sunnie is out

hah stop raining liao! yes, when the sun's out, wei qis go out to play! some people (take that, waye) just don't like the sun. you're missing out on so much. =p anyway, quattro formaggi rocks. the cheese, it just melts in your mouth. i made a whole mess lol. four kinds of cheese melting in your mouth, taking your breath away.. that's what i call heaven.

well, i was just reading some of my archives, it turns out i have quite a long history. it's fun to laugh at your past, at all the unclever things you wouldn't do now or ever. the ultimate joy of keeping a diary, or a blog if you insist.

it's raining again.. everytime it rains, it all comes back to me.. all that which hide in the darkest corners of my mind.. sometimes i just wish my memory wasn't that good.. that i'll just live for the moment.. well i guess life is all about experiences.. bad experiences, good experiences.. can't live without em'.. i think of how clammed up i was when i first got into rj after the first three months.. how sick i got.. how my heart never stopped bleeding.. i compare it to now and it's a significant before and after.. it's not all well yet, though.. but it's definitely an improvement.. i owe it all to cycling..

well, zhe hasn't been feeling well recently.. too bad you had to miss the date with san san hahah! take care hor!

i'm looking forward to dinner with master kang and co! so much that i don't mind cycling to bishan again.. haha

why must you do this to me? it hurts my feelings so much.. i type out everything nicely, click the publish post button softly, and you give me an exception error! what is this.. if not for the recover post function.. hah..

i had thought my previous post would be my last post. it turns out that a computer is just too alluring. coupled with the fact that, well i had my first triumphant victory since a long, long time. i have conquered RJC 2002 and 2004 Maths Promos paperz! all in the time frame of 3 plus hours, done in the peace of school. alright, it wasn't really peaceful. had a few rounds of Bridge and that was all. and well, it isn't such a great victory anyway. but. those who know me know that it is indeed rare that i'll really sit down and seriously practice my stuff..

well i'm proud to say that my current bike is comparable to my Bikey, although it isn't as comfortable, it's superior climbing ability more than makes up for it.. it's like, half the weight.. so it's name will be.. Baby Bikey, since Baby Mickey should be lighter than Mickey.. of course, it still does not fare well next to Mok's $16000 bike, if there's even a reason to compare..

i think i've been sleeping too much. way too much. imagine sleeping for half of a day! it's wastin' the Springtime of Youth. it's okay if i feel refreshed after that long sleep in the coffin. but i don't. instead, i feel like i've aged a hundred years.. it's not sleep apnea. maybe it's the thinking-too-much syndrome. and the "deep sleep getting intruded into" phenomenon. before i sleep, it's too hot so i turn on the fan. then at night it's too cool so i keep waking up, even with my blanket.. to solve this problem, i shall sleep less. and wake up at the same time everyday. as they say, teach less learn more, whoops i meant sleep less play more.. i want my deep sleep!

i miss my tan! though it's quite bad for my skin, it's cool ok.. now i can't go around beating everyone in skin colour competitions hahahz well except my class.. talking about my class, i showed my class photos to some friends.. and they all concur that well, out of the 8 girls... i'll be sensitive and not say that only one can barely make it.. of course, that is by looks alone.. regarding their personalities.. well, they're nice that's for sure.. i don't know them well so i can't judge..

sigh. i feel that i exist in the wrong time. or maybe the wrong place. i don't know why, i just have this feeling. that i wasn't supposed to hate life, to hate family, to hate society. not supposed to be different. sometimes i just think i have a weird way of thinking. sometimes they can be scarily accurate. i'm just running away from things. and not doing anything about it. i know that if i just do it, i can change things. but me, i just choose to run away. i just want to bask in my comfort. bask in my so-called ignorance. well.. let's just say that my childhood horrors taint my incurable optimism. of course, i'm not going to leave it at that.

i'm not going to give up.

my bikey...

yes. i lost my dear Bikey. 21st september. i'll always remember that date. i'll weep for her till the end of time. my new bike will never, ever replace my beloved Bikey. the red bike with dashes of black. it was the coolest. the comfortablest. and the inexpensivest. of course, this basically means i will never, ever forget to lock my bike to the signpost.

now on to gratitude giving-

thanks to Wayening for doing her best to get me a calculator. thanks to Rasia for doing her best not to get me her calculator. special thanks to Yizhe for being so lame today. special thanks to Nicholas for doing business with me.

*drum rolls*

Coolest Girl of the Day goes to Ethel! without whom i would have wasted 10 minutes doing manual calculations for my physics spa. i love Ethel!


today's morning was rush hour. my father woke me up quite late. so i set out only when it was all bright outside, abandoning my herb bread breakfast. almond cranberries cereal can be gobbled up much more easily hahah. i was absolutely pleased to see few vehicles on the road. it was a total breeze. no stops, no delays. pure cycling throughout. in the end, i took only 20 minutes to reach school. that is like, even faster than a bus, especially that 156. i was so pleased. i had thought i was goin' to be late. haha. oh well!

then after frisbee, jiawei and me decided to miss gp for a moment of peace in the library. managed to get myself acquainted with all the trigo, limits and differentiation once again. i have a feeling my maths is going to make a comeback this time. hahah.

after school, we played a few rounds of bridge. dragged leon into playin' hahahah. this time, lady luck really loved me man. i had interesting games.

