Newspapers, again

I admit that my previous post about newspapers was not very well written. That is why anonymous had posted such a comment. I am appalled that you should use such an aggressive tone. It may not be offensive to you, but it is to me. I don't know what pleasure you derive from writing that way, but I hope you do not talk that way in the real world!

Now, my goal is to be a simple person. I believe that everybody should go back to their roots and get closer to nature. I keep things simple by not bothering myself with things that do not concern me. It is good to be an informed individual I'm sure but I do not find pleasure in that. In fact, I believe that we all are suffering from information overload.

To me, there is no point knowing about how Obama's campaign is going, why Thai workers have threatened strike or how many students died at a recent school shooting. These kind of news do not enrich me, neither do they play an important part in my life. I would rather take the time to improve myself more practically. If you scrutinise the news carefully, you would note that news is made up of only a few things. Political news, financial matters, crimes, punishments etc.. All of which do not interest me. They are pessimistic, dry stuff. Of course, occassionally there is news of a different kind just to prove that newspaper is not always the same stuff. The only news I am interested in is just science and tech stuff. But I'll rather go somewhere else to learn about that stuff.

I don't normally read newspapers, because it's very commercialised. There are many advertisements. Yes, you say that you can always choose to read what you want. But I'll rather just free my mind of unnecessary clutter, instead of choosing what to read from so many pages. I have enough of choices in my life.

Anonymous, I did not say that news claim fewer people die of disease than from traffic accidents. Please do not put words into my mouth. By the way, not everyone is as smart as you. You go ask around the people who frequently read newspapers and you ask them: do more people die from disease or accidents? I do not know the answer. But I think many people believe that accidents happen more frequently, when the opposite is true. I do not have proof. It is just an intuition, okay? Come on, not everybody has a critical mind.

So, the fault does not lie with the media? That is true. The fault lies with those who are gullible enough to read newspapers, watch the news and take things for granted. Even if one has a critical mind, it is best to steer away from temptations, because humans are not infallible. The best solution is to DO SOMETHING MORE ENRICHING THAN READING NEWSPAPERS, DAMNIT! Personally, I find that being around innocent children is an infinitely rewarding experience, you learn much from their open minds and hearts.

But hey, if you want to continue reading newspapers it is up to you. It is your life, after all. All I ask is that you let me live my life and do not assume I have the same opinions and goals as you. Do not think that I must do what is right to you; your justice is not my justice, our justice is not true justice. So I give to you only my point of view, I do not expect you to understand it, nor follow it. I am not so self-important.

Of loving

My mother advised me, "Don't follow in my footsteps. I loved at too young an age, and I was hurt. Love when you grow older."

I was angry. The voice in my head retorted, "If I never love, how will I know what is love? How to love?" I disregarded her advice. I loved and I was hurt. Then I learned a little more about love.

I always wonder if it would better if I only loved when I was more mature.

Because of everything that happened, I now fear love. I fear loving and I fear being loved. I wonder if I will be able to love again?

I forgot about songs

One more thing. Songs are another form of indoctrination. Basically, it means they are no good. I try to minimise my listening to songs (hahah guilty pleasures), since they can implant ideas into your mind without you knowing it. Love songs, with their heart break and stuff, "diamonds are everything". After listening to the same old lyrics, I might be tempted to believe they are "truth". Song lyrics hardly change. They are rigid and inflexible. Not worth it.

At least classical music etc, although your emotions might be influenced by the composer, your mind won't be contaminated with stupid ideas. Actually, most song lyrics are quite safe, but still pick your songs carefully. But in the end, they're still quite rigid, I would rather have my pleasure from something else..

no to newspapers


I was indoctrinated from young that news is good and lets you know more about teh world. Sometimes when I say I don't read newspapers, people are surprised and they ask, "but how would you know about current affairs and what is happening?"

Why would I want to know what has happened? Why do I bother myself with things that don't concern me? "But sonny, you need to be concerned with the world, too many youngsters are not getting involved with their country and the world, and that is not good!"

Sure, please read newspapers if you please, but please do not believe everything. Do you realise that, more people die of disease than of traffic accidents or whatever not? Many people find riding motorcycles to be unsafe, because "there have been so many motorcycle accidents". Their perception has been skewered by newspapers. There are so many murders! So many crimes! This is because the newspaper mostly report bad stuff.

Say no to news!


So I read Practical Intelligence by Albrecht and I learnt quite a few things. One significant thing was about mental flexibility. Whether you want to be someone who stops learning and fit into a mold or you never stagnate, always refining your mind according to new experiences. I find that people around my age tend to become quite jaded (I'm talking about myself as well lol). They might stereotype things and be stubborn about their thoughts. I.e. This will always be the way, it will never change. I am certainly always frustrated when people say I am like this, that's why I do this. They never even bother to think about what they have said. I say, do not subscribe to the idea that leopards do not change their spots. While it is true to a certain extent that I behave in a way that has not changed much since I was a cute little boy, some things can be changed for the better. Sometimes, it is because you limit yourself that you become limited and you give yourself the excuse to be limited. (This is one incoherent paragraph, I hope you get it LOL)

It is sad that society as a whole is being dumbed down by the general media. Especially TV. I have always hated TV. It is one of the worst things to spend your time on. Children under 2 are not advised to watch TV because they require exposure to real life faces and emotions, etc to grow (what pediatricians say). But I demand that nobody should watch TV. When you watch TV, you get into a trance state and you become more easily influenced by advertisements and bad influences. I will not go into detail. TV programmes also feed junk to your brain. The worst thing is, you won't know it when most of your ideas come from TV.

And there are stupid magazines like Men's Health, FHM etc which I never saw until I got into army. Because people read them they become dumb. I don't feel like elaborating more because I don't have a clear idea why they are bad and I don't feel like thinking about that now. Yeah I'm lazy shit. =)

What I'm saying is that supposedly "adult" things are bad and "childish" things are good. When you're a child you learn the most and you appreciate the world the most. You don't close off your mind. That can be bad by itself, since that's what makes smoking and alcohol so prevalent. But I'm saying not to take anything too far, and always keep an open mind. Trust me, a good way to enrich your mind is to think, to experience. To do that you can try reading real books and travel to other countries. And of course, you can start by thinking. Which means you must not trust what I have just said, neither must you distrust what I have just said. Keep an open mind =) Be, not become.