Toradora Anime Impressions (til Ep16)

Toradora! is basically just another high school romantic comedy.

Or not.
When I first watched this show, I thought it was a slice-of-life anime with wacky characters. As I watched on, I realised there was more to the characters, much more. Most of the characters in the show relate to each other, they really feel like they belong there. Even minor characters get the spotlight. Imagine my surprise when Kanou-senpai, the student council president suddenly appears for almost the whole of the latest episode. And she gets involved in an intense catfight, to boot. Amazing Stuff. She had been introduced in an early episode and then got dumped.
Toradora Ep 16 is the best Toradora! so far and the main reason why I'm writing this. I am just too impressed by this one episode. Apart from the super cool catfight. there was a subtlety that I actually missed out - that was an important part of the relationship web. I had to source the web for info on what it was (although I might have inferred it by replaying that part a few times, it's just much easier)
Cool stuff. There's more to come, hopefully. The characters are definitely getting deeper.
Some events are unbelievable sometimes. But that's also the fun part.
Animation is wacky, i.e. characters get somewhat deformed sometimes. I like the action scenes. Overall, I would say the animation quality is average.

Music is forgetable, but you don't need music in this show. You need sound effects, and this show provides you with many many. Many!

High entertainment value. If it doesn't make you laugh, money guranteed back.

The Power of Validation?


No! I have lost weight. Down to a staggering 49kg. While others lament their excessive weight, which is most cases, is in fact NORMAL(!!!!) weight, I have to deal with ABNORMAL weight. Although I have not died yet, surely it is not good to be underweight. So people, please do not say you're fat in front of me, it is irritating and disrepectful. Unless you're really obese.


Soon, I will be free
Flying out of a cage
To arrive in another

My mum has been
But I loathe to work

Happy New Year

2009, a new start.
Everyday is a new start.
Every second is a new start.
Everytime is a new start.

You have a new start anytime you want a new start.