5 Years of Cutting My Own Hair

It all really started when I got tired of going to a barber to cut my hair every month during army days. Well, I did dabble a bit in hair cutting during my JC days, but this time I went to "Japan @ Home" to get a real shaver. It was tough at first, considering that I had to use two mirrors so that I could trim my back as well. But it got easier, and in no time I was shaving my poor hair like a pro.

Until the shaver battery died out. I could use the AC power and all, but it was inconvenient. I could even buy a new shaver, but I just decided, "screw it", and use the plain old scissors to do the job. I do screw up a bit from time to time, but it's not that easy to screw up a medium long hairstyle. Although cutting the back is always a problem. But it's fun. And satisfying.

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Numbers. I don't know why we attach so much meaning to numbers. Take 4D for example. Each number has a equal probability of showing up. Yet we're obsessed with certain numbers. Go figure.

Rose by =Clap-san

 I love water colours.

osu! — rhythm is just a click away

I've been playing osu! a lot. I love such rhythm games. The great thing about this game is its vast array of songs. They're mostly songs from Japanese anime and games, which is utterly awesome for an anime fan like me. To play, you just have to click on the circles in time. There are sliders too. It's ridiculously addictive. The online features really keep me playing too. There's multiplayer too, and you can do co-op. There's even Taiko and Catch the Fruits mode. The mind-blowing thing is that it's all coded with .NET. I'm impressed with what you can do with .NET. Awesome.

A side effect I encountered is that I would check out the anime of songs I never heard before but played through osu! and liked it.

osu! download link