Taking things too seriously

It crept up on me. The creature called "taking things too seriously". It has inflicted much damage on me. Over the past two years, without realising it. I began to see meaning in things when there is no meaning. I forgot my purpose of living, that is to enjoy life! I need to loosen up. If not I'll only see failure as what it is, a failure. Taking failure too seriously and never see it for what it truly is, an opportunity. A chance to fight back. I had begun to lose hope in myself and the world.

A couple of years ago, I could find the bright side in every dark side. Today, I only do the opposite. I have shifted between two extremes. Now I must stop trying and live life. Because the moment is more precious than anything else. It goes away in less than a second.

I knew all that, but I couldn't apply it. I thought I was strong, but I wasn't ready to be. I took things so personally that it affected the core of my heart and dragged me down into the abyss. I became so lost I couldn't see myself in the mirror. I couldn't trust myself, let alone others.

Now the time has come, I must change. Create new habits and forsake the old ones.



Stir-frying French fries. and wind

Yes! I did it. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. But it is definitely troublesome, as I picked up the fries from the pan using a pair of chopsticks. Tedious, but well worth the effort. The secret is to fry the fries (sorry) two times, the first time over low heat and the second over high heat. Make sure not to brown them in the first fry, then do brown them on the second. Yeah, it would be much easier if I had a deep-fat fryer, but since this works, I guess I don't need one.  I also end up using less oil, which is definitely a plus.

At first, the smell from the hot pan was.. quite unpleasant. It just smelled wrong. Maybe it's because I'm using a sunflower/canola blend. I have this hunch that using Knife cooking oil would be much better. Muahaha. The fries turned out addictive though. Lol.

Wow, tonight is finally cool after those impossible to sleep nights. And the wind is so strong, it made lots of noise. The young trees at the carpark bent 90 degrees.


Maintaining a tan is a cosmetic decision which has much side effects. With a darker tan, more sunlight is required to produce the same amount of vitamin D. In turn, with more sunlight the tan is darkened and even more sunlight is required to produce the same amount of vitamin D. As such maintaining a tan is troublesome, for you need much sunlight to prevent vitamin D deficiency. The only benefit I can see with having a good tan is that sunburn is less unlikely to happen, although it will still happen if exposed to too much sunlight. Being too fair is disadvantageous as well, since a minor amount of sunlight would cause sunburn. There ought to be a optimum concentration of skin pigment suited for our weather, but that is highly malleable as well, because all things are transient.

From what I have heard

Sugar causes tooth decay. It encourages the growth of acid-producing bacteria, which dissolves teeth structure and causes cavities.

However, the main cause is probably the diet. "Modern diets" contain high amounts of sugar, and also low amount of vitamins and minerals. With the lack of certain vitamins/minerals (K2? D?) the enamel is not able to regenerate. And so the matter is compounded by many factors. Of course the best way would be to avoid sugar together, but saying that implies a narrow view. It would be better to say that we should get better nutrition from foods. Better nutrition solves many problems. Instead of looking at supplements as the only solution, we should be getting better nutrition instead.

For example, white rice. Although it's a staple, it has poor nutritional value when compared to brown rice, the whole grain version. It has abysmally low levels of vitamin B1 (thiamine). So if we only eat white rice, we will most likely suffer from diseases such as beri-beri (affects nervous system). However, since it's a staple, it's surely hard to avoid it in Singapore.. And to abandon such a food that you grew up on.. Difficult, isn't it..

Best bet is to eat all foods in moderation. After all, it is too much trouble to get the perfect diet, but it is still not worth the risk to eat unhealthy foods too much. Which is advice that has been around for years. But is unheeded by many.