Cut-off Jeans!

I was tired of searching for short shorts. Especially denim ones. I could wear female ones, but they were too short. And it's kind of perverse too. So I brought life to my super old super long super abandoned jeans I bought once upon a time at 77th street. I believe it was during secondary school. But I digress.

I found this nice tutorial @

However, I kind of anyhow sewed. At first, I had no idea how to do the hidden whip-stitch or whatever you call it. So there was these fugly threads running around the hem. Until I flipped to the other side and started sewing again. That was when I discovered how to make it invisible. But alas, I was too lazy to undo the fugly design. So I had to repeat the fugly design for the left side of the back as well. At least the fronts are kind of spotless. Lol.

I doubt those stitches will survive a few machine washes. Well, if they come off, I might have to do a stronger back stitch.

Thrifty or...?

So far, this is my fourth semester here at NUS and I have only bought one textbook. Linear Algebra. And that's because the tutorial questions came from there and there was no way I could find an e-book because it was co-written by our dear lecturer.

And the psychology textbook was courtesy of Nick. It's still with me, oops. As for the rest, either I found an e-book or I just couldn't be bothered. Sometimes, I think I'm too thrifty. But now that I think about it, it's not that I can't afford the books. It's more like... I'm trying to prove something. Or maybe I just think that education should be free. (Except that the books require effort and publishing which equates to money needed)

It's weird huh. Sometimes I can walk a few bus stops just to save a few cents but I spend a bomb on other stuff. There was one time when I was so obsessed with ultra quality bed sheets that I just unload everything only.

But anyway, the best things in life are free. You're only happy if you enjoy what you have.

I was mistaken...

My Monday and Tuesday were slack, but my Thursday and Friday are horrible.

And it's only the first week. So much homework already...

A mini software project due by week 3 and I don't even have a team yet. Hahaha!

The UTown writing module is quite fun though. I'm so glad that it replaces one of my core modules.

Time to work hard.

First two days of school

Is damn slack!!!


I think I shouldn't relax so much.

After school I've been going out and just... shopping.

To be continued.

Amazing live wall on your desktop!

Title sounds like spam huh?

Found this review over here

This is amazing! Although being a minimalistic person I probably won't be utilising it...

To overload or not to overload

That is the question.

Every semester I have this urge to overload.
It's incomprehensible.

Rationally speaking, there is no real purpose in overloading unless I want to do an internship.

This semester, I finally found a core module to overload that fits with my timetable. Now the question is, should I?

Well, the decision has to be made on 10 Jan, so I guess I'll just lay back for now.