Well anyway, 25 random things about me.

1) I would rather ignore most of the human beings around me than be very friendly with them. Interacting with too many people wears me out. I’ll save my interactions for the important ones, thanks.

2) My noise tolerance threshold is very low. A little bit of superfluous noise can drive me crazy.

3) I do not enjoy talking to people. It makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather listen. Unless you’re very close to me of course. (Anyway, you learn more from listening than talking)

4) I do not like being put down. Ok let me repeat that, I DO NOT LIKE BEING PUT DOWN. A girl has her pride too, you know. Especially a girl with an ego as big as mine. Yes, I know I’m tactless, but I expect you (in a rather unreasonable way) to be tactful.

5) If I feel appreciated, I’ll work my ass off for you. More than one person knows that already. Otherwise, nearly nothing can make me move my ass for other people.

6) I spend money on far too much food. At least I don’t worry much about my weight afterwards.

7)I do not like stupid people. There is an exception though: I’m very indulgent towards a particular few people, even if they are stupid.

8 ) I stopped shopping as a form of entertainment long ago. I realised that there was nothing I regretted not buying, and a whole lot of things I regretted buying.

9) If I feel you’re better at the job than I am, I’ll let you take over and do whatever you say. If I feel I’m better, you better let me take over. It’s all about using the best tools for the job. (I do tend to respect and listen to most people of course, just ask some of my project mates and superiors)

10) I am like a border collie sometimes. I can’t sit around and do nothing if I have excess energy. I need to do something productive!

11) I do not like people making plans about my life without being asked. Most of the time, their plans are incompatible.

12) I would rather inconvenience myself than others. In the same way, I do not like others inconveniencing me.

13) I do not like picking fights with people. I prefer to go away and ignore you. But if you corner me, watch out!

14) I like to think that I’m worth more than my external appearance. That’s why I’m so sloppy.

15) If I find a situation is going nowhere, I just drop it and get lost.

16) I hate it when my colleagues come to work even though they’re sick. For God’s sake take a fucking MC (medical certificate) and go home and rest. You’ll get well faster and you won’t be spreading the germs around. Besides, what little work you do when you’re sick is more than cancelled out by the work lost when you infect the whole office and everyone’s productivity drops too.

17) My home is very important to me. It’s where I totally destress at the end of each day. If some outsider comes to my home, I become unable to destress for the amount of time that person is around. It makes me VERY cranky. That’s why I don’t have parties.

18) I like exploring. Despite that, I still have no sense of direction.

19) I do not like most girls. I think they are silly, shallow twits.

20) Generally I dislike ineffeciency. I like to do things efficiently. But I do realise that planning and executing things efficiently is not really the easiest thing in the world sometimes.

21) I cringe when people sneeze and cough in my direction. If I can hold my coughs and sneezes until no one is around, I don’t see why they can’t. (Yes, I can hold in a cough for an entire 45 min bus ride) If it’s really that impossible, take an MC and stay home and stop spreading the germs.

22) I dislike it when people equate guy+girl to relationships (the lovey stuff). It makes me uncomfortable. It’d be sad if men and women could only think of each other as sexual partners.

23) I treat people as mere objects, unless they are relevant to my life. Then they upgrade and become people. I seldom get truly committed to anyone. If I do, watch out! According to a sms quiz my sis sent me, I have a stalker’s personality.

24) I try my best to have a healthy lifestyle. (It isn’t the easiest thing)

25) I like to pursue many vastly different fields of study. I feel that it is best that a person should be able to speak intelligently and in an informed manner about any subject.

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Wow. I was kinda blog surfing when I happened along this post. I was impressed. I could relate to 23 things out of 25 in the list. So I decided to plaglari.. i mean quote content. It's more efficient. =p

I just had a parade rehearsal at Seletar. It took me 10 mins to reach home. Totally outrageous. Imagine if I hadn't volunteered to go Changi. Jeez. I could cycle to and from camp like, everyday? Even Paya Lebar I don't mind lor. Lol. I love my current place though. Just wondering what would it have been like to take the other road.

After a few months in the army, I realised why I dislike it. It's the unnaturalness. All the adhering to artificial time. The hierarchy of ranks. I absolutely cannot stand the sweeping of dead leaves away from fresh grass. It's robbing the earth. Create waste out of useful material. Then there is so much usage of styrofoam. Cup noodles, styrofoam cups etc. I hate parade stuff the most. We have to stand for long periods, which is so inhuman. Plus we have to stay still, usually in unnatural positions like having our chest up and hands behind back. Harmful stuff man. Other than that, I don't really mind being in the army. It's like some permanent resort anyway. Although we do have work to do. I kind of enjoy my work, for now. Lol. Okay. Gotta go back liaoz. Zzz.

Sandy is scary! I got love bites all over =X Phew. Had a real cool four day off. This week is gonna be hectic. My Friday and Sunday confirm burn liao. Goodbye, dearie weekend!