Tip of the Day

Handwashing clothes does wonders for forearm training.

Your Birthdate: November 3

You are certain and confident when you choose to love someone.
Even though your romantic choices may be unconventional - you stand behind them.
Your friends never know you as well as a romantic partner does.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 3

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 5

You are most compatible with people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of the month.

The Taiwan girl

Shuqi came to Singapore alone. She had no neighbours on the plane. She is currently staying in a guy's house. The guy has two brothers.

We are pretty impressed. After all, out of all the SG girls I know, only 1 out of 100 would be allowed to do that. And only half would do that given parental permission.

I must send her off.

Black and white twins


Honya budo is the martial arts skill of visiting a bookstore without buying a book. It is an arcane art, practiced by secret masters in obscure parts of the world for several centuries. During the 20th century, when literacy went up in the western world, and people from every social strata started frequenting shops selling books, this venerable art has begun to rise in popularity.

The first level of honya budo is the "Way of the In-Out". It consists of going into a bookstore, looking around to see that they do indeed have many books for sale, inhaling the intoxicating smell of new books, and then immediately leaving the premises. This way, a novice learns to use the door and gains the right to use a plain white bookmark.

The second level of honya budo is the "The Feeling of the Touch". This consists of the novice doing the "Way of the In-Out", but before leaving, actually taking a book off a shelf, opening it, caressing it with gentle hands, feeling the texture of the spine, and enjoying the exquisite sensual smoothness of the paper. When the novice can do this, and put the book back on the shelf and leave the store without buying anything, the novice has achieved enlightenment of the second level and becomes an apprentice, and gains the right to use a colored paper bookmark.

The third level of honya budo is the "Path of the Randomly Hopping Rabbit". The apprentice enters the book selling establishment, visits every department therein, and looks for a book they have previously shown a special desire to have, which may not have been published. When they can't find it, they then speak to a salesperson, inquiring about the book. When the apprentice can do this and leave the establishment, without making the salesperson annoyed, and without buying anything, they have achieved enlightment of the third level and become an adept, and gain the right to use a leather bookmark.

The fourth level of honya budo is the "Stretched Leg of the Giraffe". The adept visits a bookstore with another adept, and spends an afternoon there, wandering from book case to book case, taking out books and discussing them with each other, commenting on their good and bad points, and recommending especially good books to each other. When an adept can recommend a book that the other will happily buy, but they themselves do not buy anything, then they achieve enlightenment of the fourth level and become a master, and gain the right to use a bookmark signed by the author of a book.

The fifth level of honya budo is the "Flight of the Serpent". When the master can visit a bookstore, and get given books for free, they have achieved enlightenment of the fifth level and become a supreme grand master, and can use any kind of bookmark they wish.


I was going to shop. After having walked all the way to Hougang Mall, I could not find what I was looking for. Jeez. I forgot that shop had closed. OH well. City it is, then. The bus came. I planned to go to the second storey. Totally love the view. However, two ladies were blocking the staircase. I made a quick decision to stay at the bottom. "It's more happening as well", was the excuse I made up. It was just a joke, but little did I know it would come true.

Well I do dread taking this bus, but I have no choice. It's the only bus that connects to the city. It passes by Little India and Chinatown. That's not a problem at all. The bus is usually packed with people triple or even quadruple my age. That's not a problem as well.

Their attitude really stinks.

I abhor the "i'm old so i'm like this" attitude. Well there was this elderly lady sitting diagonally opposite me. She was taking up two seats with her Shop'n'Save bag beside her. After a few stops, this middle-aged lady boarded the bus, walked down the aisle and sat next to her. Yeah, sat down right next to her. She was happily drinking her bubble tea (!), and so did not anticipate what would happen to her.

By the way, I'm talking about the sidefacing seats usually present in a double decker bus. So I could spy really well (oops!). Anyway, this elderly lady (i'll call her oba-chan from now on) initiated conversation. It was mostly one-sided, though. I didn't really eavesdrop, but I heard the oba-chan trying to convince the lady to do or eat something so that her skin won't be dark and spotty. So that she'll have beautiful skin. Oh and she also told her story about how she was 80 years old, stay at home until sian, so this time go out. I was giggling like a little girl inside, don't know why. I wonder how coincidental it was. The staircase was closed by two blockheads. The oba-chan had to board that same bus I was in. I had to sit at the side-facing seats. As time went by, the midage lady started to lean further and further from the oba-chan. Tower of Pisa, anyone!? That was until someone came and sandwiched the lady between the oba-chan and him. Poor lady. The best part was when the oba-chan started singing. YEah, freaking singing in front of everybody. Sounded like some lao ge, or maybe opera stuff. Not sure. I'm not that old.

In the blink of an eye, an elderly man confronted oba-chan. "Let me have that seat!" Remember, she was occupying two seats. "No!" she resisted. The elderly man flared up and cussed all the way to the back of the bus, where there was an extra seat waiting for him. As he was going to sit, some guy said, "Give in to her ba. She's already 80 years old.." (Shit, other people were eavesdropping too) The old man retorted with, "I'm 90 years old, man!" And the tension dissipated.

Sigh. The attitude really bothers me. That's because I strongly believe in what the mind can do. It is like water, it can be the source of life, or it can destroy. Bad attitude destroys. Period. When one think that one is old and can't do anything, naturally the body won't move by itself. It will be stagnant, and useless. I don't know much about the effects of aging yet, but I do see old people who equal young adults in terms of mental and physical strength. Okay, maybe that's if young adults don't reach their peaks. But even so, old people are not fragile. They choose to be. Food, exercise, attitude, it all matters.