Goodbye, old pal; Will history repeat itself?

Say goodbye to my Maxtor hard drive, which has accompanied me for 6 years (in fact, Maxtor is already out of business). I finally took the plunge and bought a new 500GB hard drive. I have been putting that off for so long, trying to burn everything to DVDs when my 80GB space was filled up. But I have had enough.

Firstly, I am a frugal person. If I can live with it, I WILL live with it. I saw no need for bigger capacity.

Secondly, it was good practice to backup to DVDs anyway. This way I would not be tempted to just leave my things around in a volatile hard drive. For your information, DVDs last much longer than a hard drive.

Thirdly, even if I bought a bigger hard drive, it will be filled up quick anyway. People tend to accommodate to what they have. If I had a bigger bag, I would tend to put more things into it.

500GB vs 80GB. That’s a 6.25 factor of increase. I wonder how long it will last?

P.S. The good thing about buying a new hard drive was the reduction of the temperature. The current hard drive is about 33 degrees Celsius when working while the previous (old) one could go up to 47 degrees. That’s a big difference! Apparently, the new hard drive is a power saving model, so I can save the Earth while I’m at it. YAY ME!

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I saw that question when I entered the PC or MAC competition to get a free Windows 7 laptop. I was stunned. I have no idea how to answer that question. I do think I’ll be speechless if an interviewer asked me that.

So… What is the most interesting thing about me? What do you mean by interesting, anyway? You mean, “fascinating”, “catches attention”? I have no idea… I’m a low profile kind of guy. Maybe…I’m random and can spout out things that are miles away from the matter at hand. Is that interesting?

Maybe… I think a lot about stuff? But a lot of people do that. Is that interesting?

Maybe… The most interesting thing about me is that I’m a person…

I’ll be searching for the answer to this one…

Actually, I love Maths

I do find it pretty tedious at times but I love the way it gets me thinking hard. Sometimes, you don’t have all the time in the world and the thinking process is interrupted.

Actually, I love computing as well. I do mean that I was, and still am a big fan of it. However, I wanted to go Arts so badly. I don’t know why. Maybe I was afraid of doing my hobby as a job next time. You know what happens to hobbies which become jobs… Jobs and hobbies don’t really belong in the same sentence (see what I did there?).

GIMP 2.7.1 is out!

And the dreaded “windows flying all over” syndrome is gone! It’s been so long since I used GIMP, but I remember that I could do certain things in GIMP which I couldn’t in Photoshop Surprised smile

Furthermore GIMP is free AND open-source! Maybe one day I’ll be pro enough to contribute to GIMP development.

Download GIMP 2.7.1 BETA for Windows here


Woohoo, gonna take IPPT! Please don't rain! I wanna get it over and done with!

Alright, I got Silver! I almost didn't make it... When running the last 400m of the 2.4km, I almost puked... Fortunately I held it in and completed it with 7 seconds to spare :O

I was quite nervous when I was on my way. I spent so long waiting for the freaking bus 169 and I thought I was gonna be late... It's an army camp after all. In the end, everything was so relaxed lol.


I'm so... absent-minded. Maybe I'm just too easily distracted. I left my practical results in the lab(at least that's what I think, maybe it's not even there LOL). Argh I feel so guilty, so irresponsible.

I've lost many things in the past as well... Many bicycles, wallet(had to pay $100 fine for the IC loss, ouch)... Sometimes I'm amazed that I go through the day without losing anything! I totally have a one-track mind... I wonder if it's something that can be changed?


It's been a long, long day. My brain is fried.

So, what do I want to change about myself?

I have no idea. I'm fine as it is. I'm enough right now.

I'm satisfied. Is that a bad thing?

I'll slowly improve, bit by bit. I'm satisfied with my pace of improvement.

Should I improve myself further, faster?

Or is there really a need for improvement?

Is being happy enough?

Travelling (abroad) broadens the mind?

It is not a direct causal relation. It would be more apt to say that thinking and experience broadens the mind. Many are too attracted by the glamour of flying and miss out on the local beauty. And they say there's nothing interesting here.

Of course, I can't deny that there are exponentially many things to see overseas. But there are many things here which cannot be found overseas.

