'Tis over. And the mandatory reflection.

And so, 'tis ended. Life science, gone. Double Maths, gone. Physics, argh. My only hope for salvation lies in CS1101. I await my results with bated breath.

For now, let us look back on the modules.

LSM1101 Biochemistry of Biomolecules
'Tis my most hopeless module, simply because I didn't put much effort into it. The workload is very little, but you do have to do some independent study. And of course, some stuff comes from the lectures too. I'm not one to study lectures much, so imagine my surprise when the questions in the mid-terms were all from the lectures. And yes, Dr Swami's DRAW THIS FATTY ACID. DRAW THIS SUGAR. OMG. I wished I had taken organic chemistry.

There are only four tutorials I think, and four practicals. I love the practicals, because they're interesting AND the lab reports aren't graded. Ok maybe 'twould be better if the lab reports were graded, since my mid-terms were... totally...

Oh yeah, the stupid lab coat. I cannot forget the stupid lab coat. Good one, Science. I hadn't known about the cheap sale of lab coats at S* and bought mine at the Co-op.

The forum kinda sucks too. Don't expect much discussion in the forums. Maybe it's because my other modules have overactive forums, that's why I think it sucks.... Hmm...

My rating: 6/10
My rating (if I had predicted the questions): 10/10

CS1101 Programming Methodology
And this, is my most hopeful module. I would say that it is no kick for me! ZERO KICK ARH! Full marks for mid-terms. Full marks for practical. I am so proud! Because it is the only module I can be proud of! Ok there is a catch. And that is the final, written exam. Now I sort of understand why they would have a written exam. And I sort of understand why they would make it open book. But can you spare a thought for people like me, who are too poor to buy textbooks! Can you please don't come out with questions that might have answers in the class textbook!

Ahem. Contrary to what I feel, I actually put quite a lot of effort into this one. I would read online textbooks, and do the exercises and tutorials properly. Maybe it's because I enjoy it, that's why it didn't feel like much work. You really need practice for this one!

I think they did a great job helping beginners to learn this programming language. My first real language! Java! I always thought Java was slowpoke etc... But now I appreciate it more.

My rating: 9/10 (1 point deducted because I didn't get my favourite lecturer and my lecture was way early)

MA1101R Linear Algebra
The so-called killer module.

Yet I liked it way more than Calculus (which I will talk about later).

This is the one where I did way badly for my mid-terms.

The one where I hadn't brought a calculator, screwiiing up the finals.

And also the one where I did all the exercises in the book. The more I went through the exercises, the more interesting it got.

Granted, I only did them once. And for half the questions, I succumbed to the given answers.

Yep, the stuff is dry. The lecturer is fun though. And I like the way he uses more advanced English words, helping to expand my vocabulary as well.

I hated the practice sessions (quiz after every Thursday's lecture), but I think it helped.

Forget about the tutorial though.

My rating: 9/10 (1 mark deducted for forcing me to buy an expensive, though well-written textbook)

MA1102R Calculus
This is the real killer module, can?

I must say, this module has the ultimate dream combi of lecturer + tutor. They are that good. And Mr Wang Fei, the other lecturer (I haven't seen him though) answers a lot of questions in the forums. I must say the forums really rocks here. And of course, I posted a question on the forums after the final exam, and was pleasantly surprised when someone answered...

However, this is a module that really needs a lot of practice. AND A LOT OF TACT. Omg I can't begin to say how many marks I lost for pure tactlessness. Practice and practice. And then you can never hope to finish the exam paper. Hah.

Interesting, but it gets harder. A tip: just make sure you do the easy questions quickly and accurately, forget about the impossible questions.

My rating: 8/10

GEK1510 Contemporary Ideas in Modern Physics
Don't. Take. This. Module. Unless you love Physics so much you'll sleep with it.

Ok, first of all, let me say that this module was taken in desperation. I needed one module, all the rest clashed with my timetable, especially that "Einstein" module which I really wanted to take, and bam, this I took. I looked at the title, and thought "oooo modern ideas, so there should be relativity, and quantum mechanics!" And the module description said something like "...non-technical". With my love of Einstein, I went in, and I was totally demolished...

