Life is so fleeting.

One moment you're here, the next you're gone.

I wonder how the dead feel?

Would you want the living to grieve? Or would you want them to get on with their lives?

I always think that the dead want us to be happy. Funerals should be a form of celebration. After all, death is salvation. We should be glad for them. Why feel sad?

It's so quick. Here we are at Week 6 already. It feels like only a week has passed. Yeah, when you're being overwhelmed with stuff, time passes faster.

Thinking back, perhaps it's a blessing that I didn't get into Arts. I dunno. What's a degree? Overrated piece of paper. But here I am, following the paths that others take, because I'm a cookie cut out of a cookie-cutter.

I get so lost, whenever I think: what's the point of points?

Studying for years; when we can be more useful to society.

I can't deny that learning is fun though.

But I'm not the kind to flourish in a stress-laden enviroment.

(Yes, a little stress is needed, but not too much. Moderation is key.)


Let's see... SOC Frisbee almost got into the semis. We drew with BIZ, but in the end they had ONE MORE GOAL than us, so we were out and they were in. What the hell!

Actually, today I overslept for the first time in a long time. It turned out that my handphone had run out of battery. Heck, I'm so tired of my phone running out of battery. But I really like my Motorola Q. Yep, I got a shock and cabbed there but it turned out they started later because of some misunderstandings. Lol.

What a shagged day.

Anyway, I found out that I basically bought the MRT concession for nothing! There's a better way to go to school! And that is 74! Yes, ONE DIRECT BUS! I can stop at Fairfield Methodist, walk through the blocks to the overhead bridge and here I reach Science. Way to go! NO MORE 95! YES! Or I can take 165 to Holland V and take 95. Wow, there are so many ways! Although bus is not that comfy a ride, it's better than taking bus, changing to mrt and taking bus again!

Programming is currently more interesting than all the rest of my modules! But hell it contains quite a lot of Maths as well. I think I'm neglecting my Life Sciences. Gotta buck up!