Minami-ke was back!

Yes! The three sisters are back, in yet another season of Minami-ke! From what I have seen, I must say that it is definitely better than the 2nd season (Okawari). I laughed a lot, will continue to do so. Kana-chan!!!


I had a blast today. After going Bukit Panjang from Chuan Yuan's birthday party, I struggled to find a place to change into singlet and shorts. Yes, there's Mac 24 hours.. But the toliet is very cramped. I should have changed at Chuan Yuan's condo. In the end, I went up the stairs of some HDB flat and quickly changed. I hope no one saw me. Hehe. After that, I unlocked my bicycle and the workout began.

I realised there was an alternative route to Woodlands Road, through Senja Road to Senja Way. I went there, to Woodlands Road then to Mandai Road. It was when it went downhill. Then up. And down. Up again. I felt it. The loss of my soul from my body.

After so long of non-cycling, it was just too much for me. Well, almost. 1 and a half hours when normally it's just half an hour. I managed to survive, but I cursed and swear. It was like, red light all the way? It cannot be such a coincidence. BUt I cursed most at Seletar Camp - Jalan Kayu. There was road works and road redirection. In the end I went one big round just to get back to Jalan Kayu. I felt like I want to die.

Anyway, while passing Yishun Dam, I saw a lot of people. I mean it's like the whole stretch. I saw tents. I saw children as well. There were lots of cars and motorcycles. Lol. Nightlife?

I finally reached home. Yes!

Flashback: When I was going to Bukit Panjang from home, it was very fun. It has been a long time since I rolled down and up the roads. Shiok stuff. When I was going there I didn't feel like I was dying though, I felt totally vitalised! I encountered an obstacle. I had planned to take a shortcut through Track 15 and "mountain bike trail to from Mandai to Bukit Panjang. When I reached there, I couldn't believe my eyes. Mindef (i.e. army) had blocked off the path. There was a gate there! Curses. Holy shit. That was why it was wiped off the online map at www.map.gov.sg. I so didn't believe it so I went it all the way to the zoo, hoping to find my salvation. Nope. Holy shit. Waste my time. That was why, I was late in going to Chuan's party. Well, actually I turned out to be quite early LOL. But it was late compared to, when I planned to reach there by 7 plus.

It has been quite long since I saw Stephanie. As usual, she talked a lot of nonsense. But I talked a lot of nonsense too.


From: Lawrence Yang

That is not the main reason why I don't drink soft drinks; it is the low nutritional quality. And they are uber expensive. Compare them to the price of plain water. Inflated out of proportion.

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Yes, finally. On the 6 Feb 2009, I was freed from a torture that lasted over 1 and a half years. No more smelling of shit, no more writing in the book in book out book everytime I go in and go out of camp, no more going through two gates everytime, no more bosses to ask me to do work. No more bringing two wallets. You see, I was wary of my real wallet getting infected by disease. I'm a real OCD freak.

No more smokers! Well, partially. It's hard to avoid every one of them; they ran rampant in SG. At least no more smoke in the toliet. No more wearing boots for the whole day to find out that my foot has rotted.

It's hard to understand what life was like, so don't even try. Appreciate the life you have, because many people lead worse lives than you.

Most of all, I will miss Royce and his animal sounds, Zachary and his kidney punch. Yes Royce, I will remember to call you when I am sick.

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