Mostly because I underestimated the mid-term tests. Truth be told, many of them WERE from the slides. And if you really studied the slides, you'd do well. Which of course I didn't. I am so not a slides person. I think I am at odds with university education. Sighz. But of course, after the first test, I woke up my idea and studied a teeny weeny bit more of the slides, and my scores noticeably improved by about 10%.

Some topics were interesting to me, for example RELATIVITY!! TIME DILATION! COSMOLOGY! But the rest were... bleh. Too many numbers, too many things to remember.

In the end, 'twas my folly to underestimate a GEM. Oh almightly GEM, I'll never underestimate you again.


My rating: 5/10 (slack module, easy to do well if you want to, some interesting stuff and some not so interesting stuff)

Bonus: QET
They should put more emphasis on the text-editing and comprehension portion! 30% is not enough! Ok I understand that writing an essay is of great importance, but I dislike writing that kind of essays!

Looks like I'll have to take an English module next sem :( I had planned to take 6 modules, and this means "7" modules??!

Regrets: unnecessary

A die-hard habit.

I want to change that habit.

After all, there is nothing more important than the present. I know that perfectly well, yet sometimes I can't help but be haunted by the past. Life is too short for regrets. Sometimes, it is also due to the influence from others: their regrets become my regrets as well. I would like to fight that influence.

Perhaps this is borne from the concept of time. Some populations do not have such concepts. They do not know what is "past", neither do they understand the "future". Now is all they have. It would be sweet if we could follow their example and purge this poison.

Now, the past is an important teacher. So I think a good compromise would be to untangle the emotions from the past.

A loss is a loss indeed

Dear Blog,

I forgot to bring my calculator for my Maths exam today.


Can you believe it?!

And it turns out that there were numerous fractions in the first question. Screw it! The human mind is great, but sometimes you just can't beat the good ol' calculator. I am... so very sad... I had planned to score close to full marks for that paper. Life throws you curveballs sometimes.

But overall, the paper was quite simple. AND ALL THE MORE I BERATE MYSELF FOR MY ABSENT-MINDEDNESS. Owing to a lack of time, I...couldn't complete it. Let's pray that the same fate will befall the rest. Yes, university makes you evil.

No matter, the supposedly MA1101R Linear Algebra abomination is gone. Too bad. I liked it. Much more than Calculus.

Let's move on!

*puts calculator in bag*


Weariness is setting upon me; yet I cannot falter.
Time lost will never be found; that will not alter.
What does this mean to me? I cannot answer.
Found; And lost again. That is a cycle.
Will I rise up to the challenge again?
I hope for the correct answer.


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Photo: D Sharon Pruitt

Ever wondered why there are no black flowers?

Colours are important. Look at nature. Nature is colourful. Yet many of us has lost touch with nature. I won't deny that black is sassy, sexy, elegant; white is fresh, dazzling. But please, there is more to that; there are more colours than the eye can see. So to all those who frequently wear black or white for convenience's sake: try something else!

What you wear might affect you as well. Wearing bright colours might just brighten up your day! (Of course, I'm not talking about super bright nonsense. You could try that if you wish). I read somewhere that wearing different colours will affect how you think. I don't know how true that is, but I do have brighter thoughts whenever I wear brighter colours!

We have eyes that see colour for a reason; appreciate it. You never know what you have until you lose it. Imagine losing colour vision; what you see everyday is a drab and dreary picture of what has been.

And for the last time, black is not a colour. It is the absence of colour.

Black is boring.
Luckily, grey is more boring than black.

Colours are a necessity, just like how black and white is a necessity.

Invite colours into your world, and your life will be more colourful.

And you will be closer to nature.
Think about why it is important to be close to nature.

That is all I have to say.


Life is so fleeting.

One moment you're here, the next you're gone.

I wonder how the dead feel?

Would you want the living to grieve? Or would you want them to get on with their lives?

