ew. i think i taste turpentine eating my apple. getting high~

Holy %^#$^%@$#%^@ crap!

I'm gonna appeal.

And I'm gonna get it.





When the world, leaves you feeling blue

You can count on me, I will be there for you

When it seems, all your hopes and dreams

Are a million miles away, I will re-assure you


come on, click on it

it isn't so predictable, but it's a rough idea.

Seeing is believing. I'm sure you all have heard of that phrase at some point in your life. Heck, you may even base your life on that phrase.

Now tell you what, it is one big lie. The greatest lie ever, in the whole of the universe. Seeing is NOT believing. It is the other way around. Believing IS seeing. It may sound unreal, but it's a fact. You have to believe to see it. I have some friends who look themselves in the mirror and say, "oh i'm so fat". When actually from my point of view, they're one bunch of bones. I don't understand why, because I believe that they're slim. Whereas they believe that they're fat. So we see different things.

Believing IS seeing.

the verdict

just kidding.

And now, it's just you and me..

Will it be the Diadora Skorpione Carbon that wins?

Or will the Nike Air Zoom Elite [Bowerman Series] emerge with the trophy?

Currently, the Air Zoom Elite is the more attractive one, because it cheated by being firey orange and yellow, which is MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBINATION. Not only that, the slashing of the price from S$173 to $103 (!) appeals to my money-minded mind. The Diadora is magnetic only because of its mysteriousness. Not only do I know nothing of the price (potentially expensive though), I have not seen it in person, nor touched it at it. All I can say is that the Diadora will definitely fit my cycling needs very, very well, since it is basically a mountain bike shoe.

Who will WIN?

Tune in to "Channel Wei Qi Rocks" tomorrow, 6pm for the most exciting final episode, "Clash of the Shoes"!

now i understand why fishes and chipses are so expensive. dory fishes are EXPENSIVE!