Regrets: unnecessary

A die-hard habit.

I want to change that habit.

After all, there is nothing more important than the present. I know that perfectly well, yet sometimes I can't help but be haunted by the past. Life is too short for regrets. Sometimes, it is also due to the influence from others: their regrets become my regrets as well. I would like to fight that influence.

Perhaps this is borne from the concept of time. Some populations do not have such concepts. They do not know what is "past", neither do they understand the "future". Now is all they have. It would be sweet if we could follow their example and purge this poison.

Now, the past is an important teacher. So I think a good compromise would be to untangle the emotions from the past.

A loss is a loss indeed

Dear Blog,

I forgot to bring my calculator for my Maths exam today.


Can you believe it?!

And it turns out that there were numerous fractions in the first question. Screw it! The human mind is great, but sometimes you just can't beat the good ol' calculator. I am... so very sad... I had planned to score close to full marks for that paper. Life throws you curveballs sometimes.

But overall, the paper was quite simple. AND ALL THE MORE I BERATE MYSELF FOR MY ABSENT-MINDEDNESS. Owing to a lack of time, I...couldn't complete it. Let's pray that the same fate will befall the rest. Yes, university makes you evil.

No matter, the supposedly MA1101R Linear Algebra abomination is gone. Too bad. I liked it. Much more than Calculus.

Let's move on!

*puts calculator in bag*


Weariness is setting upon me; yet I cannot falter.
Time lost will never be found; that will not alter.
What does this mean to me? I cannot answer.
Found; And lost again. That is a cycle.
Will I rise up to the challenge again?
I hope for the correct answer.