Smokers have the freedom to smoke, but we have the freedom to not breathe in smoke. That's another thing about army. Smokers are so used to the smell that they don't know it's similar to rubbish bin smell. Smoking in bunk and then being anal about it, that's even worse. Smoke in air-con office, I have nothing to say. Smoking is stupid. The worst thing is they can't realise it because they have been addicted and the rewards are "more than the cost". An "easy" high. It's too bad, smokers. Die, but don't bring us down with ya. Please.

It is hard to learn to love until you love. Some people don't know how to love, because either they have not been loved or they have not loved. Afraid to love. Afraid of love.

Finally, I have a weekend. We were supposed to go back camp on Sat and Sun to do training from 9 to 11. The boss had gone bonkers. When I heard the news, I was crestfallen. Luckily, it was somehow cancelled. Sigh. Army is actually okay. I only abhor the presence of all those crazy old men. They have old-fashioned thinking, which can never be changed. Generation gaps. Fucked-up attitudes. Anything wrong, they'll just blame us. Oh well. I have served a year, it's just 10 more months more.

The time when I do take a taxi, the uncle decides to cheat me. He went a fucking big round from Sengkang to Jalan Kayu then to Ang Mo Kio then to my house. When going through Sengkang would have sufficed. I want to believe that he just didn't know, but it's just too hard to not know, even if he just became a taxi driver. It's also partially my fault. I didn't notice that he took the long way until he asked me if I wanted to exit from AMK AVE 5 or AMK AVE 3. Siao, of course I said AVE5, let him go AMK3 for free money ar. That was when I realised. And I was just in no mood to protest. Next time, I will berate the driver. I will also prevent it from even happening, by telling the driver my exact route. Lucky I only take a taxi once a month, unless my dad comes to fetch me.