hey. like Jun Wee, i'm currently staying at home. fever with a tinge of sore throat, which i probably got while playing retarded 9-Ball with George and Jun Wee. this is like the third time i'm getting sick this year. haha so sad right. it's not like my constitution is very bad either. 2005 must be a cursed year man haha. it's crappy to stay at home with coughs, fever, and stomach bloatings. 1S03I will be missed man.

speaking of 1S03I, i must say that it is quite a nice class. 20 boys and 8 girls. people who throw paper balls. people who Bridge. people who go for class outings in canteen, only to be late for GP. oh. and i've got a great GP teacher who is witty and interesting. also a great Bio teacher who makes me feel at home by speaking Chinese, while making Divya feel not at home. =p

oh yarh, and i must say that Ahsayuni is a great OG. had the most people left during first day of o2. 12, compared to 3 for other OGs. sadly, i had to miss my first Ahsayuni outing though. oh well. haha.

RJ dance looks cool. I only learnt one of the dances though. Ahsayuni not that enthu about dance haha. Oh well. At least I learnt the "All Stars" dance during my CT outing at Sentosa. Very very cool. All thanks to Wilfred, Caiyun and Chia Hui.

As for RJ food, it is not as bad as some people describe it to be.. Definitely better than Cath High food, even Nanyang food. I especially love the fishball noodles. The fried rice rocks too. The serving is a bit too large though. As for the rest, I actually never tried them yet. Heard that the mixed rice and roti prata are good. Looking forward to them tomorrow, if I'm going school tomorrow that is haha..

btw here's the new poser shoes i bought to go with my new socks, new RJ uniform and new bag..  Posted by Hello

Kinda miss NY dance man. NY people too. To all my acquaintances, friends and good friends, all the best. now i shall proceed on to list down everybody in NY that i remember. Don't worry, it's gonna be a short list.

first day everyone was like so quiet. haha. got quite close though, in the end. still remember the funky birthday celebrations. someone got piaked in the face with cake.

Jia Ying: ogl who called me to inform about orientation. hip and on. a fellow Dancer! was chosen as babe for pageant before.
Junrong: cute and nice ogl. always there to watch out for our safety.
Shijia: a very cute ogl. she has cute tongue-sticking-out actions.
Julian: a very funny and lame guy. always has lame things at his disposal. great bball shooting!
Jamie: a caring girl who will be remembered for her 178cm height as well as her card. her msn nick is +ÉrrîBý shôrT.
Chung Teck: a very cool guy. funny and cute. has super-long fingers.
Yiting: great smile with cute dimples. has a super small panasonic hp. thanks for the card!
Dezhi: easygoing guy. funny and lame! fellow Skitter! actor in wo de bai yun gang.
Tiffany: our eight characters do not compatible. ba zi bu he. haha. fellow Skitter! fellow Dancer. actress in wo de bai yun gang.
Jonathan: never really see him much after orientation. played bball together.
Wanjie: veh good at drama. acted as brain in skit. supposed to be pinky at first.
Huimin: my dance partner! Jamie likes to call her Joan.
Zou Xiao, Eric: a friendly guy. hometown in the most centre of China. as in geographically centre. a SM2 scholar, currently in NUS.
Oh Yuan Lin: Oh, Yuan Lin. quite a quiet girl at first, gets more talkative as u know her. has some cool hairstyles.
Qin Feng: a funny guy. very good at pool.
Gwendolyn: gwen for short. went with me for choir trials. got piaked in the face by cake during her birthday, at her condo. haha.
Jeremy, Aw Yong: JAY for short. seems to be quiet, but very funny and lame actually.
Clarice: we call her claire.
Xin Li: the photographer. loves to take photographs man!
Kai Zhen: super quiet guy. only f maths taker in og.
Julia: a nice girl.
Gerald: quiet. lyk the "quiet and strong" stereotype of guys. chosen as hunk.
Wei Lun: got the psychopath look. quite lame.
Siddhartha: aka Sidd. a great guy. came only in the middle of orientation. friendly. sociable. crashed f maths lecture together.

quite a nice class. a bit too quiet. a few people spice it up though. i was the chem rep!

