A meh sem

I finally cleared organic chemistry with a C+, which is a bit disappointing since I got all As for my lab reports and got average for the mid-terms. I must have screwed up the finals. Well, at least I cleared it, and I won't have to see any organic chemistry nonsense anymore.

As for PC1432, I got a B+, which is kind of surprising considering how hard everyone says the module is. And there was a question: "draw the components of a laser". WTF. Everyone did abysmally for the mid-terms - the average was 8/20. Thank god for an easy final, which probably saved my ass.

And I got A- for my writing module WP2201D. I expected around a B to A, so this is quite good. I really loved that module, and I learned a lot from it. Thanks Dr Brown. This module is supposed to replace my core module, and I hope they keep their end of the bargain.

I didn't expect much for the SS module, but I did wish for a B at least. Sorry, can't do memorization. I do have a good memory, but I just don't do well for essay exams. Well, B- isn't too shabby, but it's at the boundary of "S/U or not", which is a really a pain.

B+ for both CS2100 and CS2103, which is fine by me.

I have a rather good choice of modules this sem. Taking 6 modules was like taking 5 modules. Maybe I should have worked harder... But it's over. I hope for a better next sem.

I'm all over bubble tea

(1) Low value for money. Premium pricing. A big bottle of Pokka Peach Tea brings me infinitely more enjoyment than a cup of bubble tea. (Although anything is overpriced compared to tap water)

(2) Earth killer. Excessive packaging. Plastics - cup, seal, fat straw. Electricity used to seal the cup.

(3) Tea bags smell good.