How's the lunar new year going?

Decided to change my layout in time for the new year.

Currently, i've been experimenting with cycling as well as walking to school. Quite fast to cycle there, taking 20 mins compared to 15 mins for a bus. Of course it's dangerous too, even more so than walking. There's always SUVs coming out of tiny roads from those Serangoon Gardens houses. In the blink of an eye, my bicycle speeds pass a few roads. If i'm unlucky, a collision may occur. Definitely not a laughing matter.

Dance is quite demanding, requiring intense amounts of coordination. Due to the way the training is structured, which is not organised at all, we usually do not master a move before moving on to others. sometimes we have splits, jumps, dances, spider push-ups, dances, arm strengthening exercises, blah blah. Overall a great new experience. Still prefer hiphop.

Track: joining for fun, peace joy and laughter. Hope i can make it in competitions, although i didn't join track to compete. In one particular training, i decided to sprint continuously instead of running around Gardens. Result: a right leg cramp for the first time. now i know how unbearable a cramp is. Ha. Thanks to a kind nygh girl for her kind concern, as well as two guys from maris and chi high for helping resolve my cramp. They rejected my $2 massage fee though.

Class: not bad, getting along quite well. There's a humourous guy by the name of Junwei too.

Suddenly discovered that i tend to not remember names well. After the discovery though, i couldn't forget names how much i tried. Go figure.

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