's the feeling you get when you have nothing to do.. It's the feeling you get when you braved through Bio and realise how easy it would be if one studied lol.. I was like, totally blank and "i think i am dead" when I saw the last question, a 20 marks essay question.. "i think i am dead" lingered for around around 2 seconds until i realise it won't be counted in promos.. So I just wrote 10 lines to humour my new Bio teacher who showed us a cool episode of Simpsons and linked it to Bio.. Kinda regret that I won't be able to at least be one of the top 20 that's all i guess..

As for Physics, I just didn't do the last 4 pages that's all.. Only around 30 to 40 marks la.. And that is without counting the not-so-sure answers.. That is not all.. After the exam was over I flipped to the last four pages and realised they were so simple that i wanted to knock-my-head-in-some-hard something-but-realised-it-won't-help.. Kinda regret that I won't be able to at least be one of the top 20 that's all i guess..

As Liru says, it's a wake-up-call for the promos.. Still, I don't think I would like to mug maths for tomorrow.. Never have, never will.. I just kinda expect it to have the best grade out of all six subjects.. If it doesn't then I will be very, very disappointed for around 1 min..

Yep, I must have gone to RJ because their common tests are not counted.. I must have..

For now I'm making models with paper clay.. It's fun! It's amazing sometimes how something you expect turns out to be something you don't expect lol..

Well, all the best to everyone for all your tests!

two in a million

omg! two posts in one day! ok la, i just biked to school in the morning and back at night today, fun and tiring. there's this excitement factor too, something which typical teens appreciate, being on the roads. was gonna eat haagen daz la, but someone was too full to eat anymore lol.. wonder if the voucher is valid at j8's haagen daz.

Your word is: Brooding. You are a true thinker and
often try to figure out the meaning of life,
why we are all here etc. You may not be so
social, and often think twice before acting but
those thoughts you have in your mind never stop
flowing in. Sometimes you can be so
concentrated you forget about other things that
you have to do. Don't change, this world needs
deep people.

What dark word represents you? (anime pics and 7 outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla

since i have not taken a quiz for maybe a thousand seconds and one year, i thought i would mug one from wayening's blog. hmm.. i think twice before acting.. haha!

Terry Pratchett is great. I'm glad to have stumbled upon His books, especially the Discworld series. His world is a disc and carrying the disc is Great A'Tuin the turtle.. and the main character in the first book is a failed wizard who only knows one spell because all other spells are afraid of that one spell.. Death also makes His appearance.. Definitely different from the usual fantasy man, it's light-hearted and entertaining. His way of writing was a lttle hard for me to understand at first but once i got used to it, it was pretty cool. And funny. I think I just got hooked. Furthermore, you can usually read the books as standalones, no need to follow the series. The stories are not long too. It just makes your day, really. Seriously, just go and get one to read..

Well, during the holidays, i went to Genting, reluctantly.. Missed quite a lot of things.. Somehow, Genting is not the same anymore.. I used to be very very very excited about going to Genting when i was younger.. The games don' really interest me anymore.. Haha.. Well I definitely enjoyed the food though. Things like Herbal Soup, Claypot Fish Porridge, Two Servings of Food, well things I don't usually get to enjoy in Singapore due to monetary concerns.. Anyway I must say that the erm Shops area was really impressive.. I mean really.. It's not like the usual shopping mall, it's done like a small town with it's own mini rivers, exotic lamps blah blah.. Must see to believe it.. Of coz there's also a rollercoaster and so on inside the area, it's like when you eat you'll hear people screaming across you all the time, kinda makes you want to ride em' haha.. Good advertisement! Well, I wanted to watch Mr and Mrs Smith too but it was unfortunately M18?! Maybe it's uncensored.. Who knows.. Well another one I wanna watch is Initial D.. Sarah recommended it.. And it's like Jay Chou is inside it too! Not that I'm a big fan of him, but well..