Kevin Andrew Thesman: our slacker CT rep! ponned school for like a week man. hails from Indonesia. a cute guy. now in SA.
Zhi Kai: kai-kai for short. the ultimate funny and lame guy! haha.
Jun Wei: funny and lame guy. A1s for all three sciences man.
Wilson: funny and lame guy. we like to "gay" with each other. "son-son, qi-qi"..
Wilfred: a really cool, warm, funny guy. speaks English very well. i mean very well. very sociable guy. can play the piano super well too.
Pei Yan: haha. always kanna suaned by Wilfred, Zhi Kai and some others including me. cho lo (rough)
Gin Sun: we get along well. funny and cold guy. reads wuxia novels too.
Huisze: cute and quiet girl. good in badminton.
Toon: friendly guy who hails from Thailand. has a very cute name too.
Susanna Tang: su-su for short. oh my. she has great hair. one of the few Crescentians in ny.
Hing Loong: a very good physicist. funny guy too.
An Gie: Angie. Zhi Kai likes to ask her if she eats cakes from Angie the Choice.
Kian Soon: M.I.A after withdrawing from NY.
Janice: almost always stuck with Judy. siu-siu for short. cao mei lian. strawberry face. a sweet girl. always kanna teased by me. =p
Judy: almost always stuck with Janice. likes to try to bully me. haha.
Suhendra: Su lao da. Su old big. Hails from Indonesia.
Lucy: teachers always try to pronounce her Vietnamese name, when she has Lucy as an alternative.
Bing Rong: a cute guy. always pon lectures and tutorials with him and slack in library.
Kimwei: an outspoken and determined guy.
Lin Yao: China scholar. witty.
Ji Yuan Cheng: SM2 scholar, now in NUS. very witty. lovable smile. MSN nick is Xiao Ji.
Aw Chia Hui: her nickname is chair. forget the origin liao. lame when she is and not when she's not. 6 pts for both prelims and o-levels.
Tan Chia Hui: a fellow Dancer! teachers always mix up both chia huis, so we include their surnames.
Jessica: loves to shake while speaking in public. hates it when people call her by her Chinese name, Yan Ling.
Seer Ning: Malaysian. lives very near NY man.
Eileen: a lame girl. lives very near NY too man.
Caiyun: nickname: lao-shu, mouse. because of her ears. says i look like rabbit. (?)
Hui Keng: tallest girl in class. a Gallen Lo fan.

Dance Society

Eric: a nice guy. good at pool. lives in Telok Kurau (which i find to be a very cool name).
Lao-da: until now, i still dunno his real name. haha. good at pool. his house is so near NY.
Jinjie: a funny guy. very nice hairstyle.
Lisan: an old friend. very sociable, hip and on.
Chee Kian: as Lisan says, he has a great body. took the same bus.
Beijia: called her Peijia until she realised it was wrong.
Yuxi: has this v.cool beehive hairstyle.
Yingxia: laughs a lot.
Kaiwei: funny girl.
Cheryl: cute girl. has a lot of things to say.
Weihong: a friendly guy from Chinese High. lives in Tuas/Boon Lay. all the way to Serangoon.. that's why he's in NJ now.
Zheng Hui: a nice guy. J2s had this Zheng Hui + Wei Qi couple. so we got made fun of.
Hui Ling: had to elevate her with Zheng Hui. she has to do quite a lot of stunts man.
Angie: dance pres.
Diwei: a very lame Chinese High guy. in track too. was track captain in TCH, now HCI. taught me the Lightbulb Joke.
Jia Ying: my ogl! dances real well.
Li Hao: a funny and lame guy.
Yun Yi: a very nice and cute guy. strong too. looks like he just got out of NS. haha.
Eunice: seems to be quiet and nice. quite playful.
Tan Chia Hui: same class! good friends with Beijia.
Meishan: very nice girl to talk to. lives very very near me. took the same 73 once.
Xinyi: a J2 who remembered my name.
Tiffany: joined dance together. missed a lot of practices due to wo de bai yun gang rehearsal.
Yvonne: always tries to suan me. ahah. fellow 9pm sleeper. almost always seen together with Peishan.
Peishan: a girl of few words. almost always seen together with Yvonne.
Jia Hui: dances really well. has external training.
Yi Zhen: is in pugillistic too.
Chao: cute girl who hails from Vietnam.
Stella: seems to be a sweet and nice girl.
Jingfeng: a bit the materialistic.
Lingwen: almost always stuck on Rachel. has this charming smile. sociable.
Rachel: almost always stuck on Lingwen.
Priscillia: gave her my unused part of SA funfair tickets, unused due to a rush for AJ carnival.
Wayening: is easily confused. great ponytail. fellow Rafflesian.
Yu Ning: ex-frenemy. cute. fellow BoA fan. now in AJ. lives quite near me.

