Hello. It's been too long. Let me talk about my grades. I'm very disappointed in my grades. I did badly for CM1121. Screw badly, I didn't pass it. Not even a provisional pass. This means I have to redo that gay module again. Which means I have to do chemistry experiments all over again. What a pain.

I also did badly for my life science module. Maybe I'm not fated for my major, since I'm not really the muggin' type. To be honest, I deserve those grades. I was so distracted last semester, I ain't know what I'm doing. So, my CAP has taken such a big plunge. I'm so worried about honours. But part of me doesn't care. I really hate studying, and university.

I still can't get over the F grade. I hope I do better next semester.

I really hate this stupid penalty. It ain't worth it at all...