There was a class outing too, we were gonna ice-skate. Then in the end we couldn't decide between KBox, Pool and Ice-skating.. So it defaults to ice-skating haha.. Quite fun la.. Too bad i didn't join in "the catching game" they played.. Too tired liao.. Heard it was very fun lol..
Well then it was to Rachel's house after that, must seriously thank her for the pizzas.. We ordered too much though, couldn't finish so da bao lor.. Sunnie wanted to eat a whole pizza by himself! Humongous appetite! So it was 8-Person Bridge, Mahjong, Meet the Fockers and so on until someone decided we play the piano.. Lol then it started. We were playing A Whole New World, Come What May, Tong Hua etc liao.. Singing along was fun lol.. I think Joshua played the most man.. His sight-reading is absolutely powerful.. Then everybody took turns to play their pieces.. Shu Ting and Geoffrey played their cool exam pieces, Yi Liang and Julia played the cute Odoru Ponpokorin duet etc, Rachel played Right Here Waiting and Forbidden Love, then Joshua, well Tong Hua and many others lol.. Less musically inclined people like me had to just sit there and erm, sing along i guess.. My fingers had this urge to show off my great piece called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but my brain urged me not to.. We all wanted to listen to the violin but Jia Hao said he had not touched it for like 9 years.. Aiieee.. Anyway during all this playing I found out from Jia Hao that our class is seriously musical.. It's like during the class introduction (i wasn't there) on the very first meeting with our civics tutor Mr Don Koh, almost everyone was saying they played a musical instrument, got people playing the Clarinet, the Erhu and so on.. it was said that Mr Koh tio shock xia lol.. Well that episode of piano playing inspires me to get my sight-reading up.. Just for the fun of it.. haha..

I used to be a perfectionist. Then I believe(d) in imperfectionism. I mean, if we were happy every second of our life, happiness won't have its value anymore.. If our handwriting were perfectly square and neat(if that was the perfect handwriting).. It wouldn't seem like it was say, natural.. If man didn't err he would be superhuman.. Well i think I overdid that though. It becomes like I don't really care if things are not going well anymore and sometimes I even deliberately do things that are obviously wrong. It's silly. Very much so. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the wheels of time and go back to being a child, then I wouldn't to care so much...

P.S. Johnny, it's time u updated ur blog. =P

P.S.2. Yay Wansu, I finally got the inspiration to update my blog. And yes, pool is missed..

s club 7 - say goodbye

there's supposed to be exclamation marks behind "holidays". somehow, the June holidays just feels.. different. it's like.. something is missing. wonder what it is. reminds me of the song "More to Life"...

I've got it all, but I feel so deprived
I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside..
it's like having all the YUMMY strawberries in the world on a lone island in the middle of nowhere, without anyone in the world to share with..
Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing
And why can't I let it go
there's no reply.. nobody knows.. except, maybe, the person asking..
There's gotta be more to life...
Than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me
Cause the more that I'm...
Tripping out thinking there must be more to life
Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's gotta be more
Than wanting more
what do i really want?
I've got the time and I'm wasting it slowly
that sounds like the June holidays..
Here in this moment I'm half way out the door
Onto the next thing, I'm searching for something that's missing
without knowing where to search for..
i'm wanting more
I'm always waiting on something other than this
Why am I feelin' like there's something I missed.....
should i have stopped and looked?

which reminds me of..
Some people live for the fortune
i hope they share their fortune with me..
Some people live just for the fame
i hope they share their fa.. what?! no! no fame for me for now.. famous = busy
Some people live for the power yeah
the power to kill!
Some people live just to play the game
Monopoly rocks!
Some people think that the physical things
Define what's within
I've been there before
But that life's a bore
So full of the superficial
people can't help but judge a book by its cover huh?
Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby
The power of a mother's love
Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got you
Well put.
Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
In their foolish search, they lose their youth instead..
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them
Or the trend, 9.25 dozen roses
And in a world on a silver platter
And wondering what it means
No one to share, no one who truly cares for me
where is the love?

whoohoo! by request from master David, i'm listing the RI boys i know:

Sunnie Chan aka Shing Chi
Kian Leon aka Leon
Zhi Qi aka Cheeky
Wei Jian
Yi Liang
Yingren aka Mok, Ironman
Justin Tan aka Just in Time
Qi Zhao aka Beow
Hon Loong
Neng Yang aka Mugger
Patrick Er aka Starfish
Jonathan Kang aka JonK

Chang Shui aka LCS
Zhao Wei
George aka of the Jungle

now that i think about it, there are quite a lot of non-RI boys in RJ..