Interesting name they have. Haha. Sounds poser to me. We have a great coach.

Hui Pin: a funny guy. really looks like a Malay. even introduces himself as Ali.
Jia Ling: interesting name. Jia Ling = Add Zero.
Wilson: a fellow Skitter. as well as a fellow Gundam fan. very lame.
Kah Hui: does wushu moves very well. a very friendly guy.
Diwei: in Dance too. hardcore tracker.
Baldwin: fellow Cath Higher. a powerful thrower.
Sabrina: can't help thinking of the teenage witch. runs very fast. powerful thrower.
Chee Siong: used to be in Dance. he tells people not to call him Chicken Breast. helped to alleviate my cramps. thanks so much.
Yu Ting: ah my gan-jie. (when she obviously looks younger) has unforgettable, contagious laughter. seriously laughs a lot.
Yan Loong: told me that he's from Cath High when he's from Chung Cheng. haha. very funny guy.
Alicia: hardcore tracker. great techniques. now in NJ.
Vignam: a serious long distance runner. 6 pointer.
Weisheng: ah, fellow Cath Higher. fellow Long Jump fan. the 7 pointer who's going to poly.
Huimin: same og! seriously not suited for track la =p
Chung Teck: has long legs too, as well as fingers. same og!
Qin Feng: couldn't get into badminton. so joined track. same og!
Jeremy Tio: a funny guy. tall and hunky.
NYGH-girl: for being concerned when i got a bad cramp and asking for help. thanks so much.
Maris-guy: very friendly and funny. can jump super ultra high. must be frog legs.

Pierce Gang
the ones who are in Nanyang, that is.

Janice: whoops. not in NY.
Darryl: joined choir together. a very funny and lame guy. contagious laughter. has an equally funny twin known as Daniel.
Xueying: she got me out of the steeping balloons game quickly man. has two sisters and a brother to take care of. and she says she looks the youngest. ermmm.
Jingfa: joined choir together. a nice guy.
Xinru: joined choir together. aka the act cute girl. at least she's cute la.
Suxian: blur. blur. quite blur. makes nice cheese cakes.
Hwee Siang: otherwise known as Siang Siang. liked my red braces.
Zhao Han: "dunno my name" 4 times. takes same bus. live near each other. got kicked out of badminton trials together.
Jinyuan: ah, a very sociable guy! funny too. got kicked out of badminton trials together. always seen around Wan Ting.. hmm hmm..

whom i chanced upon.

Hwee Siang: the student council president. very funny guy. [inside joke] because momo said so. [/inside joke]
Wan Ting: thought she was an Andersoner, turns out she's an IJTPer after looking at the large IJTP badge. calls me Chinese Chess. always seen around Jinyuan.. hmm hmm..
Gary: played bball with him once. a cool guy. resembles Jun Wee's brother, Han Wee. has a cool hairstyle too.
Aduyuki aka Cynthia: Japanese + Chinese. Deadly combi. Means she is trilingual from birth. Plus Japanese girls are mostly chio/cute. Chinese girls too.
Mervie: great smile! smiles a lot too. he can draw really really well.
Rebecca: pulled me into hi-five. a fellow Skitter.
Belinda 1: full of confidence. ODACker.
Belinda 2: fellow Skitter.
Maybelline: maybe it's maybelline. the "pretty and sexy ogl". kinda special la, not as special as Wilfred though. ears and face turn red easily.
Hazel: lives near me. conspired with me to bully Maybelline.
Rachel: choir girl. can sing quite well. usually kanna bullied by Maybelline.
Jeremy: haha. a funny guy. plays soccer well.
Xiu Fang: fellow Skitter. a sweet girl. now in AJ.
Keng Leong: he has braces too! and his fringe is dam nice.
Li Min: a cute girl.
Nicholas: A fellow Cath Higher. now in AJ. was the Zelda hunk. likes to pin me down haha.
Miaoyu: an old friend. still popular with the guys.
Mervyn: fellow Cath Higher. takes same bus. introduced me to a nice song by SHIN. and JJ's Jiang Nan too, which has become my all-time favourite.
Audrey: fellow Skitter. still remember how she had to say the Juliet lines in the skit.. dam funny lol. and the hilarious costume too.
Issac: a fellow Cath Higher.
Hui Yi: got lots of ghost stories to tell.
Choy: oh my. a real lame and funny guy!
Michelle: enthu Zelda/Dragon elder.
Gabriel: sings very well.
Fangli: is very softspoken. has a great smile.
Erel: actually i dunno how to spell his name. very unique name. sociable guy. super shuai ge.
Peiyee: somehow dragged into hi-five. always seen around a certain Cath High guy. hmhmhm =p
Kevin: is a funny guy.
Gladys: ahh my dance partner! has chao long earrings. now in MJ.
Si Han: jeremy aka JAY's significant other. charming smile.
Oishii stall auntie: I love her Ramen! rocks lor! will miss her man.

yep. should be all. of course, there are people i know which i didn't ask for names, i'll remember your faces though.. haha.

