Shortcut from BIZ to SCI

SO, today I wanted to wake up early, so that I could have more time to explore NUS. I slept late in the end, but it's okay.

So I took 30 from HarbourFront to Heng Mui Keng Terrace. That was when my journey began.

Shortcut from PGP to SCI
I first walked to PGP, and went through KE7. Climbing up the never ending stairs, and then a never ending slope, I reached Kent Ridge Road. I saw a path to Medicine. Medicine links to Science! But that is not the way, for I was searching for BIZ -> SCI.

Shortcut from BIZ to SCI!
So I walked along Kent Ridge Road, and then I saw a path to S1 and another path, to some place full of plants (that would be the Temasek Life Sciences Lab). BINGO!

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Not being satisfied, I tried to explore another set of stairs leading up, at the IMRE (just next to the lab). I was stopped by a security guard, and I told him I was going to Science. He said that it's a no go, last time could go through but now couldn't, i.e. OBSOLETE.

But of course, sometimes taking D would be faster. But you have to consider the waiting time as well. And the loss of a chance for some good exercise.

Warning: Never take A2!

The first and last time I tried A2, I took half an hour to reach Science. Holy $%%#$#

Warning: Never take A1 from PGP at 5.45pm
Well you could try, perhaps I was just unlucky. But I got so stuck in a super traffic jam. Like lol. At such a time, just go through KE7.