OMG! This blog, it has not been updated for ages! It was by chance that I noticed this, I just finished writing my Zhou Ji (Si) 周记(四) then I thought why not check my blog, since I still had some things to say. It's like when I get started on writing, it just flows, before that it seems like it's blocked.

Speaking about Zhou Ji, I'm glad that my Chinese lessons are coming to a end. With an uninspiring teacher and erm unenthusiastic students, I'm afraid to say that my Chinese lessons have been most unenjoyable. (you saw that coming, didn't you?) However, I refuse to let this affect my love of Chinese. From what I see, students seem to force themselves to study Chinese, which is usually not effective, not productive and miserable. And it's saddest when they hate Chinese because they can't score well in that. Plus! I've had occurences of people flaunting their Higher Chinese grades and being proud that they mugged hard for it. (not that i didn't mug hard for it, that was the only subject that i really mugged for! omg!) So, I guess I shall just continue to love Chinese and WIN! while those people mentioned above can stick to their ways. I wonder why I took Chinese AO anyway. (confession: so that i won't feel so demoralised because I have at least one subject that I may not top but will thrash people! hahaha evil laughter!)

Let's see what have I been doing.. I'm still in a holiday mood and many tutorials have been left undone.. But! I'm declaring all-out mugging for today! (and only today) Take that, evil silent muggers! Starting from 3 PM, I shall aim for full understanding of the concepts that I'm unclear with. (which may not include school subjects, they may include plot concepts, i'm making myself clear so that y'all won't rely on me for tests)

Which reminds me.. I have been looking into chiasmus. It's real interesting. Here's one:

The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence.

Word lovers will love this. Look for "never let a Fool Kiss you or a Kiss Fool you" in the library.

A disappointment: RJ girls that I know. Being a new-comer, I do not know a lot of girls well, but from the girls that i know and notice, either they're shy(?) or aloof, preoccupied with themselves and their closest friends(common everywhere, expected, something we can't really pick on) or else they're just nice. (let's not talk about looks here shall we.. ...) (maybe it's not just RJ girls..)
OMG I love the boys here! Compared to NYJC (sorry lah) Most are witty, funny, have interesting things in their lives and they've things to learn from! Plus we have many things in common. (Maybe because of four years in a boys school, i'm used to boys)

I miss the sunshine. I thought I had recovered from my cold/flu/whatever last week, but I feel worse this week. Might be due to the intense basketball games. (i love rj bballs, it's so plasticky.) As well as that 2.4km run, in which I was 1 min off my target of 10.20 and very giddified after. Moral of the story: take good care even when not sick.
Plus take good care of yourselves because WHO has announced that there may be another round of SARS, meaner and badder, coming in around October November.

Console fans: Aren't you all excited about the introduction of the next-generation consoles? PS3, Xbox 360.. Oh my the trailers are very cool (they're supposed to be) i feel like saving money for either. Start saving!

Current song stuck in people's minds: I Can Sing a Rainbow, by Delta Goodrem


ah. it has been a week. my condition has somewhat improved, after numerous visits to the doctor. haha. a bit more to total recovery, and I'm off to clinch my gold.

tuesdays are always the best. 1 maths lecture, followed by 4 tutorials in a row all the way to four. i'm lovin it. (yeah, right. i'm starting to dread the timetable but it's definitely a turn for the better compared to ny's)

chinese lessons. seriously, i shouldn't have took it. enough said. it's only for a year though, kinda lame if i drop it now. i'll still end at 4. haha.

oh, and my class is quite musical. probably everyone plays at least one instrument. expectedly, the most popular is piano!

class mini concert during break! Posted by Hello

yi zhe top-left playing the violin too. was playing a load of songs, disney, misc songs. a pity vivian didn't join in with her er-hu. regretfully our christine never sang during phantom of the opera too.
we should do this more man. in class we're always playing the guitar, esp hon loong, yi zhe and kevin. currently boulevard of broken dreams is the popular song in our class.

ok this motivates me to somehow get my sight-reading up and re-learn all my guitar chords. hiak hiak hiak. busy nowadays though.


i'm stuck. stuck at home. reading irrelevant books like lord of the rings. stoning in front of the window. looking through my magic the gathering cards. enduring my awful stomach bloat. freezing and shivering in the presence of a fever. weeping alone in that corner. realising how torturous it is to be sick. having renewed empathy for people plagued by illness. realising my layout is too bright for it's own good. especially when i'm stuck at home.

