a day that wasn't short

yesterday was definitely a long day. i'm feeling groggy right now lol. went night cycling with choonie cam jer piggy and weiyi.. must have cycled over 40km. from ECP we got to Hougang then to my house. I had to change man, wearing RJ pants to cycle is a chore xia.. Jer didn't wanna change, guess he wanted to show off his VJ uni =p well anyway after my home we went to cath high to take some pictures, then go Cam's house in Sin Ming, before going all the way down to Orchard City Hall then Kallang and back, finally to ECP..

we were all losing our focus when we reach ECP, so when we found some benches we just laid down and slept immediately. lol. turns out we only got to sleep around 30min. then went back to victoria to get our bags from choir room. too bad the gate was open liao, couldn't get the chance to climb over like we did at night.. that was fun lol. took a few photos during our expedition. shall leave it to choon yong to do all the blog. can read his blog, his entry should be up soon.

well as always i'm still quite awake. can't really get to sleep in the day la.

in a blur

today was some unusually high day. i think i was in some drunken stupor, did some crazy stuff which i can't remember haha. or rather, don't wanna remember haha. like slapping hazel :p i should eat less haagen daaz rum and raisins man.

anyway thanks to mr tan kum kit justin we got released like at 3, half of a usually boring lab lesson. was talking about how only kaixuan didn't get a "not smooth" remark on her smooth curve, mok colin and i all got penalised la. then was like reading the Teenage magazine, searching for someone's significant other inside. *while* the girls were discussing chem (? should be chem, if i'm not wrong. could be any other subject though). we, the boys was reading the Teenage magazine, while them, the girls were discussing work stuff. it seriously sounds a bit wrong lol. i think my class is pretty unique xia. Ethel said all the more active girls are in BCME and etc. she's probably right haha.

looking forward to capoeira tomorrow. all ready to rediscover all my forgotten steps.

for now, i shall continue to miss all the taiwan peeps. definitely miss my buddy the most man. had a great time together. until the day we reunite. december 7.