I always think that the dead want us to be happy. Funerals should be a form of celebration. After all, death is salvation. We should be glad for them. Why feel sad?

It's so quick. Here we are at Week 6 already. It feels like only a week has passed. Yeah, when you're being overwhelmed with stuff, time passes faster.

Thinking back, perhaps it's a blessing that I didn't get into Arts. I dunno. What's a degree? Overrated piece of paper. But here I am, following the paths that others take, because I'm a cookie cut out of a cookie-cutter.

I get so lost, whenever I think: what's the point of points?

Studying for years; when we can be more useful to society.

I can't deny that learning is fun though.

But I'm not the kind to flourish in a stress-laden enviroment.

(Yes, a little stress is needed, but not too much. Moderation is key.)


Let's see... SOC Frisbee almost got into the semis. We drew with BIZ, but in the end they had ONE MORE GOAL than us, so we were out and they were in. What the hell!

Actually, today I overslept for the first time in a long time. It turned out that my handphone had run out of battery. Heck, I'm so tired of my phone running out of battery. But I really like my Motorola Q. Yep, I got a shock and cabbed there but it turned out they started later because of some misunderstandings. Lol.

What a shagged day.

Anyway, I found out that I basically bought the MRT concession for nothing! There's a better way to go to school! And that is 74! Yes, ONE DIRECT BUS! I can stop at Fairfield Methodist, walk through the blocks to the overhead bridge and here I reach Science. Way to go! NO MORE 95! YES! Or I can take 165 to Holland V and take 95. Wow, there are so many ways! Although bus is not that comfy a ride, it's better than taking bus, changing to mrt and taking bus again!

Programming is currently more interesting than all the rest of my modules! But hell it contains quite a lot of Maths as well. I think I'm neglecting my Life Sciences. Gotta buck up!

Shortcut from BIZ to SCI

SO, today I wanted to wake up early, so that I could have more time to explore NUS. I slept late in the end, but it's okay.

So I took 30 from HarbourFront to Heng Mui Keng Terrace. That was when my journey began.

Shortcut from PGP to SCI
I first walked to PGP, and went through KE7. Climbing up the never ending stairs, and then a never ending slope, I reached Kent Ridge Road. I saw a path to Medicine. Medicine links to Science! But that is not the way, for I was searching for BIZ -> SCI.

Shortcut from BIZ to SCI!
So I walked along Kent Ridge Road, and then I saw a path to S1 and another path, to some place full of plants (that would be the Temasek Life Sciences Lab). BINGO!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not being satisfied, I tried to explore another set of stairs leading up, at the IMRE (just next to the lab). I was stopped by a security guard, and I told him I was going to Science. He said that it's a no go, last time could go through but now couldn't, i.e. OBSOLETE.

But of course, sometimes taking D would be faster. But you have to consider the waiting time as well. And the loss of a chance for some good exercise.

Warning: Never take A2!

The first and last time I tried A2, I took half an hour to reach Science. Holy $%%#$#

Warning: Never take A1 from PGP at 5.45pm
Well you could try, perhaps I was just unlucky. But I got so stuck in a super traffic jam. Like lol. At such a time, just go through KE7.

Wrong numbers

LOL. I don't understand how people can call the wrong number so easily. I mean, I often receive those kind of calls. At least two or three times a week. LOL.

We all need a rest, even your heart

"Most people have the idea that the heart is working all the time. As a matter of fact, there is a
definite rest period after each contraction. When beating at a moderate rate of seventy
pulses per minute, the heart is actually working only nine hours out of the twenty-four. In
the aggregate its rest periods total a full fifteen hours per day."

The Cons of Being an Atheist

Photo: kevindooley

I have been an atheist for a while now. This is because I believe that, I won't trust in anything I can't see. There is no proof that God exists. I have always thought that way.

However, times have changed and my thoughts are different now.

Yes, the Bible has been altered by many unknown sources over the ages.

Yes, some churches are evil.

Yes, Christianity may be patriarchal.

