It isn't about failing. It's about treating it as feedback and standing up.


Wow. Like wow. I just fixed up that old "mum's guitar" with new strings, and I must say that I am really, really amazed at the sound quality, at least compared to my own guitar. So that's the difference between a $80 and a $200 guitar, eh? Or maybe it's the difference between, Synchro..whatever and Yamaha, who knows? Nonetheless, the sound quality really rocks, and I'm really learning to like the guitar. Bwaha.


This is an appeal. To the person who found my wallet, please contact me as soon as possible. You can take the money, the wallet, the neoprints, everything inside it. Just give me back the NRIC. It's really very important. Heck, I could even buy the NRIC at $99 from you. $1 saved is a dollar saved. So seriously, I JUST NEED THE NRIC BACK. There will be no further pursuit of the matter. You will see the big name ONG WEI QI and a handsome face on the card. Know that it's me, and I will be eternally grateful if you just give/sell/throw it back. Thank you.

Confession of the Day

I have a confession to make. It has been in my heart for a long while. Well, I had a secret vow that I would never get together with any NYGH or RGS girl. Since young. Don't ask me why. Somehow, by a twist of fate, they are always around me. Like my neighbour. And my sister almost got into NYGH.

I am learning the guitar now. Qing Tian. It seems so easy now, compared to when I was younger. Weird lol.

I miss my home! I've been camping outside for so long. First is the GAP camp. Then keep camping at Koon's house. Think I can apply for PR there liao LOL