photographs trap people in time

I don't like to take photographs. It's not that I'm camera shy, it's just a scruple of mine. I would not stop others, though. I can understand the pleasure of sharing pictures, the want to reminisce about the past, for all photographs are history. You understand that, no photographs can be taken of the moment or the future. That is why I am discouraged from them, I do not think it good to reanimate the past. But hey, this is just a personal opinion, and although I do not indulge in such a hobby, I can understand and accept other people's interests.

Now, video is different. There are some things which should never, ever be captured on video, and shown to the eyes of mortals. For example, the capturing of fireworks! No, no, my heart is pierced with a thousand needles when people have the audacity to take videos of fireworks in front of me! With a handphone cam! Oh, how I wish to die. To try to capture the sublime beauty of fireworks in a puny video, that is sacrilege, and I would condemn those who try to do so. What I am trying to say is that, nature can never be captured digitally. The sight is poor, sound distorted, taste absent, smell gone, and the feel, oh where is the FEEL!

And that, is the reason I never watch TV,
only anime, cartoons.

What's the point of wearing watches when you are always late? It pisses me off when I try to be on time. I feel that the other person has no respect for me. I am usually early, because I make the effort to do so. People who don't put in effort, don't deserve my respect. I hate people who I do not respect. Get out of my life.


The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present.

Yuck. I'm tired of girls saying they're fat when they're almost underweight. It's a trend and it's just plain stupid. The average weight of a healthy 1.62m female is about 55kg. They naturally have more fat, and they want to compare with guys. Girls should stop reading stupid magazines. They are too easily affected by pictures of models... ... ... I hope that one day, girls will be sensible.

I should have reapplied for FASS this year. But it's too late. I shall apply next year.