now my competitive spirit, at least what is left of it, fears for the upcoming napfa. water and nutrients are not being absorbed. my muscles have visibly reduced in size. every breath i take requires much effort. my 65/min heart rate has more than doubled to 140/min. best of all, pe games are next week. i can't take part in them without suffering a serious bruise to my lungs. haha. i kinda miss my running shoes.

currently, this is my sixth day in tragedy. the third time in one year. as junwee says, we may be allergic to girls. it has been a clean record for four years in cath high. that's why when it hits, it hits hard. hope that this time Chinese medicine, with its 1000 years of history, will work a miracle. haha.

i feel like i'm seriously lagging behind in my work. haven't even taken the chem and bio notes. during onion prac i had to resort to copying results, like many others. oh well. should be able to catch up. all four my favourite pet subjects. haha. key phrase is "gentlemen, start your engines".

let's end this post on a lighter note.

Happy Birthday, Xin Ru!

it is unfortunate that i can't be present at her party. sincerely hope that everybody will have a good time, even though it's without me =p

[Stacie Orrico - Stuck]

hey. like Jun Wee, i'm currently staying at home. fever with a tinge of sore throat, which i probably got while playing retarded 9-Ball with George and Jun Wee. this is like the third time i'm getting sick this year. haha so sad right. it's not like my constitution is very bad either. 2005 must be a cursed year man haha. it's crappy to stay at home with coughs, fever, and stomach bloatings. 1S03I will be missed man.

speaking of 1S03I, i must say that it is quite a nice class. 20 boys and 8 girls. people who throw paper balls. people who Bridge. people who go for class outings in canteen, only to be late for GP. oh. and i've got a great GP teacher who is witty and interesting. also a great Bio teacher who makes me feel at home by speaking Chinese, while making Divya feel not at home. =p

oh yarh, and i must say that Ahsayuni is a great OG. had the most people left during first day of o2. 12, compared to 3 for other OGs. sadly, i had to miss my first Ahsayuni outing though. oh well. haha.

RJ dance looks cool. I only learnt one of the dances though. Ahsayuni not that enthu about dance haha. Oh well. At least I learnt the "All Stars" dance during my CT outing at Sentosa. Very very cool. All thanks to Wilfred, Caiyun and Chia Hui.

As for RJ food, it is not as bad as some people describe it to be.. Definitely better than Cath High food, even Nanyang food. I especially love the fishball noodles. The fried rice rocks too. The serving is a bit too large though. As for the rest, I actually never tried them yet. Heard that the mixed rice and roti prata are good. Looking forward to them tomorrow, if I'm going school tomorrow that is haha..

btw here's the new poser shoes i bought to go with my new socks, new RJ uniform and new bag..  Posted by Hello

Kinda miss NY dance man. NY people too. To all my acquaintances, friends and good friends, all the best. now i shall proceed on to list down everybody in NY that i remember. Don't worry, it's gonna be a short list.

first day everyone was like so quiet. haha. got quite close though, in the end. still remember the funky birthday celebrations. someone got piaked in the face with cake.

Jia Ying: ogl who called me to inform about orientation. hip and on. a fellow Dancer! was chosen as babe for pageant before.
Junrong: cute and nice ogl. always there to watch out for our safety.
Shijia: a very cute ogl. she has cute tongue-sticking-out actions.
Julian: a very funny and lame guy. always has lame things at his disposal. great bball shooting!
Jamie: a caring girl who will be remembered for her 178cm height as well as her card. her msn nick is +ÉrrîBý shôrT.
Chung Teck: a very cool guy. funny and cute. has super-long fingers.
Yiting: great smile with cute dimples. has a super small panasonic hp. thanks for the card!
Dezhi: easygoing guy. funny and lame! fellow Skitter! actor in wo de bai yun gang.
Tiffany: our eight characters do not compatible. ba zi bu he. haha. fellow Skitter! fellow Dancer. actress in wo de bai yun gang.
Jonathan: never really see him much after orientation. played bball together.
Wanjie: veh good at drama. acted as brain in skit. supposed to be pinky at first.
Huimin: my dance partner! Jamie likes to call her Joan.
Zou Xiao, Eric: a friendly guy. hometown in the most centre of China. as in geographically centre. a SM2 scholar, currently in NUS.
Oh Yuan Lin: Oh, Yuan Lin. quite a quiet girl at first, gets more talkative as u know her. has some cool hairstyles.
Qin Feng: a funny guy. very good at pool.
Gwendolyn: gwen for short. went with me for choir trials. got piaked in the face by cake during her birthday, at her condo. haha.
Jeremy, Aw Yong: JAY for short. seems to be quiet, but very funny and lame actually.
Clarice: we call her claire.
Xin Li: the photographer. loves to take photographs man!
Kai Zhen: super quiet guy. only f maths taker in og.
Julia: a nice girl.
Gerald: quiet. lyk the "quiet and strong" stereotype of guys. chosen as hunk.
Wei Lun: got the psychopath look. quite lame.
Siddhartha: aka Sidd. a great guy. came only in the middle of orientation. friendly. sociable. crashed f maths lecture together.