[Keane - Everybody's Changing]
[Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live] this rocks!

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Okay. I have absolutely no comments.. It seems that Cam, Choon Yong, Yee Kuang, Piggy and me obtained the same results.. Hmm hmm..

Anyway, yesterday around 7 people got into Miss Wong's car, excluding herself.. It is fortunate that Johnny, Piggy and me are all under 50 kg each.. And they say the record isn't broken yet.. Hahaha.. Lucky there were no sightings of police cars..

Oh, then at No Signboard Restaurant, Kallang Branch, we played Zhong Ji Mi Ma (again)

*flashback to Puden's birthday celebration - Zhong Ji Mi Ma on the 17th*
Quite exciting lar, around a period the reward got more and more disgusting.. Jason and I were the last men standing.. waha. I managed to somehow let Prila who was beside me, get the reward 3 times..
*end flashback*

Anyway, this time ZJMM cost the restaurant lots of Chrysanthemum Tea..

After all the feasting, we, a group of guys decided to go walk walk at the Stadium Waterfront.. We were so 'soft', and that resulted in much resentment from couples.. Enjoying the strong breeze on the bridge, Johnny suggested that we play cards.. Then we realised that it would be impossible for the cards to stay still.. Plan scraped.

In the end, a group of six people including me broke off from the main group to go Monstercue. I teamed with Zhi Yong and Cam teamed with Yee Kuang. It was horrible.. It's like, for the first few rounds, it was always the black and white balls that went in together for the CamYK team.. Zhi Yong and I managed to get a 8-0 before the tables turned.. Well. It's creepy, my shots got frighteningly accurate that night.. All kinds of shots worked except tyco ones..

Anyway, Zhi Yong then suggested that we buy drinks, and we ended up walking to PS. We were kinda surprised to see McDonalds still open.. On closer examination, we discovered that McDonalds closes at 3.00am on Fri, Sat and Holidays' Eves.. Talk about Gu Lou Gua Wen.

When I got home, it was like around 3am.. Kind of my latest ever. I actually took a walk around too, the serenity was refreshing.. I just love the night.. Mysterious and quiet.. I used to be afraid of the dark though.. haha..

8 March 2005.

It was a great start of a day.
I managed to get to Nanyang Junior College's sidegate just before the National Anthem played.


Chinese as the first lesson. Usually enthusiastic, but not today, not today, today..

Then it was PE.
I volunteered to enter the max 3 guys team of 7.
I realise Floorball is quite fun when you're thrashing your worthy opponents.
They should have had fun too, everybody was laughing all the way.. =)


Lunch at beloved J8 food junction. How i miss that place!


RJC's humongous!
That's all.
Feels empty.
Somehow, classrooms have unusually wide-open windows. Open nature perhaps?
And everything's all green.. Kind of fits in with my green braces and green pants.

Okay, and we played with the RJ lift. It's double-sided!


Then David brought us to crash RI.
A very nice place.
Ah, the fond memories of playing Bball with the PRC scholars..


All's well.
That is, until.. I felt hot.
Special thanks to Wayening for accompanying me home.

I got home and found out that my temp was like 38.5.


So it's a two days MC.
Get to skip school yeah. Some would rejoice at that, but..
I would rather go to school!
It is seriously not pleasant to be sick.

So take care, people.

Carpe Diem

in a dilemma.
ny or r?
"rjc only if i get 6 pts, else i stay firm in ny"
i remember many people getting that reply from me.

usually, i make decisions easily.
i don't think much about them
somehow, this time it's different.

my emotional part
can't bear to leave ny
my adventurous part
can't wait to enter rj

adventurous says
carpe diem
seize the day.
take the chance.

emotional says

it's not like rjc has any prominent advantages.
it'll make me non-lazy though. haha.

oh well.
once in a lifetime chance.
if i never try, i will never know what's best for me.
and all i can do is try.

"the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than what you settled for."