Soya bean ice cream

So I'm totally busted after a long day and some frisbee but I'm still gonna blog about my favourite thing.

Soya bean ice cream!!!!!

I finally remembered about the Mr Bean at NUH and went to check it out. At first, I was quite apprehensive about going to a hospital for mere ice cream, but adventure knows no bounds. So, decked in shorts, I sashayed over to NUH, feeling a bit nervous. (I dunno why, but I always feel underdressed when I'm in shorts. But I love wearing shorts!) I reached the lobby and walked around, trying to find the familiar sight. I saw no sign of it, so I checked the map. Obviously they would have no place in a hospital map. So I went to the food court, hoping that they might be there. But no! I felt so suspicious hahaha. And finally, I found it! It was hidden in plain sight! It was in a huge and deep crevice just opposite 7-Eleven, so I missed it I guess.

Venture into it I did, and I asked the kind lady for a Singapore Swirl. (I saw the promotion on their website, and it was going to end on 31st August. Obviously I had to try it!) Turns out it was a weird concoction. Some bandung like thingy at the bottom, with soya bean ice cream at the top. A float, but not really a float. A half-f**ked float! I really didn't know how to consume this monster. I tried sucking on the ice cream using the big straw, but it got stuck. No dice. So I resorted to drinking the bandung. I continued to suck on it but to no avail. I gave up in the end. So I sat somewhere and just scooped the ice cream with my big straw. Hahaha. What a weird drink.

I think I'll stick to my soya bean ice cream <3 Hooray! I can have splendid ice cream any time I want! Screw McDonalds!

What is true love?

True love is inside you. There is no need to find true love. When you love someone, you are trying to open a portal to the love inside you. You cannot truly love someone without first finding love inside yourself. Some people spend all their lives seeking love and waiting for the right one. There is no need to seek. There is no need to wait. Love is inside you. That does not mean you can only love yourself. Finding love in yourself and loving yourself are different things. And I'm being vague because it's indescribable.

Similarly, there is no need to seek God. He is you, and you are him. Do not chase an external idol. That said, chasing an external idol does work for some. However, the church is not God. If you claim the church to be God, then God is just a synthesis of thoughts and ideas. The church has a dark history indeed. This does not mean the church is bad. But I feel that it isn't right to become too entrenched in someone's else beliefs. And it certainly isn't right to indoctrinate your child from young.

Of course, all of the above is just my opinion.

7 Years of Blogging - Thank You Blogger

On 9 June 2003, I started this blog right here. It has gone through many designs and name changes, but I remain faithful to Blogger.

Ahh, how young and naive I was then. I don't even dare to read my old posts, for fear of getting embarrassed. My whole teenage-hood is chronicled right here. I remember doing so many silly things. I wouldn't be what I am today, if I didn't go through all that.

Thank you, Blogger, for being by my side these 7 years. I have always tried to handwrite a diary, but I always wouldn't follow-up. I don't know where I'd be today without an outlet like this.

Everything changes, but beauty remains.

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu, Blogger.

Too fast

It's already Friday. One week, in the blink of an eye.

Btw, flashcards really rock. I'm using Anki. It really helps a lot! Memorize before understanding... HAHAHAHA. I'm joining the mugger club! CAP is king, after all. Or not. But whatever.

I should have been an OGL this year la. I think I was too down then. I had no motivation for _anything_. Now I have to wait for the next year.


I'm so tired already. It's like only 6pm. I'm sick of waking up at 6am, sick of travelling all the way to school, and then all the way back. I wish more lecturers did webcasts...


I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past, I just can't seem to move on

How apt... Those lyrics totally describe how I feel right now...

I'm still afraid of getting hurt. Maybe it was a bad start. I still don't know how to move on. And I have disappointed many, including myself.


So... I managed to wake up at 6am on Monday, even though I had only 3 hours of sleep. Here I thought I was so pro, until I overslept the next morning. I missed my first English tutorial!

I was surprised when I woke up. It was so bright. I must have switched off the alarm and went off to sleep. In fact, I set two alarms. One on my handphone, the other is the good old analog clock. However, the analog clock was kinda spoilt and it probably didn't ring...

So I went to school and bumped into Pris and co. We had lunch. As usual, the uncle gave me two servings of rice wtf. Obviously I can't finish it. I would be thankful, but I'm not really a rice person...

Then I went for a total of 1 lecture. Woohoo!

I decided to pon the database lecture and have a great old LOL gaming session at SOC. When I realised I have no mouse! How is one going to play a RTS without a mouse?!!

Oh I bumped into Sihui&co at Arts canteen too. Hi girl, long time no see! Apparently they were going to Udders. Oh, ice cream! How I love thee!

Anyway, I have my second English tutorial tomorrow. I pray that I wake up on time!


Wow, I sure am tired. I'm still not very used to waking up so early... I'll have to wake up at 6am for 4 days of the week... How cruel is that? Damn English module...

I booked IPPT during the recess week. I wonder how it'll go. I mean, it's been so long since I've been inside a camp... I'm kinda afraid. LOL.

I tried revising organic chem today. Seriously, it's tough man! it's like two modules crammed into one... That's why I have to revise... I can't fail it again! I wonder why we have to memorise all those reactions.

This sem, I'm gonna have to put in everything I've got! I really slacked too much last sem...

Amagami SS

Seriously, what's wrong with this show? In the Haruka arc, the male lead kisses the back of the knee. And now in the Kaoru arc, the male lead kisses the belly button. Weird places to kiss, really. It disgusts me, to the point that it intrigues me. I want to stop watching, yet I want to continue watching. O m g.