quite a nice class. a bit too quiet. a few people spice it up though. i was the chem rep!

Kevin Andrew Thesman: our slacker CT rep! ponned school for like a week man. hails from Indonesia. a cute guy. now in SA.
Zhi Kai: kai-kai for short. the ultimate funny and lame guy! haha.
Jun Wei: funny and lame guy. A1s for all three sciences man.
Wilson: funny and lame guy. we like to "gay" with each other. "son-son, qi-qi"..
Wilfred: a really cool, warm, funny guy. speaks English very well. i mean very well. very sociable guy. can play the piano super well too.
Pei Yan: haha. always kanna suaned by Wilfred, Zhi Kai and some others including me. cho lo (rough)
Gin Sun: we get along well. funny and cold guy. reads wuxia novels too.
Huisze: cute and quiet girl. good in badminton.
Toon: friendly guy who hails from Thailand. has a very cute name too.
Susanna Tang: su-su for short. oh my. she has great hair. one of the few Crescentians in ny.
Hing Loong: a very good physicist. funny guy too.
An Gie: Angie. Zhi Kai likes to ask her if she eats cakes from Angie the Choice.
Kian Soon: M.I.A after withdrawing from NY.
Janice: almost always stuck with Judy. siu-siu for short. cao mei lian. strawberry face. a sweet girl. always kanna teased by me. =p
Judy: almost always stuck with Janice. likes to try to bully me. haha.
Suhendra: Su lao da. Su old big. Hails from Indonesia.
Lucy: teachers always try to pronounce her Vietnamese name, when she has Lucy as an alternative.
Bing Rong: a cute guy. always pon lectures and tutorials with him and slack in library.
Kimwei: an outspoken and determined guy.
Lin Yao: China scholar. witty.
Ji Yuan Cheng: SM2 scholar, now in NUS. very witty. lovable smile. MSN nick is Xiao Ji.
Aw Chia Hui: her nickname is chair. forget the origin liao. lame when she is and not when she's not. 6 pts for both prelims and o-levels.
Tan Chia Hui: a fellow Dancer! teachers always mix up both chia huis, so we include their surnames.
Jessica: loves to shake while speaking in public. hates it when people call her by her Chinese name, Yan Ling.
Seer Ning: Malaysian. lives very near NY man.
Eileen: a lame girl. lives very near NY too man.
Caiyun: nickname: lao-shu, mouse. because of her ears. says i look like rabbit. (?)
Hui Keng: tallest girl in class. a Gallen Lo fan.

