My tender core

I ask you to honour my tender core, which is not to be worn on a sleeve for all to see but is an object of diligent search, revealed only to those willing to uncover it. The work that takes is the five A's: attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection and allowing me to be myself, to have the right to access my deepest needs, values and wishes. I can be like a daisy, indiscriminately revealing its all to would-be lovers who then pull it to pieces. Or I can be like the peony that hides its core from view but shares it generously with sweetness. Yet too much safety is a barrier, not a boundary, around the sweetness of life and the risks that make it exciting. The danger in constructing boundaries is in our becoming too defensive. Do not a few falls and hurts help us grow and make us more daring?


Basically, White Album [anime] Opening can be said to made up of these still images. Yep, 1 min 30 s of looking at all these "animations". Frankly, it is quite artistic and soothing and all, but for such a cool opening song [Mizuki Nana's Shin'ai aka "Deep Love"] I expected much more. It would be better if they improved the opening for the second season. At least add some decent animations! Please

Normally I would avoid these kind of "harem animes", but it's too bad the main heroine Yuki is voiced by Hirano Aya

and Ogata Rina is voiced by Mizuki Nana,
two of my favourite voice actresses.

So far, I have watched until Episode 11, and the feelings of the characters can be real subtle at times. You really have to pay attention to notice. What a pain, but it's cool nonetheless.