I am still at a loss.
What kind of job do I want to do?
What degree should I pursue?
Should I even go to university?

Actually, I think I would enjoy a job being a mixed vegetable food seller.. Mainly because of the interaction with people and the freedom of self-employment.. However, I would like to experience uni life.. I would like to see what getting a degree is like.. The rigorous work involved..

I did not apply again this year, because I have not decided.. Now is the age for career exploration.. I would like to spend more time to research, simply because I can.. I wonder if I should go for career guidance..

For now, I have a place in school of computing.. Analyst-programmer.. That would be quite an exciting job.. But I don't have a liking for programming.. Management of information systems.. Quite popular nowadays..

Food science.. Biology.. Science is something I like.. But thinking about doing laboratory work.. Argh.. Research work.. I don't know if I like it..

Psychology.. Something I want to do.. But can I handle other people's problems? Doing research work.. Is not really something I like..

What to do? I have 6 months to think about it..