Yes, Christianity [branches] may have weird practices, like *ahem*exorcism*ahem*, Jehovah's Witness [wtf], evangelicalism [I hate this].

To put it brutally, I always thought people who believed too obsessively in the Bible/God were stupid.

But I do understand that, a belief that you grew up with, compared to a newer belief, takes precedence over anything else. After all, that belief has helped you through many bad times, and followed you through many good times.

And I always thought people were entitled to their own belief. Yes, I may think it's stupid, but that's just my opinion. If you believe in something so strongly, it will never be stupid.

However, being an atheist, I realise I lose out on something important: faith in God.

Praying is an important thing, and by itself creates miracles.

Without praying, I lose my way more easily when I am alone, and when I am down. Especially when I have no one to confide in. After all, no matter how close you are to a person, there is always at least one secret you find it hard to divulge.

So now, to God I pray, I can no longer fight my battles alone. I need Your help, Your love. Forgive me for all my mistakes, and cleanse my heart of all evil. Show me the path to peace, quiet and health. Give me the strength to love my enemies.

Yes, even if I cannot see God, even if God is false, I will believe in him. No matter where God is, I will put him in my heart.

Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits.


Sometimes we need to remind ourselves

Photo: allaboutgeorge

Sometimes, along the road of life, we forget a very important thing,
that the past is gone and the future is not now.

Do not look back and grief on the past, for it is gone.
Do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come.
Live in the present, and make it so beautiful
that it will be worth remembering...

Sometimes, I forget that and I get so lost...

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.
Bend like the willow, don't resist like the oak.

Live and Let Live

It is fine to get irritated with someone's way of doing things, but does it affect you? Really? Those tiny things.. It would be better to leave them alone. Because there are more important things. Think of what is really important to you. There is only one life to live. And to waste it on unimportant things.. Is a choice. And sometimes, we get caught up. But it's ok. We just have to get back on track.

Taking things too seriously

It crept up on me. The creature called "taking things too seriously". It has inflicted much damage on me. Over the past two years, without realising it. I began to see meaning in things when there is no meaning. I forgot my purpose of living, that is to enjoy life! I need to loosen up. If not I'll only see failure as what it is, a failure. Taking failure too seriously and never see it for what it truly is, an opportunity. A chance to fight back. I had begun to lose hope in myself and the world.

A couple of years ago, I could find the bright side in every dark side. Today, I only do the opposite. I have shifted between two extremes. Now I must stop trying and live life. Because the moment is more precious than anything else. It goes away in less than a second.

I knew all that, but I couldn't apply it. I thought I was strong, but I wasn't ready to be. I took things so personally that it affected the core of my heart and dragged me down into the abyss. I became so lost I couldn't see myself in the mirror. I couldn't trust myself, let alone others.

Now the time has come, I must change. Create new habits and forsake the old ones.



Stir-frying French fries. and wind

Yes! I did it. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. But it is definitely troublesome, as I picked up the fries from the pan using a pair of chopsticks. Tedious, but well worth the effort. The secret is to fry the fries (sorry) two times, the first time over low heat and the second over high heat. Make sure not to brown them in the first fry, then do brown them on the second. Yeah, it would be much easier if I had a deep-fat fryer, but since this works, I guess I don't need one.  I also end up using less oil, which is definitely a plus.

At first, the smell from the hot pan was.. quite unpleasant. It just smelled wrong. Maybe it's because I'm using a sunflower/canola blend. I have this hunch that using Knife cooking oil would be much better. Muahaha. The fries turned out addictive though. Lol.

Wow, tonight is finally cool after those impossible to sleep nights. And the wind is so strong, it made lots of noise. The young trees at the carpark bent 90 degrees.


Maintaining a tan is a cosmetic decision which has much side effects. With a darker tan, more sunlight is required to produce the same amount of vitamin D. In turn, with more sunlight the tan is darkened and even more sunlight is required to produce the same amount of vitamin D. As such maintaining a tan is troublesome, for you need much sunlight to prevent vitamin D deficiency. The only benefit I can see with having a good tan is that sunburn is less unlikely to happen, although it will still happen if exposed to too much sunlight. Being too fair is disadvantageous as well, since a minor amount of sunlight would cause sunburn. There ought to be a optimum concentration of skin pigment suited for our weather, but that is highly malleable as well, because all things are transient.

