'Tis over. And the mandatory reflection.

And so, 'tis ended. Life science, gone. Double Maths, gone. Physics, argh. My only hope for salvation lies in CS1101. I await my results with bated breath.

For now, let us look back on the modules.

LSM1101 Biochemistry of Biomolecules
'Tis my most hopeless module, simply because I didn't put much effort into it. The workload is very little, but you do have to do some independent study. And of course, some stuff comes from the lectures too. I'm not one to study lectures much, so imagine my surprise when the questions in the mid-terms were all from the lectures. And yes, Dr Swami's DRAW THIS FATTY ACID. DRAW THIS SUGAR. OMG. I wished I had taken organic chemistry.

There are only four tutorials I think, and four practicals. I love the practicals, because they're interesting AND the lab reports aren't graded. Ok maybe 'twould be better if the lab reports were graded, since my mid-terms were... totally...

Oh yeah, the stupid lab coat. I cannot forget the stupid lab coat. Good one, Science. I hadn't known about the cheap sale of lab coats at S* and bought mine at the Co-op.

The forum kinda sucks too. Don't expect much discussion in the forums. Maybe it's because my other modules have overactive forums, that's why I think it sucks.... Hmm...

My rating: 6/10
My rating (if I had predicted the questions): 10/10

CS1101 Programming Methodology
And this, is my most hopeful module. I would say that it is no kick for me! ZERO KICK ARH! Full marks for mid-terms. Full marks for practical. I am so proud! Because it is the only module I can be proud of! Ok there is a catch. And that is the final, written exam. Now I sort of understand why they would have a written exam. And I sort of understand why they would make it open book. But can you spare a thought for people like me, who are too poor to buy textbooks! Can you please don't come out with questions that might have answers in the class textbook!

Ahem. Contrary to what I feel, I actually put quite a lot of effort into this one. I would read online textbooks, and do the exercises and tutorials properly. Maybe it's because I enjoy it, that's why it didn't feel like much work. You really need practice for this one!

I think they did a great job helping beginners to learn this programming language. My first real language! Java! I always thought Java was slowpoke etc... But now I appreciate it more.

My rating: 9/10 (1 point deducted because I didn't get my favourite lecturer and my lecture was way early)

MA1101R Linear Algebra
The so-called killer module.

Yet I liked it way more than Calculus (which I will talk about later).

This is the one where I did way badly for my mid-terms.

The one where I hadn't brought a calculator, screwiiing up the finals.

And also the one where I did all the exercises in the book. The more I went through the exercises, the more interesting it got.

Granted, I only did them once. And for half the questions, I succumbed to the given answers.

Yep, the stuff is dry. The lecturer is fun though. And I like the way he uses more advanced English words, helping to expand my vocabulary as well.

I hated the practice sessions (quiz after every Thursday's lecture), but I think it helped.

Forget about the tutorial though.

My rating: 9/10 (1 mark deducted for forcing me to buy an expensive, though well-written textbook)

MA1102R Calculus
This is the real killer module, can?

I must say, this module has the ultimate dream combi of lecturer + tutor. They are that good. And Mr Wang Fei, the other lecturer (I haven't seen him though) answers a lot of questions in the forums. I must say the forums really rocks here. And of course, I posted a question on the forums after the final exam, and was pleasantly surprised when someone answered...

However, this is a module that really needs a lot of practice. AND A LOT OF TACT. Omg I can't begin to say how many marks I lost for pure tactlessness. Practice and practice. And then you can never hope to finish the exam paper. Hah.

Interesting, but it gets harder. A tip: just make sure you do the easy questions quickly and accurately, forget about the impossible questions.

My rating: 8/10

GEK1510 Contemporary Ideas in Modern Physics
Don't. Take. This. Module. Unless you love Physics so much you'll sleep with it.

Ok, first of all, let me say that this module was taken in desperation. I needed one module, all the rest clashed with my timetable, especially that "Einstein" module which I really wanted to take, and bam, this I took. I looked at the title, and thought "oooo modern ideas, so there should be relativity, and quantum mechanics!" And the module description said something like "...non-technical". With my love of Einstein, I went in, and I was totally demolished...

Mostly because I underestimated the mid-term tests. Truth be told, many of them WERE from the slides. And if you really studied the slides, you'd do well. Which of course I didn't. I am so not a slides person. I think I am at odds with university education. Sighz. But of course, after the first test, I woke up my idea and studied a teeny weeny bit more of the slides, and my scores noticeably improved by about 10%.

Some topics were interesting to me, for example RELATIVITY!! TIME DILATION! COSMOLOGY! But the rest were... bleh. Too many numbers, too many things to remember.

In the end, 'twas my folly to underestimate a GEM. Oh almightly GEM, I'll never underestimate you again.


My rating: 5/10 (slack module, easy to do well if you want to, some interesting stuff and some not so interesting stuff)

Bonus: QET
They should put more emphasis on the text-editing and comprehension portion! 30% is not enough! Ok I understand that writing an essay is of great importance, but I dislike writing that kind of essays!

Looks like I'll have to take an English module next sem :( I had planned to take 6 modules, and this means "7" modules??!