RJC's environment does make people crazy at times. Oh well.

P.S. OMG I just realised you can add MULTIPLE pictures to the blog at one time!

everybody loves themselves: part 2

Due to a request from someone who will remain anonymous, I have decided to tell the full story of -everybody loves themselves-

Well, this is part of my current wallpaper in the mighty D600.
Little do you know, I was using my phone when this little wallpaper caught the attention of the couple sitting next to me and Yi Zhe.

"This wallpaper is very porn leh!" the guy said.

"Yah lor, very porn leh." the girl said.

To that I replied automatically,

"You jealous is it!? Just because hers are bigger than yours"


"What's your size anyway? A or B?"

"I think my figure is very good ok."

*addition of Yi Zhe into the fray*

"I think you'll love Taiwan. Their size C is our size A"

Kudos to ******* for being unhurt by our sensitive comments. Thanks for the fun. Love ya. Haha

everybody loves themselves

Who is that in the photo in the phone in the photo? The pretty *******. Tall and.. After forcing a "I think my figure is good" out of her, she doesn't relent. She proudly displays her own pretty face as the wallpaper. Of course, she doesn't display her upper body, because.. ok I shouldn't talk about it anymore, although she doesn't mind. Just can't bear to talk about airfields and such.

Haha. Question of the day: Is Rachel sleeping, or not sleeping? Answer: Cannot be clearly seen in the photo, but definitely sleeping. I had a previous photo that clearly shows the dreamland mode, however it was destroyed by her own hands. Unfortunate. If you could tell that everyone was watching a movie. I was folding paper cranes and watching it. A thousand paper cranes.

appreciation of waiting by the roadside

my family, we are currently waiting a lil taxi to take us to my grandma's factory. seems nobody wants business from us. so here i am, looking around and thinking, the scenery's actually quite nice, even with the endless flow of cars. the dim orange lights and gentle flowing breeze comforts me.. the tall grass, they sway hypnotically.. never realised i had a tourist attraction right next to my house. saw a motorcycle pass by. i can't wait to ride one soon. gotta be thrilling when i enjoy the wind crushing my face! :)

Mr Leong's tutorial. Which reminds me. I forgot to take the photo of the ultra funny comic version of the answer to a chem tutorial question. You ABSOLUTELY had to be there. Funniest moment of the day.

Hey Beow! If you have not been living in a womb for 18 years, then you should immediately recognise this as halfway to the sign of "you want to eat?!"

Sigh. Mr Leong was there singing the never-ending song. After the never-ending song which wasn't supposed to end but since he screwed up so many times, he sang 99 bottles of rum in a low voice, wholly intending not to disturb a quarter of our class who was peacefully investigating daily homework. I don't know about Julia over there. Guess she's just extra. (Don't read this!)

WTF??! I got jacked again. This has happened to me like, four times. Four jacks for four times. Time for 4D (P.S. I hope no teachers are reading this blog, if you are, please note that the time on my watch was 5.00pm and this is the new air-con canteen) Anyway, I'm pretty pissed they banned cards. Now I go to my OG in the morning without seeing any cards on the table. How pissyfying! Although talking isn't half bad, so I don't really mind. Yeah.

Yo penguin! We are so not sorry for messing with your hood by pretending to put things in it. Hee.

Reporter O.W.Q: Suspicious activity detected. Unknown tall girl was observed lifting the legs of unknown tall boy. Previously, we caught them moving up a row during the lesson to make out (or rather that was what we wanted imagined to be, aie, no free show)

Sometimes, I really wonder what my mom is thinking. She's always shouting and screaming, at things she can't control. Like my sister's coming home late and so on. I mean, can't she understand that, after so many times, it just doesn't work? It didn't work on me, doesn't mean it'll work on her. And maybe it won't work on anybody at all. Even if it does work, I don't feel that it's a great way to untangle things. Please, just accept the fact that it doesn't work. And stop your obssession-compulsion. It just irritates the hell out of me. So much that I wish I could get out of here, ASAP. I pretend that it doesn't bother me, but heck, sometimes I just can't take it. I would rather live out in the streets than in this hell. It's not that I hate you, really. I love you so much that it hurts. It really hurts to see you always suffering like that, at a loss of what to do. And me, I'm at an even bigger loss. I realise that in my deep subconscious, I just know how to solve the problem peacefully. But it turns out, habits are hard to change. Let's just say that all the calamities over the years have ingrained themselves into my body. Hard. It's like, I know how to let go, but I can't. Perhaps I'm too easily influenced. Or perhapds it's the perception that I'm too easily influenced, that I don't know how to shield my mum's bad influence. And of course, if I do nothing, nothing will change. But then, I have become quite apathetic. Can't be bothered anymore.

Sometimes, I don't know what I want. Heck, it's now that I don't know what I want. I guess my parents have kinda spoiled me. Making material things a priority. I have always thought that they had this idea that, we'll be happy only with our material needs fulfilled. Things like toys(in the past), money and food. Maybe education? Well I'm still unfulfilled, unhappy because everything I have, is not what I want. Maybe I just need my family's love. Actually, I don't want anything. I don't think it matters if I have a great job, or whatever. Of course that's a bonus. I know I want to do something I like, and I'll work towards it. I like learning, and I want to enjoy the process. I don't care about the end results. Sometimes in the rush for the pot of gold, people always miss the rainbow. I feel quite sad for them actually. And so I vow never to follow their way. I want to enjoy walking on the road. And I want to share the road with you. Will you walk beside me, hand in hand?

On a lighter note, I have decided to bare myself, to really open up. Since the start of the year, it has been turbulent for me, one part of me wanting to burst out and the other keeping myself in shackles. So today, at this moment, I'm gonna throw away my chains for good. So if you still see some of those hideous things around me, do me a favour and gently remind me to disintegrate them. As a reward, you'll get all of me (well most) to yourself. A big honour indeed.

presents from the sky!

haha. presenting to you.. self-wrapped presents! wrapped by yours truly. okay I mean the small one, who is hidden by [girl2]'s hand. lol. anyway, I must thank eugene for lending me his scissors and [girl] for allowing me to steal her ribbon. totally forgot to bring my stuff man (rectangular box, was somehow gotten from my bag.. and they resemble playing cards lol. last resort.) if you're wondering why I signed up for this civics module, i will tell you the lie first: i miss san-san! the truth is as follows: (1) a genuine interest to learn how to gift-wrap (may come in handy anytime *wink*) (2) all the other modules were taken up thanks to a late sign-up
oh wells all wells that ends well. i learnt quite a few things, even though i'm no amateur at gift-wrapping.
happy birthday jonathan! glad you liked that body book. hope you will get to like the chinese characters book. LOL.