Doctor Who — Weeping Angel Arc

Quite possibly the scariest arc I've ever seen on TV. The Doctor is called upon by a mysterious woman to chase a ship that crashes on some planet. On that ship is a Weeping Angel, a malevolent product of evolution. An even scarier thing is that an image of an Angel is the Angel itself. It gets really scary when the recording of the Angel comes alive and traps Amy in the ship. The horrifying face of the angel didn't help either.

The Doctor and some clerics head into a catacombs full of... statues! The best place for a Weeping Angel to hide. A Weeping Angel looks like a statue and it can't move when you're looking at it. That's its main weakness. The scary thing is... I can't be saying it because it's a spoiler. But yeah, I was really terrified.

This is gonna be a spoiler too but I have to say it... It was quite funny when Amy started counting down (she looked into the eyes of the angel for too long — a dangerous thing because eyes are doors to the soul; you never know what could enter). It's like the petrify spell seen in RPGs. 10..9..8...turned to stone! Hahaha. Very apt, I must say.

Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky T-shirt by collisiontheory from Design By Humans

Yep, the nicest shirts are always on dark colours. Which is bad in Singe-apore weather.

I really love images of space and surreal stuff!

Electric water by ~Laumoon on deviantART

Electric water by ~Laumoon on deviantART

Being suspended in water is like free falling in slow motion. This photo captures that feeling very well.

How much time do you spend on being interesting?

People spend a huge amount of time, trouble, care, worry and money on becoming or remaining beautiful. How much time do they spend on becoming interesting? -Edward de Bono

As I was wandering in Kinokuniya waiting for my everlate friends, I flipped open this book by de Bono and its introduction immediately grabbed me. I find it quite meaningful. Even with people getting more educated, you can't deny that people are still obsessed with beauty. Of course beauty is important, but what is outer beauty without a solid core? Just an empty shell.

There was much more to be read but I didn't get the book because it was expensive. It seems like an interesting read. I shall get it another time.

One Smart Cookie

Really one smart cookie.

There Can Only Be One

"There Can Be Only One" submission from Threadless.

Narwhal wins xD

The Low-Fat Conspiracy

Low-fat products may not be as healthy as you think, especially when they contain large amounts of sugar. Sugar is the true enemy. Especially sugar in processed foods that lack fibre. Without fibre, you don't feel as full after eating and you tend to eat more. Moreover, sugar is addictive and we tend to develop a dependency on them. This is why people love pastries and cakes and sweets. If you look at how they're made, you'll find an alarming amount of sugar in them.

Fat isn't all bad. There are many different kind of fats. There are two kind of fats that are compulsory in our diet — omega-3 and omega-6. And we need a 1:1 ratio of them (a trait inherited from the hunter-gatherer days). But the modern diet contains much more omega-6 oils/precursors than omega-3 oils/precursors, leading to a skewed ratio. Examples of omega-6 rich foods include corn, olive, chicken, and beef. Examples of omega-3 rich foods include fatty fishes like cod and salmon and greens such as spinach and broccoli.

A high-carb, low-fat diet doesn't really work to reduce weight. In fact low-carb, high fat diets or even low-carb, high-protein diets (Atkins) are more effective. But I think we should just eat in moderation. And try to eat unprocessed foods.

P.S. It is better to eat your salads or greens with some oil because they help you absorb some of the nutrients in those food.

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Who's the arrogant one?

A Christian guy called me arrogant.

He called me arrogant because I’m an outspoken atheist who doesn’t believe in Christianity.

He didn’t say I’m arrogant because I don’t believe in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Diasporic, Sikhism, Juche, Spiritism, Judaism, Baha’i, Jainism, Shinto, Cao Dai, Zoroastrianism, Tenrikyo, Neo-Paganism, Unitarian-Universalism, Rastafarianism, or Scientology.

He said I’m arrogant because I don’t believe in the religion he has chosen.
Who’s the arrogant one here?

(via Dan Walsh)

Some of my favourite foods

I’m very picky when it comes to food, so I have my favourites. I’m always puzzled when I ask people what’s their favourite food and they say they don’t have one.

Favourite fruit: Mango

I seldom eat mangoes, but it remains my favourite food. Weird huh? You would think that you’ll eat your favourite food more often. Maybe because it’s damn troublesome to eat (unless it’s pre-sliced). I love the slight bitterness and tangy taste. And it can be real sweet at times.

Favourite meat: Chicken/Fish

I used to love fish a lot, but I’ve lost my taste for it recently. It’s still one of my favourite meats though. And chicken… Well, it’s such a versatile meat. Fried chicken is just one of the best inventions ever.

Favourite curry: Chicken

I hate fish curry. I don’t know why. Chicken curry is so fragrant. Mutton curry is awesome for roti prata though.

Favourite beverage: Iced peach tea

Addicted to it. I hate carbonated drinks. They make my stomach cry.

Favourite ice cream: Green tea

Until they make a peach tea ice cream, green tea ice cream will remain my #1 favourite ice cream flavour. I really love the Haagen Dazs one, but they are damn expensive in Singapore. I used to buy tubs of them when they were on sale in Fairprice, but prices have risen since then. Soya bean ice cream (Mr Bean) is awesome too, but it can’t beat green tea.

Favourite hawker centre dessert: Red tea longan

Must have been cultivated from army days, where we would always buy this delicious dessert from Changi Village near our camp. Red tea pudding with longans plus condensed milk. I must say the milk really seals the deal. Yummy.

Favourite snack: Fruits

There is just no contest. Potato chips nor sweets do not interest me.

Favourite pizza: Hawaiian

It’s probably everyone’s favourite. I try other toppings, but I always gravitate back to Hawaiian. I wonder why.