From what I have heard

Sugar causes tooth decay. It encourages the growth of acid-producing bacteria, which dissolves teeth structure and causes cavities.

However, the main cause is probably the diet. "Modern diets" contain high amounts of sugar, and also low amount of vitamins and minerals. With the lack of certain vitamins/minerals (K2? D?) the enamel is not able to regenerate. And so the matter is compounded by many factors. Of course the best way would be to avoid sugar together, but saying that implies a narrow view. It would be better to say that we should get better nutrition from foods. Better nutrition solves many problems. Instead of looking at supplements as the only solution, we should be getting better nutrition instead.

For example, white rice. Although it's a staple, it has poor nutritional value when compared to brown rice, the whole grain version. It has abysmally low levels of vitamin B1 (thiamine). So if we only eat white rice, we will most likely suffer from diseases such as beri-beri (affects nervous system). However, since it's a staple, it's surely hard to avoid it in Singapore.. And to abandon such a food that you grew up on.. Difficult, isn't it..

Best bet is to eat all foods in moderation. After all, it is too much trouble to get the perfect diet, but it is still not worth the risk to eat unhealthy foods too much. Which is advice that has been around for years. But is unheeded by many.

My tender core

I ask you to honour my tender core, which is not to be worn on a sleeve for all to see but is an object of diligent search, revealed only to those willing to uncover it. The work that takes is the five A's: attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowing me to be myself, to have the right to access my deepest needs, values and wishes. I can be like a daisy, indiscriminately revealing its all to would-be lovers who then pull it to pieces. Or I can be like the peony that hides its core from view but shares it generously with sweetness. Yet too much safety is a barrier, not a boundary, around the sweetness of life and the risks that make it exciting. The danger in constructing boundaries is in our becoming too defensive. Do not a few falls and hurts help us grow and make us more daring?


Basically, White Album [anime] Opening can be said to made up of these still images. Yep, 1 min 30 s of looking at all these "animations". Frankly, it is quite artistic and soothing and all, but for such a cool opening song [Mizuki Nana's Shin'ai aka "Deep Love"] I expected much more. It would be better if they improved the opening for the second season. At least add some decent animations! Please

Normally I would avoid these kind of "harem animes", but it's too bad the main heroine Yuki is voiced by Hirano Aya

and Ogata Rina is voiced by Mizuki Nana,
two of my favourite voice actresses.

So far, I have watched until Episode 11, and the feelings of the characters can be real subtle at times. You really have to pay attention to notice. What a pain, but it's cool nonetheless.

Minami-ke was back!

Yes! The three sisters are back, in yet another season of Minami-ke! From what I have seen, I must say that it is definitely better than the 2nd season (Okawari). I laughed a lot, will continue to do so. Kana-chan!!!


I had a blast today. After going Bukit Panjang from Chuan Yuan's birthday party, I struggled to find a place to change into singlet and shorts. Yes, there's Mac 24 hours.. But the toliet is very cramped. I should have changed at Chuan Yuan's condo. In the end, I went up the stairs of some HDB flat and quickly changed. I hope no one saw me. Hehe. After that, I unlocked my bicycle and the workout began.

I realised there was an alternative route to Woodlands Road, through Senja Road to Senja Way. I went there, to Woodlands Road then to Mandai Road. It was when it went downhill. Then up. And down. Up again. I felt it. The loss of my soul from my body.

After so long of non-cycling, it was just too much for me. Well, almost. 1 and a half hours when normally it's just half an hour. I managed to survive, but I cursed and swear. It was like, red light all the way? It cannot be such a coincidence. BUt I cursed most at Seletar Camp - Jalan Kayu. There was road works and road redirection. In the end I went one big round just to get back to Jalan Kayu. I felt like I want to die.

