OMG! This blog, it has not been updated for ages! It was by chance that I noticed this, I just finished writing my Zhou Ji (Si) 周记(四) then I thought why not check my blog, since I still had some things to say. It's like when I get started on writing, it just flows, before that it seems like it's blocked.

Speaking about Zhou Ji, I'm glad that my Chinese lessons are coming to a end. With an uninspiring teacher and erm unenthusiastic students, I'm afraid to say that my Chinese lessons have been most unenjoyable. (you saw that coming, didn't you?) However, I refuse to let this affect my love of Chinese. From what I see, students seem to force themselves to study Chinese, which is usually not effective, not productive and miserable. And it's saddest when they hate Chinese because they can't score well in that. Plus! I've had occurences of people flaunting their Higher Chinese grades and being proud that they mugged hard for it. (not that i didn't mug hard for it, that was the only subject that i really mugged for! omg!) So, I guess I shall just continue to love Chinese and WIN! while those people mentioned above can stick to their ways. I wonder why I took Chinese AO anyway. (confession: so that i won't feel so demoralised because I have at least one subject that I may not top but will thrash people! hahaha evil laughter!)

Let's see what have I been doing.. I'm still in a holiday mood and many tutorials have been left undone.. But! I'm declaring all-out mugging for today! (and only today) Take that, evil silent muggers! Starting from 3 PM, I shall aim for full understanding of the concepts that I'm unclear with. (which may not include school subjects, they may include plot concepts, i'm making myself clear so that y'all won't rely on me for tests)

Which reminds me.. I have been looking into chiasmus. It's real interesting. Here's one:

The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence.

Word lovers will love this. Look for "never let a Fool Kiss you or a Kiss Fool you" in the library.

A disappointment: RJ girls that I know. Being a new-comer, I do not know a lot of girls well, but from the girls that i know and notice, either they're shy(?) or aloof, preoccupied with themselves and their closest friends(common everywhere, expected, something we can't really pick on) or else they're just nice. (let's not talk about looks here shall we.. ...) (maybe it's not just RJ girls..)
OMG I love the boys here! Compared to NYJC (sorry lah) Most are witty, funny, have interesting things in their lives and they've things to learn from! Plus we have many things in common. (Maybe because of four years in a boys school, i'm used to boys)

I miss the sunshine. I thought I had recovered from my cold/flu/whatever last week, but I feel worse this week. Might be due to the intense basketball games. (i love rj bballs, it's so plasticky.) As well as that 2.4km run, in which I was 1 min off my target of 10.20 and very giddified after. Moral of the story: take good care even when not sick.
Plus take good care of yourselves because WHO has announced that there may be another round of SARS, meaner and badder, coming in around October November.

Console fans: Aren't you all excited about the introduction of the next-generation consoles? PS3, Xbox 360.. Oh my the trailers are very cool (they're supposed to be) i feel like saving money for either. Start saving!

Current song stuck in people's minds: I Can Sing a Rainbow, by Delta Goodrem