Computing day

Woohoo! It's Computing day! The only real day where I'm at my own faculty... For three hours of lessons! Ain't that cool?

Seriously... My faculty is really a melting pot of cultures. A moment I hear Vietnamese, some China Mandarin the next, then Tamil. It does irk me when I hear foreign languages... No point hiding the fact that I mind. It's crappy when you don't understand what others are talking about.


I seriously didn't know there existed a NUS cat community

What do you use?

Got the idea from

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Browser: Chrome; Firefox 4 beta on Laptop

Mail client(wow, who uses one these days?): Thunderbird
RSS: Google Reader
Antivirus Software: Microsoft Security Live Essentials
Video Player: Media Player Classic Home Cinema, after my favourite SMPlayer broke
Audio Player: SMPlayer/Music Bee
Music Library: Music Bee
Podcast Grabber: -
Writing Program: Notepad2, Word 2010

Note Taking: CintaNotes (this is awesome)
Photo Editing: Photoshop CS5
Drawing/Graphic Design/etc: Photoshop CS5, Paint.NET, Inkscape

Image Viewer: IrfanView
Video Editing: -
Video Transcoder: Handbrake/Mediacoder x64
Audio Editing: Audacity
Reading comics/zines/etc: All Mangas Reader/PDF-XChange Viewer
Photo organization/storage: Facebook? Lol.
File compression: WinRAR

File synchronization: FreeFileSync (another awesome program)
File comparison: WinMerge
Chat Client: Trillian/Windows Live Messenger 2011
IRC Client: kvIRC
Torrent Client: uTorrent
Search Website: Google
Programming language: Java, PHP

Most played game: League of Legends
Where is your taskbar? Left side of my screen

Procrastination and Perfectionism

So I'm supposed to do this essay, but three days have gone by and I have no inspiration. I do have a love-hate relationship with writing. I love writing nonsense, but when it comes to the real stuff, all I have is fluff :3

I've done some stuff to prepare for my mid-term exams, but I feel that it isn't enough. How much is ever enough? I always think about how much I can do and suddenly I feel overwhelmed; It is impossible to be perfect.

There was a time when I wanted everything to be perfect; But now I couldn't care less.

Sometimes I wonder where my passion has gone. It's like I have nothing to live for anymore. Maybe it's a sign of depression.


From some Bleach wiki

"Yeah, no! Hakufuku was the only spell that was mentioned and that's it! So all things that happened, reiatsu concealment and her being knocked unconsciousness everything, must be attributed to Hakufuku. There is no evidence to suggest Hakufuku can't conceal reiatsu. Nothing in the manga, databook or anything contradicts that reading of events. Saying "Hakufuku or another ability" implies that another ability might have been involved. We can't do that. We have to take the option dictated by Occam's razor. We know Rangiku was knocked unconscious. We know that Aizen couldn't dictate Rangiku's reiatsu. When Rangiku woke-up she only commented on the Hakufuku spell being cast on her. Therefore, the simplest explanation is that Hakufuku did both. Going a little meta, Kubo never said Hakufuku did not conceal reiatsu. Therefore, there is no reason to suppose he didn't extend the definition of that particular kido to include reiatsu concealment. He can extend spell abilities, or rather, he can reveal more about spells that are his invention. So unless something that can be cited that says Hakufuku can only knock a Shinigami unconscious, then as of chapter 416, Hakufuku has been shown to both knock a target unconscious and hide their reiatsu. Closing discussion as I can't imagine what is left unsaid on this topic. Tinni (Talk) 02:44, September 19, 2010 (UTC)"

I just totally liked the way he/she wrote. It's so... systematic <3?

Quick and Dirty Guide to Theming the Android Phone

adb pull framework-res.apk from phone.

Unpack it using apktool.

Modify whatever you want (you can port themes over by replacing files in drawable-hdpi or drawable-mdpi etc.) You can change colours by modifying the xml files in the layout folder. This might be a bit complicated, but you should be able to figure it out.

Repack it using apktool.

Now, you can just replace the framework-res.apk on your phone with your framework-res.apk. I haven't tried it yet, but adb push framework-res.apk should work.

Remember to backup all files/nandroid.

(To make a Metamorph theme - just extract the framework-res and include the files you modified into a Metamorph theme folder; you can use some existing Metamorph theme as a template)

Week from Hell

Just got home. This is really a week from hell. God bless me.


It's been tiring... Too many assignments, too many projects, too much homework...

Anyway, today I finally caved in and bought some sweets. The cherry flavoured Fisherman's Friend looked enticing so I bought it. I have never bought any Fisherman's Friend in my life. There's a reason for that. But anyway, I looked at the ingredients and thought they were okay. It tasted great.

When I got home, I took a look at it again and I realised that it contained Acesulfame K. I had a nagging feeling ever since I bought it so I went to check it out and lo and behold, that substance contains a suspected carcinogen. FML.