Anyway, while passing Yishun Dam, I saw a lot of people. I mean it's like the whole stretch. I saw tents. I saw children as well. There were lots of cars and motorcycles. Lol. Nightlife?

I finally reached home. Yes!

Flashback: When I was going to Bukit Panjang from home, it was very fun. It has been a long time since I rolled down and up the roads. Shiok stuff. When I was going there I didn't feel like I was dying though, I felt totally vitalised! I encountered an obstacle. I had planned to take a shortcut through Track 15 and "mountain bike trail to from Mandai to Bukit Panjang. When I reached there, I couldn't believe my eyes. Mindef (i.e. army) had blocked off the path. There was a gate there! Curses. Holy shit. That was why it was wiped off the online map at www.map.gov.sg. I so didn't believe it so I went it all the way to the zoo, hoping to find my salvation. Nope. Holy shit. Waste my time. That was why, I was late in going to Chuan's party. Well, actually I turned out to be quite early LOL. But it was late compared to, when I planned to reach there by 7 plus.

It has been quite long since I saw Stephanie. As usual, she talked a lot of nonsense. But I talked a lot of nonsense too.


From: Lawrence Yang

That is not the main reason why I don't drink soft drinks; it is the low nutritional quality. And they are uber expensive. Compare them to the price of plain water. Inflated out of proportion.

Photo: laurenmanning

Yes, finally. On the 6 Feb 2009, I was freed from a torture that lasted over 1 and a half years. No more smelling of shit, no more writing in the book in book out book everytime I go in and go out of camp, no more going through two gates everytime, no more bosses to ask me to do work. No more bringing two wallets. You see, I was wary of my real wallet getting infected by disease. I'm a real OCD freak.

No more smokers! Well, partially. It's hard to avoid every one of them; they ran rampant in SG. At least no more smoke in the toliet. No more wearing boots for the whole day to find out that my foot has rotted.

It's hard to understand what life was like, so don't even try. Appreciate the life you have, because many people lead worse lives than you.

Most of all, I will miss Royce and his animal sounds, Zachary and his kidney punch. Yes Royce, I will remember to call you when I am sick.

Celebrate good times
come on ! - Let's celebrate

Toradora Anime Impressions (til Ep16)

Toradora! is basically just another high school romantic comedy.

Or not.
When I first watched this show, I thought it was a slice-of-life anime with wacky characters. As I watched on, I realised there was more to the characters, much more. Most of the characters in the show relate to each other, they really feel like they belong there. Even minor characters get the spotlight. Imagine my surprise when Kanou-senpai, the student council president suddenly appears for almost the whole of the latest episode. And she gets involved in an intense catfight, to boot. Amazing Stuff. She had been introduced in an early episode and then got dumped.
Toradora Ep 16 is the best Toradora! so far and the main reason why I'm writing this. I am just too impressed by this one episode. Apart from the super cool catfight. there was a subtlety that I actually missed out - that was an important part of the relationship web. I had to source the web for info on what it was (although I might have inferred it by replaying that part a few times, it's just much easier)
Cool stuff. There's more to come, hopefully. The characters are definitely getting deeper.
Some events are unbelievable sometimes. But that's also the fun part.
Animation is wacky, i.e. characters get somewhat deformed sometimes. I like the action scenes. Overall, I would say the animation quality is average.

Music is forgetable, but you don't need music in this show. You need sound effects, and this show provides you with many many. Many!

High entertainment value. If it doesn't make you laugh, money guranteed back.

The Power of Validation?



No! I have lost weight. Down to a staggering 49kg. While others lament their excessive weight, which is most cases, is in fact NORMAL(!!!!) weight, I have to deal with ABNORMAL weight. Although I have not died yet, surely it is not good to be underweight. So people, please do not say you're fat in front of me, it is irritating and disrepectful. Unless you're really obese.


Soon, I will be free
Flying out of a cage
To arrive in another

My mum has been
But I loathe to work

Happy New Year

2009, a new start.
Everyday is a new start.
Every second is a new start.
Everytime is a new start.

You have a new start anytime you want a new start.