It was a beautiful Sunday morning. A morning that clearly shouts "round-island cycling!" And so, I waited for Wei Jian to come. He was supposed to come at 8.00. So I waited. And waited. AND waited. He didn't come. In the end, I found out that he overslept. So, our journey began at 9.30, 1.30 hours behind schedule. It's ok.
Anyway, we started with Yio Chu Kang Road/Jalan Kayu, a series of rolling hills. Boy, was it fun. Then through Seletar Dam to Yishun. The scenery's great. All the greeenies! Lim Chu Kang's the best. One whole frickin stretch of green stuff. Passed by a lot of fish farms, the fishy smell reminds me of my aquarium a long time ago. Then we reached Jurong, Colin's territory. THEN IT RAINED. Wei Jian was whining "my bike corrode liao" all the way. We stopped at a bus stop. The rain had to guai lan us. One minute it rained, the other it almost stopped completely. What a pest. Anyway, we then cycled at snail's pace, for Wei Jian was so wary of the water all splashing up LOL.

After a while we saw a pack of road bikers in front of us. NUS Cycling team. Well, Wei Jian went and drafted them, while I didn't care to catch up, so I cycled at my own pace. *stomach rumbles* We were both quite hungry, so we decided to go Lau Pa Sat to eat. I suggested that we go Henderson Road to eat. Why Henderson Road? Because "Wild Wild West" is there! (In case you didn't know, Wild Wild West was originally a stall in RI, and which moved to Henderson. Hotel-quality food at low prices! Even though I wasn't from RI, I must say that their home-made coleslaw rocks. So even I wanted to go back there, even when RI boy Sim Wei Jian was reluctant to do so.)

So we travelled along the PSA port area, until Wei Jian decided to climb Bukit Chandu. Ok lor, as reluctant as I was. I mean, the hill was so steep I didn't have the necessary gears to climb it, being on a road bike. Had to walk on one stretch. Well, one lesson learnt was that I shouldn't have blown my money on a road bike. Should have just bought a mountain bike and changed into slicks. More freedom! Anyway, Wei Jian was saying how Nengyang wanted to climb Mount Faber, when Bukit Chandu was 10% of Mt Faber and Nengyang.. well I don't want to suan him here but let's just say he claims that he is faster than Wei Jian.
We continued along the port area until I saw the entry to Henderson Road while Wei Jian just zoomed past it. I had to catch up to him, since hollering did no reaction. In the end, we found out that Henderson Road is even worse than Bukit Chandu. Rolling hills, and many of them. We almost died. Then we found out that Wild Wild West does not open on Sundays. What a bother! (As Pooh says)

We decided to continue on to Lau Pa Sat. THEN! Wei Jian, being the fast food addict he was and still is, saw the Burger King sign and was determined to eat them. So we sneaked into the shopping centre or whatever it was. Turns out the whole building was closed save for a few shops. Our taste buds activated, we decided then that we MUST EAT BURGER KING> So we went to town. And got lost. Had to call Orchard Guru, Mr George Kho. Thanks for saving our stomachs man, lol.

After the heartful meal (or rather meals for Wei Jian who ordered a grand total of 2 frickin meals, accumulating a grand debt of 12 plus. What a glutton!) we decided to go back, skipping East Coast and Pasir Ris. Sorry Nengyang. (He wanted to ride with us, too bad LOL)

Hey hey, how did we know, that the distance travelled was only 80plus km. So we decided to go Sengkang and rack up our kills to 100. Wanted to slack at Starbucks but the whole place was full. Wei Jian says he has never drank coffee at Starbucks before. Me too. I only drank tea there.

We resorted to spinning our wheels to rack up the distance. Wei Jian was saying how effective it was, and told me a story about his friend. His dear friend, used a hose to spray water at the front wheel and racked up a speed of 84 km/h. Then he showed the bike shop uncle, who just shrugged.

Finally, being at only 90 plus km, we decided to pay Tan Jia Wei a visit. And FOR THE SECOND TIME, he refused to let us see his sister Pei Shan. What a b. Serves him right that we interrupted his peaceful black chicken soup drinking. What a great host, didn't even offer us any soup. *sad*

And that was all. I can't be bothered to rack it up to 100km, after all 99.66km is a very nice number. and it's a coincidence btw. *wink*


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Presenting to you.. my newly self-assembled "Fusion"! Actually it's not that new, maybe about two weeks old. Being the inexperienced me, the bartape is really messed up. But it's ok. Most importantly, it fits me well and provides a comfortable ride. I will never ever, lose another bike again. Mark my words.

Being a newbie road bike owner, I must say that there are striking differences between a mountain bike and a road bike. (If you consider those cheapo Urata bikes mountain bikes that is) First off, the road bike is at least half the weight of my mountain bike. Which = 8 kg. The result is amazing acceleration and turning ability, which is good for racing cars and motorcycles when the light turns green. The biggest disadvantage is that I can no longer look forward to descending stairs and high drops and grass and trails. Wouldn't want the thin wheels to go boom. However, I can always switch lar, so it's all ok ok.

For now, I'm just looking forward to double-round-island-biking tomorrow as well as the magnificent KBOXING all afternoon next tuesday. ALRIGHT!

Perfect lover

Now now, I don't want to do this, but that evil *JaN has tagged me, so I have to finally reveal my expectations. It's supposed to be a secret, but this time I have kindly agreed to expose myself for free, for the first time.

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 points about his/her perfect lover

2. Mention the gender of the perfect lover.

3. Tag 8 victims to this and leave a comment on their blog.

4. If you are tagged a second time, there is no need to do it a second time.

5. The most impt part is having fun doing it

Now, I don't have to mention the gender do I? But just in case, it's female.

1. Smart. Witty. Academics don't matter, STREETWISE is the ultimate.

2. Adventurous, bold, daring. Willing to go beyond comfort zone sometimes, for own benefit. Try new things.

3. Passion for life

4. Genuine, interested in people as well as herself.

5. FUN

6. Loves herself, loves others for their imperfections

7. AAA+ social skills (Assertive, High EQ etc)

8. As for the looks, doesn't really matter. But I have a thing for tall girls =P

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