Yesterday I chatted with Kenneth. It was mostly about Singapore and the education system. Singapore has one of the highest walking speeds in the world. We cannot deny that life is high paced here. Why are we stressed? That's because we choose to be stressed. In fact, many things are caused by ourselves. Why does our back hurt? Because we don't use our muscles properly. Back pain does not come magically. It comes when we arch our back when sitting, pick up things without bending our knees and so on. Our head is like a watermelon. Now imagine holding on to the watermelon everyday. That's what happens when we don't balance our head properly on top of the spine. Our neck muscles have to carry a watermelon everyday. No wonder we get pains and aches. In fact, our body naturally balances itself. Look at the effortless poise of children. We are the ones who disrupt the natural process by introducing tension. It becomes a habit and we become unaware.

Like running. Why do so many people get injuries from running? They put too much effort into running, and usually they don't pay attention to their body. Plus the sports shoes. Seriously, sports shoes are plain damaging. They disrupt the body's natural mechanism. Some even increase the impact to our legs. We do not need shoes. Actually, we do not need a lot of things. Televisions, computers, books, cosmetics etc. We just need food and sleep, plus a certain amount of hygiene. There is too much simulation, so much that we have become uncaring of the beauty around us.

There is no such thing as a teenager. That is just one stage of life that we have artificially introduced. Teenagers have the same, if not better moral and cognitive development as adults. Our IQ peak in our "teenage" years. In fact, at 14 years old we can be considered adults. It is just because of social expectations that we remain "teenagers". In Singapore, we are considered adults only at 21. That is far too old.

Kaisin reminisces about her good old days when she walks through "teeny" stalls like 77th street. "Teens" drive part of the economy. We are so misled into buying stuff we don't need. Happiness becomes associated with buying stuff that we want. Everything is a marketing ploy. Take for example diamonds. They are not the most precious gems. In fact, they are highly abundant compared to real gems like sapphires and rubies. All the jewellery shops and advertisements like to "express your love for your loved one by buying a diamond" etc. That is so, so wrong! That's why I felt so angry when my dear friend bear to plonk down hundreds for one useless stone. I praise the marketing though. Holidays are also exploited. Cards! I personally think a birthday/etc card is inferior to a personal lunch. Sometimes cards are really appropriate but we should make time for our loved ones. Time is the real thing.

Love and happiness cannot be bought!
They cannot be found!
That's because
they are present in all of us already.

The Beauty of Physics

Why is it that in front of a camera, one's face can appear larger or smaller depending on the angle and distance? There must be some secret technique, to make the face appear at its best. After much observation and contemplation, I have discovered it. There is only one answer: trial and error. That is, the retaking of photos until one is satisfied with it. This revelation has been possible only with the aid of our dear Very Vivien(TM). Unfortunately, I have not managed to find out the accurate number of times needed to take a perfect photo. That is because Very Vivien(TM) had to leave before an absolutely perfect photo was taken. About 20 photos had been taken until she become slightly more satisfied than dissatisfied. By plotting a graph of number of times of photo taken against the satisfaction level, extrapolating it while taking into account the possible mood fluctuations of a most likely normal, probably healthy, very pretty and cute young girl, I have estimated the number of times needed to take a perfect photo. The divine number is 200288. All hail the divine number!