i was going to leave school early to buy my beloved fish porridge. then it so happened that RJC's Famous Fried Rice was still available, so i decided to stay in class longer, since dinner is no longer a problem. dinner was no longer a problem but my worn out plastic file was definitely a problem. so i happily went to Popular, made sure i had enough money before going in. then i chose my ring file carefully, bought some accessories as well.. took quite some time man. even took a huge lump of lecture pads lol.. then my pocket was empty. how cool. it was fortunate that i managed to retrieve my precious Converse wallet, all thanks to Mr Kind Guy at the customer service counter. really must thank him man. or else i would have been quite pissed. so pissed that i would probably cycle home in 10 minutes.

guess what i'm listenin' to? aqua's tarzan and jane.

stayin' alive

cool man i actually am updating like only one day after the previous post.. take that johnny chuah! (btw thanks for the tennis racket) yesterday blogger screwed up, couldn't post my post.. lucky there is this thing called "recover post" hahah

great! i'm gonna be so alive~!

today was ultimate bridging day. i was playing bridge while eating char siew and duck rice.

after school, we gathered around for a few rounds of bridge. had some cool hands. then after that everyone decided to like, study. i managed to touch my photosynthesis notes for 1 second before chicky and fren marched in. oh great, contract bridge liao.. my cards were totally CMI, dragged my partner into the losing pit everytime except once lol. well, we managed to play for 2 hours straight, til 7 plus.. totally forgot the time lol.. had no choice but to leave sunnie and colin to mug on their own. dinner is a necessity you see. unfortunately, my beloved fish fillet was available no more. had to go with the vastly inferior fish and chips. well, had a good meal while watching naruto episode 151. fair enough.

i miss tennis!


hello! yesterday was chao slack. played tennis for half an hour, which will be considered quite short if not for the terrible solar flare yes. not bad we actually got past 4 strokes a few times la, e rest was either a super duper flying UFO serve or a super duper baseball hit.. well amy and i were hitting up with da racket lor, and gwen..... hahaha couldn't return her serve at all what do you think! then after tennis did a little maths lah, after maths played squash at the usual semicircle-squash-court-outside-councilrm, aiyo that must have been the most interesting squash i've ever played in! it's so... semi-circlish.. that games are quite unpredictable. cool. kudos to rj for having such an interesting squash court. kaoz..

rum and raisin is gone. sad. thanks to the temporary hibernation of my grand 20 yr old refrigerator, rum and raisin is gone. IT'S GONE! i couldn't even begin to describe the current taste. e heavenly taste is now hell. the texture, it's like eating ice! omg, my haagen daaz has cheapened itself to some lowly iceball thing. oh, weep i must.

dr ( )'s pizza rocks! (the blank is left blank due to a sudden blank in the region of my mind that contains the memory of the brand name) certainly, pot black has my gratitude for serving such a great-tasting pizza. however, the most credit should be attributed to me, for i was the one who decided to order one after seeing a "recommended!" word beside the word pizza in e menu(you now know how to get wei qi to buy things) if not for my order, i would never have tasted the food of the gods. if not for the taste, my intuition would never have told me that the pizza originated from ntuc frozen food section. funghi pizza, here i come! recommended to one and all.

enough of the food talk. now for some serious pep talk. pep talk to motivate me to put in some effort into getting bio s and math s papers. yes. i can visualise it. i can see my grades floating around in e air. ah, i see two As. i see bio and maths floating beside the two As. yes! i begin to feel motivated. powerful stuff.


hello! it has been a wonderful 17 days, 0 minutes, 0 seconds, 0 milliseconds and 0 nanoseconds [...] since my last post and i'm pleased to announce that i have thrashed johnny chuah by a blog post count of two! *drum snare* ok ok without further ado i shall explain what my title means. well, i went to bishan junction 8 top of the 8 superstar thingy and managed to get a free bottle of Vitagen! yes! 80 cents saved. i'm so darn happy! so darn happy i'm gonna indulge in haagen daaz! just kidding. should be shangri-la's the line instead. ah! well anyway that is not the point. the point is, i managed to get chosen as one of the five lucky commoners to take a dear picture with the loveliest sin huey, of superstar fame! haha. and i managed to take pictures of the four, erm i mean three superstars up there. sorry wei lian. let's thank xin li for his camera, especially for the "can exclude people from the photo" function. so powerful!

well other than that, it was nothing much. just some signature doodling session by the stars and some left-over bewitched gifts from channel u. then a final song by the four, i mean three superstars. yep. quite a lot of nanyang people there xia. then i strolled to nanyang, had a good walk with tiffany and my bike. managed to evade the security guard lol. and also managed to take a dear photo with my favourited stall signboard [Oishii!]. yay! saw my j2s mugging hard for the As. all the best man! i miss ny! to think they have their own national day shirt which was quite cool. cool as in u can't tell it's a national day shirt except for the colour red and white la. rj where's ur nat day shirt?!

finally i get to rest my legs today, i hope. it has been delightful cycling for the past dunno how many days. i feel like i haven't utilised public transport for a long, long time. with the addition of a backside rack yesterday, it will probably be a very long time before i take some bus, since i can now carry heavy goods on my bike, whether it be a bball, books or some person. if worst comes to worst, my shoulders-cum-back can always support a tentative maximum weight of 60kg.

happy holidays to one and all!

p.s. gimme the longing for mugging