Dance Society

Eric: a nice guy. good at pool. lives in Telok Kurau (which i find to be a very cool name).
Lao-da: until now, i still dunno his real name. haha. good at pool. his house is so near NY.
Jinjie: a funny guy. very nice hairstyle.
Lisan: an old friend. very sociable, hip and on.
Chee Kian: as Lisan says, he has a great body. took the same bus.
Beijia: called her Peijia until she realised it was wrong.
Yuxi: has this v.cool beehive hairstyle.
Yingxia: laughs a lot.
Kaiwei: funny girl.
Cheryl: cute girl. has a lot of things to say.
Weihong: a friendly guy from Chinese High. lives in Tuas/Boon Lay. all the way to Serangoon.. that's why he's in NJ now.
Zheng Hui: a nice guy. J2s had this Zheng Hui + Wei Qi couple. so we got made fun of.
Hui Ling: had to elevate her with Zheng Hui. she has to do quite a lot of stunts man.
Angie: dance pres.
Diwei: a very lame Chinese High guy. in track too. was track captain in TCH, now HCI. taught me the Lightbulb Joke.
Jia Ying: my ogl! dances real well.
Li Hao: a funny and lame guy.
Yun Yi: a very nice and cute guy. strong too. looks like he just got out of NS. haha.
Eunice: seems to be quiet and nice. quite playful.
Tan Chia Hui: same class! good friends with Beijia.
Meishan: very nice girl to talk to. lives very very near me. took the same 73 once.
Xinyi: a J2 who remembered my name.
Tiffany: joined dance together. missed a lot of practices due to wo de bai yun gang rehearsal.
Yvonne: always tries to suan me. ahah. fellow 9pm sleeper. almost always seen together with Peishan.
Peishan: a girl of few words. almost always seen together with Yvonne.
Jia Hui: dances really well. has external training.
Yi Zhen: is in pugillistic too.
Chao: cute girl who hails from Vietnam.
Stella: seems to be a sweet and nice girl.
Jingfeng: a bit the materialistic.
Lingwen: almost always stuck on Rachel. has this charming smile. sociable.
Rachel: almost always stuck on Lingwen.
Priscillia: gave her my unused part of SA funfair tickets, unused due to a rush for AJ carnival.
Wayening: is easily confused. great ponytail. fellow Rafflesian.
Yu Ning: ex-frenemy. cute. fellow BoA fan. now in AJ. lives quite near me.

Interesting name they have. Haha. Sounds poser to me. We have a great coach.

Hui Pin: a funny guy. really looks like a Malay. even introduces himself as Ali.
Jia Ling: interesting name. Jia Ling = Add Zero.
Wilson: a fellow Skitter. as well as a fellow Gundam fan. very lame.
Kah Hui: does wushu moves very well. a very friendly guy.
Diwei: in Dance too. hardcore tracker.
Baldwin: fellow Cath Higher. a powerful thrower.
Sabrina: can't help thinking of the teenage witch. runs very fast. powerful thrower.
Chee Siong: used to be in Dance. he tells people not to call him Chicken Breast. helped to alleviate my cramps. thanks so much.
Yu Ting: ah my gan-jie. (when she obviously looks younger) has unforgettable, contagious laughter. seriously laughs a lot.
Yan Loong: told me that he's from Cath High when he's from Chung Cheng. haha. very funny guy.
Alicia: hardcore tracker. great techniques. now in NJ.
Vignam: a serious long distance runner. 6 pointer.
Weisheng: ah, fellow Cath Higher. fellow Long Jump fan. the 7 pointer who's going to poly.
Huimin: same og! seriously not suited for track la =p
Chung Teck: has long legs too, as well as fingers. same og!
Qin Feng: couldn't get into badminton. so joined track. same og!
Jeremy Tio: a funny guy. tall and hunky.
NYGH-girl: for being concerned when i got a bad cramp and asking for help. thanks so much.
Maris-guy: very friendly and funny. can jump super ultra high. must be frog legs.

Pierce Gang
the ones who are in Nanyang, that is.

Janice: whoops. not in NY.
Darryl: joined choir together. a very funny and lame guy. contagious laughter. has an equally funny twin known as Daniel.
Xueying: she got me out of the steeping balloons game quickly man. has two sisters and a brother to take care of. and she says she looks the youngest. ermmm.
Jingfa: joined choir together. a nice guy.
Xinru: joined choir together. aka the act cute girl. at least she's cute la.
Suxian: blur. blur. quite blur. makes nice cheese cakes.
Hwee Siang: otherwise known as Siang Siang. liked my red braces.
Zhao Han: "dunno my name" 4 times. takes same bus. live near each other. got kicked out of badminton trials together.
Jinyuan: ah, a very sociable guy! funny too. got kicked out of badminton trials together. always seen around Wan Ting.. hmm hmm..

whom i chanced upon.