Rewards, grades

Receiving a reward for doing something makes people want to do it more. However, when the reward is withdrawn, people want to do it even less than they did before receiving the reward.
Experiments with People; Revelations of Social Psychology
That is why our education system is fail. The motivation to learn is extrinsic. Granted, there are some who see through the mist and learn for the sake of learning, for the sake of curiosity, for the sake of love. But I see so many who get turned off just because of poor grades. "I hate maths and science because I suck at them". They don't see maths and science for what they are. I am disappointed when people say they hate physics. Physics is so beautiful, yet they probably hate it because they didn't do well in it.
Ask any college student. What are they studying for? I bet the answer is "grades".
I'm guilty of that too. I love the subjects I study. I love to find out more about the subject. But sometimes, it's just easier to focus on what will come out for the exam. Time is limited, after all.
How would students be assessed without grades though? I dislike the education system, but I can't really think of an alternative.

Fucking smokers

They are rampant. They are everywhere I go. More importantly, I can't do a shit about it, unless I run the state and ban smoking outright. Fucking idiots. I can't even walk in peace. And I have to close my windows all the time because some fucking idiot is smoking downstairs. I can't even have some peace in my own room. It is more than frustrating. I might just go mad and go on a smoker-killing rampage one day.

A brief review of the LG T280 notebook

I bought the T280 notebook from COMEX a week ago, for around SG$855. I've been using it since then, and I must say that it is totally awesome.

The performance is close to that of my previous desktop, a low-end Core 2 Duo. It is good enough for my needs. I mainly use it for the web, videos and some office work. Gaming is not so important since I already have a gaming desktop.

The battery life is around 6 hours for light usage. I would like more, but for this price/performance ratio, it can't be beat.

I love the keyboard. It's really easy to type on. My only qualm is that the page up and page down keys are placed at the top instead of somewhere close to the arrow keys. The touchpad is great. It has support for multitouch gestures and is accurate enough.

The screen is 11.6in, with a resolution of 1366x768(!!!). It took me some time to get used to the tiny screen. Amazingly, it doesn't bother me anymore. What's more, the high resolution means that I can open two windows side by side, which makes things easier.

I love the design as well. (Actually, I bought it mainly for the design). It's really chic, and not as boring as other desktops. I really like the pink colour too.

It's a great notebook for those on the move; lightweight, yet powerful enough for average tasks.

P.S. I wonder where I can get replacement batteries. LG notebooks aren't that popular here yet.

Expectations of people

Although our expectations of people are based on their behaviour, it is likewise true that their behaviour is the results of our expectations. Simply believing that someone is attractive will lead to their being actually attractive.

Experiments with People; Revelations of Social Psychology

The implication is that YOU also play a part in shaping the other person's behaviour. The other person is like a mirror. How he treats you is a reflection of the way you treat him. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Don't get hampered by your first impression, especially if it is a bad one. If you start to treat the person with contempt, things might never get better. A downward spiral, if you must.

TL;DR - Expect something and the person might just do his best to meet your expectations.


Time flew

while I was playing with my new toy

and little did I know it was evening already

I was supposed to create flashcards for glycogen metabolism and regulation

now I'm doing stats

and it's so freaking tedious

having a feast later

but I would rather finish up my work actually

you see how mugger I have become

lucky next week is freaking slack

because that freaking 6 hour practical is on alternate weeks

Of birthday presents.

I have a confession to make. I rarely give birthday presents because I want to give people something they absolutely want or like. I'll only get a present if I know that information.

"But Wei Qi, you can always ask them!" True that. But then where's the fun? I want to surprise them!

Sorry I lied. Actually it's because I don't want to encourage materialism. I myself would rather have a box of organic apples for a present. I do understand that a present is a form of appreciation too. But I don't believe in "it's the thought that counts".

I lied again. In truth, I'm just a cold and lazy person.

I just don't believe in celebrating anniversaries, holidays and the like with material things. I just see them as capitalism capitalising on us. I know they work. But I'm stubborn.

Times have changed... Is being too connected a bad thing?


Today, on the (long) way home, I read a book about psychological studies and their findings. There was a study about altruism.

Do you think that people help others so that they themselves can benefit? I always had that cynical mentality. That people only help others because there are no real cons to doing so. I used to think that everyone is selfish, and that it's important to be selfish too. Apparently, the particular study showed that people help others so that others can benefit. And then a thought struck me. That could be programmed in our genes as well. If people help each other, the whole race would be more likely to survive.

Actually, I like to help others too. Sometimes, I would even forego my own pleasures for the sake of others. But I tend to do a lot of things without thinking anyway. Sometimes, I don't know why I did a certain thing. It's a mystery indeed. So is free will an illusion? Or is it that my genes are propelling my life?