Familiarity breeds liking

Apparently, the more often you see someone, the more you'll like them. But I guess it makes sense. After all, most of us are more comfortable with people we know. (Yes, there might be people who like strangers more? Babies in fact. I read in a study that some babies actually prefer to be with strangers than their own mothers. Queer, right?)

This applies to other stuff as well. Like music. You tend to prefer songs that you've heard before. You tend to eat food that you know you'll like. You tend to go out with friends that you know well.


Dammit. Mobilisation on a Saturday afternoon. I had to go all the way back to camp... and do nothing. It's been a long time since I've been back. Nothing much has changed, really. And I wasn't able to see my dogs. Carrie passed away, and Bobby was adopted. To think I was looking forward to seeing my cute little Bobby :'(

Tomorrow I have to go back to school for some project review. Seriously. What. The. Hell. Weekend gone, just like that. Poof! And I was looking forward to my Dragon Age 2. I've been putting that off for Radiant Historia, which is a super awesome game.

What a busy week. But everything will come to an end soon. I don't know if I should be looking forward to next week. Every week is a blank piece of paper. I hope to create wonderful history.

Thunder_Bird... aka the best. shirt. EVER.

I really really really really love this shirt.

But it's sold out :(

Hope they reprint it sometime.

I would buy it in a heartbeat!

I spy I spy... a toy car?!

This was taken early in the morning on a very fine 3rd of March. This car caught my attention. If you enlarge it you would see a "SWAT" on the roof of the car. It seriously looks like a toy car.

If I had a car, it would totally be something like that.

Because if I parked it in a big multi-storey carpark I wouldn't remember where I parked it. This would totally make it easier for me to find.

The power of 20 minutes

I first learned this from "The Vigorous Mind" by Ingrid E. Cummings, one of the few books that I ever bought. It's about Kaizen, a Japanese word that roughly means "continuous improvement".

Anyway, it's about how many little portions of time can add up. Do you ever think that you need a lot of time for something like learning a skill (such as learning the piano) and that you don't have it? Well, just take 20 minutes (or any arbitrary amount of time) a day. You mustn't think that it's too short a time to really learn something. After all, the little things do add up. 20 minutes a day, and in one year, you'll get a grand total of about 122 hours! And perhaps, the sum of the pieces would be greater than its whole.

As the Chinese saying goes, water can pierce rock given enough time. Just do a little every day, and you'll do more than you can ever imagine.

P.S. Although it's weird that it's much more satisfying to play an RPG for extended periods of time rather than many little sittings...