Hwee Siang: the student council president. very funny guy. [inside joke] because momo said so. [/inside joke]
Wan Ting: thought she was an Andersoner, turns out she's an IJTPer after looking at the large IJTP badge. calls me Chinese Chess. always seen around Jinyuan.. hmm hmm..
Gary: played bball with him once. a cool guy. resembles Jun Wee's brother, Han Wee. has a cool hairstyle too.
Aduyuki aka Cynthia: Japanese + Chinese. Deadly combi. Means she is trilingual from birth. Plus Japanese girls are mostly chio/cute. Chinese girls too.
Mervie: great smile! smiles a lot too. he can draw really really well.
Rebecca: pulled me into hi-five. a fellow Skitter.
Belinda 1: full of confidence. ODACker.
Belinda 2: fellow Skitter.
Maybelline: maybe it's maybelline. the "pretty and sexy ogl". kinda special la, not as special as Wilfred though. ears and face turn red easily.
Hazel: lives near me. conspired with me to bully Maybelline.
Rachel: choir girl. can sing quite well. usually kanna bullied by Maybelline.
Jeremy: haha. a funny guy. plays soccer well.
Xiu Fang: fellow Skitter. a sweet girl. now in AJ.
Keng Leong: he has braces too! and his fringe is dam nice.
Li Min: a cute girl.
Nicholas: A fellow Cath Higher. now in AJ. was the Zelda hunk. likes to pin me down haha.
Miaoyu: an old friend. still popular with the guys.
Mervyn: fellow Cath Higher. takes same bus. introduced me to a nice song by SHIN. and JJ's Jiang Nan too, which has become my all-time favourite.
Audrey: fellow Skitter. still remember how she had to say the Juliet lines in the skit.. dam funny lol. and the hilarious costume too.
Issac: a fellow Cath Higher.
Hui Yi: got lots of ghost stories to tell.
Choy: oh my. a real lame and funny guy!
Michelle: enthu Zelda/Dragon elder.
Gabriel: sings very well.
Fangli: is very softspoken. has a great smile.
Erel: actually i dunno how to spell his name. very unique name. sociable guy. super shuai ge.
Peiyee: somehow dragged into hi-five. always seen around a certain Cath High guy. hmhmhm =p
Kevin: is a funny guy.
Gladys: ahh my dance partner! has chao long earrings. now in MJ.
Si Han: jeremy aka JAY's significant other. charming smile.
Oishii stall auntie: I love her Ramen! rocks lor! will miss her man.

yep. should be all. of course, there are people i know which i didn't ask for names, i'll remember your faces though.. haha.

[Keane - Everybody's Changing]
[Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live] this rocks!

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female You are both sensitive and savvy Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve
What Gender Is Your Brain?
Okay. I have absolutely no comments.. It seems that Cam, Choon Yong, Yee Kuang, Piggy and me obtained the same results.. Hmm hmm..

Anyway, yesterday around 7 people got into Miss Wong's car, excluding herself.. It is fortunate that Johnny, Piggy and me are all under 50 kg each.. And they say the record isn't broken yet.. Hahaha.. Lucky there were no sightings of police cars..

Oh, then at No Signboard Restaurant, Kallang Branch, we played Zhong Ji Mi Ma (again)

*flashback to Puden's birthday celebration - Zhong Ji Mi Ma on the 17th*
Quite exciting lar, around a period the reward got more and more disgusting.. Jason and I were the last men standing.. waha. I managed to somehow let Prila who was beside me, get the reward 3 times..
*end flashback*

Anyway, this time ZJMM cost the restaurant lots of Chrysanthemum Tea..

After all the feasting, we, a group of guys decided to go walk walk at the Stadium Waterfront.. We were so 'soft', and that resulted in much resentment from couples.. Enjoying the strong breeze on the bridge, Johnny suggested that we play cards.. Then we realised that it would be impossible for the cards to stay still.. Plan scraped.

In the end, a group of six people including me broke off from the main group to go Monstercue. I teamed with Zhi Yong and Cam teamed with Yee Kuang. It was horrible.. It's like, for the first few rounds, it was always the black and white balls that went in together for the CamYK team.. Zhi Yong and I managed to get a 8-0 before the tables turned.. Well. It's creepy, my shots got frighteningly accurate that night.. All kinds of shots worked except tyco ones..

Anyway, Zhi Yong then suggested that we buy drinks, and we ended up walking to PS. We were kinda surprised to see McDonalds still open.. On closer examination, we discovered that McDonalds closes at 3.00am on Fri, Sat and Holidays' Eves.. Talk about Gu Lou Gua Wen.

