Your Eyes Should Be Blue

Your eyes reflect: Innocence and sweetness

What's hidden behind your eyes: A calculating mind
What Color Should Your Eyes Be?

Gosh, that speaks a lot.

You Are 64% Evil

You are very evil. And you're too evil to care.
Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
How Evil Are You?

Thanks, huh. I'm angelic (but not Angelique), okay?

Your Seduction Style: Prized Object

The seduction game you play is tried, true, and still effective: hard to get.
You know that the best seducers turn the tables - and get their crush to seduce them.
The one running has the power, and you're a challenge that is worth the chase.

You are a master of enticing and pulling back. Giving a little and taking some away.
You are controlled enough to know rewards come after a long seduction dance.
Even though you want to call, email, or say "I love you" first - you don't!

You're style is the perfect mix of hot and cold - so much so that you have many suitors.
Think Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's ... or any of those creepy guys from the Bachelor.
You're skilled at inspiring a chase. The real test is picking the person to slow down for.
What Kind of Seducer Are You?

Well. Like Master Goh, I do like this quiz, at least for the kewl intepretations of results. Whether or not I'm classified correctly, now that's another thing..


Hey hey, I may have loved water parks in the past but I guess I've grown out of it.. The most exciting thing there was probably the long suspension bridge with holes in the middle. Must see to believe. Anyway, splashing water is still fun no matter what hair colour you have.

Probably the highlight of the whole trip. I mean, it's KARAOKE! Anyway, it really resembles K-BOX. A LOT. Even the name. The woman at the counter speaks like every woman at every K-BOX counter. Gosh. But I think it's on par, if not much better than K-BOX. All the new songs were available. And THE BEST THING: it was FREE! Ok not exactly free for parents. It's not like the one at Orchard I guess. "The One Family Karaoke". GOSH, that was really FREE. Free drinks and everything. But the interface lags. A lot. Still, 2 hours free karaoke, GOSH! But promotion ends already.

Yeah, these were the holes I was talking about. It's not scary from here, but when you're there, you get scared for at least the first time. I mean, you get to walk through maybe about 1 km of holes, HIGH up?!

I miss the buffet. I always do. Free selection of food, and eat all you want. I LOVE meat.

Now that's something I haven't seen for a LONG, LONG time. Yeah, maybe the root beer, but the waffle?! Brings back sweet memories (literally), used to frequent the A&W at AMK.

Now this is a freaking good CONCEPT. GODLIKE. I mean, no one ever places a skating rink in the middle of the shopping center, for all to look at. It'll make you a millionaire. I just can't marvel enough at the ingenuity. People shop, then they see people skating, then, well you know... I almost perfected my backskate there, now to do a graceful roundhouse jump!

Yeah, there's the famous AMPANG niang tofu. Not that I CARE. Niang tofu must be the most weiqiforsaken food in the freakin whole world. There was not ONE thing available on the menu, that I even wanted to eat or could even bear to. Maybe except the chicken wings and fish. That's all.

Actually, the sunway trip was great, surprisingly. Although I'm not really the kind to be keen on going out with my family, it was really fun. Oh well. Can't wait to go back to Taiwan!


Gosh! Common tests start tomorrow! And I just found out! I thought it starts like, in the middle of next week. Guess I was mistaken, very mistaken. Worse, tomorrow's bio! BIO! BIO BIO BIO! Gosh! I'm so gonna ace it man. Although Bio's one of my favourites, there's essays! And essays, you need to mug! And talking about mugging, bio has not touched me hands this week, or even the previous week! I win! *panic attack* *hyperventilate* *becomes ultrasuperchaojiwudiman*

Ok that was just for fun. I can't wait for common tests to start! They are all in the afternoon! Whoopie! Which means I can finally wake up at seven plus every morning! YES! And it means I can slack like hell, too, what with no lessons. But maybe I will miss Bridge abit. Just a tiny weenie bit..

Book of the Week: This Must Be Love, by Kasey Michaels

poor laura. i haven't felt this intense sympathy for a long time. but she's still my j1, although i don't really know her. maybe it's because of the similarity, that i was a second intaker as well. i don't know, i just have this tinge of sadness. i don't know how she feels or anything, but i clearly remember the time when i first stepped into raffles junior college.

i was filled with uncertainty and a little fear, a little uncomfortable. actually, make it 'very uncomfortable'. because at that time, i still wasn't the kind who likes to get out of my comfort zone, although i pretended to be. and my comfort zone was ultimately nanyang jc. yeah, i had a really great time there.

so when i first went to rj, i was very depressed. i couldn't tell at that time, but looking back, i definitely was. you could say that i sort of lost my charm, allure, sunnyism, whatever. i was stuck with the fact that rj was supposedly "cold", "aloof", everything. so i manifested the behaviour to be that way. to sum it all, i became quite withdrawn. as for ccas, i reasoned that there was no cca fest for second intakers, and so i didn't attempt to join any myself. it was just an excuse. i guess i was totally devoid of enthusiasm yeah. sucked out of energy.

now, i guess as you give more, you gain more. you radiate energy, and you receive energy. reciprocity. as i join more school activities, i get more involved and i start to love rj more. yes! i must say that rj has the best environment to excel in. although it's not my perfect place. i can't say that i really belong in rj. from my impression(may not be really true), i find that rj people are just more... goal-oriented? emphasis on results and achievements and everything. i guess that's why rj is a TOP school. and being a TOP school, it's so not my place. yeah, results sure are important for the future and everything, but sometimes rj really takes it to the extreme. i mean, i'm not really heck care about results and everything, but i tend to place more emphasis on social and personal development. argh. my head's spinning. i think i'm going to contradict myself if i continue.

60% got 4As! 20% got 3As. Omg results are getting better and better. So it's now up to our batch to shame or be shamed. As a sidenote, TJ has 3% 3As? not implying anything haha =P