Calorie Restriction


There is a monster inside me.

It is waiting to burst out.

The stipulated date is 6th February 2009.

Oh it seems like an eternity!

To free myself like a bird flying out of a cage.

Claw my way to the naked sun.


Photo: jere-me

I went "swimming" with the dogs today.
Hydrotherapy, a fancy name.

I don't like it.
But it's still better than staying in camp.
Just that there'll definitely be training.
Which is bad most of the time.

But today it was ok.
So one day just passed like this.

Working with Dogs

Photo from KM Photography

I have been working with dogs for 1.5 years and I have been hating it. The main reason why I hate it is because it is after all, the army, and I don't like to be forced to do things I don't like. When I say I am a dog handler in the army, people almost always say that working with cute dogs is so cool. But I have always hated it!

They don't see the washing of 36 kennels everyday, sometimes even on weekends(!), the shit (literally) we have to bear and the pee we have to siam. Before I was here, I never thought I would have to step on dog shit intentionally. My department is called AES for short and someone coined a term for it - Always Eating Shit.

As if there isn't enough shit smell in the air already, we have much smokers in the unit. They smoke everywhere. Even if they smoke far away, we can still smell it from afar. I mean, if they wanna get hoodwinked by the Tobacco companies and smoke themselves to death, it's all fine by me. But don't drag the smart ones with you please. I can't even shit in peace sometimes, next to my cubicle someone must smoke. I sort of understand the addiction to smoking and I pity them.

Now one of the scary things about my job is undergoing training by our boss. That's one of the worst that could happen. Because if you make mistakes, he will shout and scream at you, sometimes even with vulgarities. I don't agree with his way of teaching because I think it makes us afraid of training. That is why we are reluctant to do training so much. He directs his shouts too personally. You feel like you are born a defect.

But.. In spite of all the complaints I have, I think there are many good things about my job.

First of all, there is no field camp or obstacle courses to go through. There is not much tough physical training, only a few 5km runs per week.

Dogs are cute sometimes. Although taking good care of dogs is tiring, it is satisfying.

I can clear my offs on the dates that I am free.

Although my boss is not that reasonable, he can be quite reasonable at times. And he does give us some privileges.

I can go on nights out every day. But on Tues and Thurs I have to return by 9pm. And staying out is better.. But still, better than no nights out.

Arghh.. actually, when I think about it.. the goods are not that good after all. The bads are more bad than the goods. But.. I'm going to ord soon, just have to tolerate for 2 months more..

It is done.

I worked on this layout on 3 separate days. It is finally complete!

I have learnt quite a bit about using CSS and layers while making up this template.

Technically, though this template is "complete", I am not complete.

I will never be complete, because life is a never ending journey.

I will keep growing.