When I got home, it was like around 3am.. Kind of my latest ever. I actually took a walk around too, the serenity was refreshing.. I just love the night.. Mysterious and quiet.. I used to be afraid of the dark though.. haha..

8 March 2005.

It was a great start of a day.
I managed to get to Nanyang Junior College's sidegate just before the National Anthem played.


Chinese as the first lesson. Usually enthusiastic, but not today, not today, today..

Then it was PE.
I volunteered to enter the max 3 guys team of 7.
I realise Floorball is quite fun when you're thrashing your worthy opponents.
They should have had fun too, everybody was laughing all the way.. =)


Lunch at beloved J8 food junction. How i miss that place!


RJC's humongous!
That's all.
Feels empty.
Somehow, classrooms have unusually wide-open windows. Open nature perhaps?
And everything's all green.. Kind of fits in with my green braces and green pants.

Okay, and we played with the RJ lift. It's double-sided!


Then David brought us to crash RI.
A very nice place.
Ah, the fond memories of playing Bball with the PRC scholars..


All's well.
That is, until.. I felt hot.
Special thanks to Wayening for accompanying me home.

I got home and found out that my temp was like 38.5.


So it's a two days MC.
Get to skip school yeah. Some would rejoice at that, but..
I would rather go to school!
It is seriously not pleasant to be sick.

So take care, people.

Carpe Diem

in a dilemma.
ny or r?
"rjc only if i get 6 pts, else i stay firm in ny"
i remember many people getting that reply from me.

usually, i make decisions easily.
i don't think much about them
somehow, this time it's different.

my emotional part
can't bear to leave ny
my adventurous part
can't wait to enter rj

adventurous says
carpe diem
seize the day.
take the chance.

emotional says

it's not like rjc has any prominent advantages.
it'll make me non-lazy though. haha.

oh well.
once in a lifetime chance.
if i never try, i will never know what's best for me.
and all i can do is try.

"the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for."

How's the lunar new year going?

Decided to change my layout in time for the new year.

Currently, i've been experimenting with cycling as well as walking to school. Quite fast to cycle there, taking 20 mins compared to 15 mins for a bus. Of course it's dangerous too, even more so than walking. There's always SUVs coming out of tiny roads from those Serangoon Gardens houses. In the blink of an eye, my bicycle speeds pass a few roads. If i'm unlucky, a collision may occur. Definitely not a laughing matter.

Dance is quite demanding, requiring intense amounts of coordination. Due to the way the training is structured, which is not organised at all, we usually do not master a move before moving on to others. sometimes we have splits, jumps, dances, spider push-ups, dances, arm strengthening exercises, blah blah. Overall a great new experience. Still prefer hiphop.

Track: joining for fun, peace joy and laughter. Hope i can make it in competitions, although i didn't join track to compete. In one particular training, i decided to sprint continuously instead of running around Gardens. Result: a right leg cramp for the first time. now i know how unbearable a cramp is. Ha. Thanks to a kind nygh girl for her kind concern, as well as two guys from maris and chi high for helping resolve my cramp. They rejected my $2 massage fee though.

Class: not bad, getting along quite well. There's a humourous guy by the name of Junwei too.

Suddenly discovered that i tend to not remember names well. After the discovery though, i couldn't forget names how much i tried. Go figure.

[ Jay - Qing Tian ]

Nanyang JC

I'm going to miss ZION 2005.
As well as the great dances.
Of course, I'll miss Quetin too!

Unfortunately, the Disco Night had to discontinue halfway through due to complaints from either the teachers or the neighbours. It was fun man! Right now, the song Superstar is ringing in my head..

Great. This week is totally relaxing.. I went home at 11 plus today. I was planning to crash the Econs lecture but somehow fatigue caught up with me. Slept too late yesterday thanks to the many rounds of Bridge with Aaron, Lala and Xinru at the famed Mos Burger. Anyway, there was lots of non-positive feedback about the Econs lecture, so perhaps it's good that I didn't go for it.

I'm starting to love the Chicken Rice in the NY Canteen.. U get to add a lot of vegetables too.

Seriously, it's so slow-paced now.. Although I seriously don't mind having lots of free time to socialise, cook, read and everything else.. I seriously cannot stand this anymore.. So i'll just have to sit down.