ah. it has been a week. my condition has somewhat improved, after numerous visits to the doctor. haha. a bit more to total recovery, and I'm off to clinch my gold.

tuesdays are always the best. 1 maths lecture, followed by 4 tutorials in a row all the way to four. i'm lovin it. (yeah, right. i'm starting to dread the timetable but it's definitely a turn for the better compared to ny's)

chinese lessons. seriously, i shouldn't have took it. enough said. it's only for a year though, kinda lame if i drop it now. i'll still end at 4. haha.

oh, and my class is quite musical. probably everyone plays at least one instrument. expectedly, the most popular is piano!

class mini concert during break! Posted by Hello

yi zhe top-left playing the violin too. was playing a load of songs, disney, misc songs. a pity vivian didn't join in with her er-hu. regretfully our christine never sang during phantom of the opera too.
we should do this more man. in class we're always playing the guitar, esp hon loong, yi zhe and kevin. currently boulevard of broken dreams is the popular song in our class.

ok this motivates me to somehow get my sight-reading up and re-learn all my guitar chords. hiak hiak hiak. busy nowadays though.


i'm stuck. stuck at home. reading irrelevant books like lord of the rings. stoning in front of the window. looking through my magic the gathering cards. enduring my awful stomach bloat. freezing and shivering in the presence of a fever. weeping alone in that corner. realising how torturous it is to be sick. having renewed empathy for people plagued by illness. realising my layout is too bright for it's own good. especially when i'm stuck at home.

now my competitive spirit, at least what is left of it, fears for the upcoming napfa. water and nutrients are not being absorbed. my muscles have visibly reduced in size. every breath i take requires much effort. my 65/min heart rate has more than doubled to 140/min. best of all, pe games are next week. i can't take part in them without suffering a serious bruise to my lungs. haha. i kinda miss my running shoes.

currently, this is my sixth day in tragedy. the third time in one year. as junwee says, we may be allergic to girls. it has been a clean record for four years in cath high. that's why when it hits, it hits hard. hope that this time Chinese medicine, with its 1000 years of history, will work a miracle. haha.

i feel like i'm seriously lagging behind in my work. haven't even taken the chem and bio notes. during onion prac i had to resort to copying results, like many others. oh well. should be able to catch up. all four my favourite pet subjects. haha. key phrase is "gentlemen, start your engines".

let's end this post on a lighter note.

Happy Birthday, Xin Ru!

it is unfortunate that i can't be present at her party. sincerely hope that everybody will have a good time, even though it's without me =p

[Stacie Orrico - Stuck]