Nanyang JC

I'm going to miss ZION 2005.
As well as the great dances.
Of course, I'll miss Quetin too!

Unfortunately, the Disco Night had to discontinue halfway through due to complaints from either the teachers or the neighbours. It was fun man! Right now, the song Superstar is ringing in my head..

Great. This week is totally relaxing.. I went home at 11 plus today. I was planning to crash the Econs lecture but somehow fatigue caught up with me. Slept too late yesterday thanks to the many rounds of Bridge with Aaron, Lala and Xinru at the famed Mos Burger. Anyway, there was lots of non-positive feedback about the Econs lecture, so perhaps it's good that I didn't go for it.

I'm starting to love the Chicken Rice in the NY Canteen.. U get to add a lot of vegetables too.

Seriously, it's so slow-paced now.. Although I seriously don't mind having lots of free time to socialise, cook, read and everything else.. I seriously cannot stand this anymore.. So i'll just have to sit down.